Pre-Med Advising

If you are considering medical school, UWM will provide you with an excellent foundation to help you reach your goal. Admission to medical school is a highly competitive process, and students must demonstrate very strong academic performance as well as provide evidence that they have engaged in health-related experiences to meet the rigorous admission standards of medical school. UWM students have consistently been admitted to medical schools at a rate equal to or greater than the national average; many UWM pre-med students have gone on to attend top-ranked medical schools and have built promising careers in a number of medical specialties.

Please review the Pre-Med Fact Sheet (PDF) for information about suggested undergraduate courses to prepare for medical school, experiential opportunities available to UWM students, and options for your major.

A suggested timeline is also available to help you plan preparatory activities throughout your four years in college.


Patricia CobbHolton

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