Pre-Pharmacy Advising

The Doctor of Pharmacy degree (Pharm.D.) is the professional degree needed to enter the pharmaceutical field. The Pharm.D. takes four years to complete after the undergraduate degree.

UWM offers all of the prerequisite coursework necessary for students to apply to professional pharmacy schools and colleges throughout the country.

Although it is theoretically possible to complete the pre-pharmacy requirements in two years and proceed directly to pharmacy school, the current national average for completion of the pre-pharmacy coursework is three years. In addition, given the highly competitive nature of gaining admission to pharmacy school, students may present a stronger application if they complete four years of college and earn a Bachelor's degree.

Entrance to pharmacy school is very competitive and there are far more applicants than there are open seats. Different schools also have different prerequisites; it is very important that students consult with the pre-professional health advisor every semester beginning freshman year.

Please review the Pre-Pharmacy Fact Sheet (PDF) for information about suggested undergraduate courses to prepare for pharmacy school, career outlook for pharmacists, and options for your major.


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