L&S New Student Orientation

Welcome to UW-Milwaukee and the College of Letters and Science!

During your advising and registration session at New Student Orientation you will register for classes for your first semester at UWM. Advising at Registration is done in a group-advising format. While you will not meet one-on-one with your advisor, you will have an opportunity to speak individually with an advisor as you complete the registration process. Typically, there is about 1 advisor for every 10-15 L&S students attending.

At this session, you will receive a detailed explanation of the L&S degree requirements needed for graduation, review course options for you to choose from, and register for the classes you pick through PAWS.

Make the most of the time you have to speak with an advisor and come prepared. Prior to attending orientation, review and follow the steps in the advising guide and fill out and bring with you the Advising Worksheet (PDF).

In lieu of or in addition to attending an orientation session, transfer students may schedule an individual appointment with their advisor to select their classes. Find the name of your advisor in your PAWS account and call (414) 229-4654 to make an appointment with him/her.

We also encourage you to explore the College of Letters and Science website to:

Register and Prepare for your Orientation Session

If you are a new freshman, register and learn more about your orientation at nsorientation.uwm.edu.
If you are a new transfer student, register and learn more about your orientation at taso.uwm.edu.