Recent Graduates

Congratulations to our graduates, and best wishes for your continued success!

2011-2012 graduates include:

     Geneva Anderson (German > English)

     Sarah Dupee (French > English)

     Marta Flores (French > English)

     Jessica Hermanny (German > English)

     Graciela Montoya (English > Spanish)

     Amanda Romanski (Spanish > English)

2012-2013 graduates include:

     Diana Cherone (English > Italian)

     Michele Kenfack (English > French)

     Charlotte King (French > English)

     Dawn O'Connor (French > English)

     Darina Pugacheva (French > English)

     Alicia Passfield (French > English; Spanish > English)

     Amy Polenske (Spanish > English)

     Lucas Riddle (German > English)

     Cynthia Wilmeth (German > English)


If you are a graduate of the program and have news to share, please e-mail Lorena Terando at, so we can update our page.