Translation Alumni in Academia


Geneva Anderson (2012) is a teaching assistant at the German Immersion School in Milwaukee and teaches a weekly course at the Goethe Haus. 

Carine Graff (2011) entered the PhD program in Translation Studies at Kent State University in Fall 2012.

Amy Albers (2010) is a Regional Director of Financial Aid for Herzing University.

Cynthia Laborde (2010) is pursuing doctoral studies in the Department of French at the University of Iowa.

Maria Alvaro (2009) is enrolled in the PhD program in Translation at SUNY Binghamton.

Natasha Dmitrieva (2009) is pursuing a PhD in Translation Studies at Kent State University.

Andrés Aluma (2009) is pursuing doctoral studies at University of Illinois at Chicago.

Edmund Asare (2007) completed a PhD in Translation Studies (Informatics) at Kent State University in 2011. He is an instructor of French at Western Illinois University, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures.

Micah McKay (2007) is pursuing a PhD in Spanish (Hispanic Literature) at UW-Madison.

Monica Rodriguez (2007) completed a PhD in Translation Studies at Kent State University in 2011. She is now an Assistant Professor of Spanish at the University of Louisville where she teaches Spanish translation, project management, and computer-assisted translation (CAT).

Anukware Selase Adzima (2007) is pursuing doctoral studies in Translation at SUNY Binghamton.

Jennifer Flamboe (2007) is currently chair of the World Languages department at Alverno College in Milwaukee.

Leah Leone (2006) is an Assistant Professor in the Translation & Interpreting Studies department at UW-Milwaukee. Watch a video of her interpreting here:

Amy Schleicher (2004) is a Lecturer in the Graduate Program in Translation at UW-Milwaukee.  She is also the co-founder of Ex Fabula, Inc., a Milwaukee-based non-profit dedicated to promoting live storytelling.

Tatiana Batova (2003) plans to complete her PhD in the Department of English at UW-Milwaukee (Professional & Technical Writing) in 2013.

Tamesia Sosa (2003) is a full-time instructor of Language Interpreting for Health Services at Madison Area Technical College. She teaches interpreting and translation with a medical emphasis.

Nina Familiant (1999) is a Lecturer in the Russian and Translation & Interpreting Studies programs at UW-Milwaukee.

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