Sample Elective Courses (non-exhaustive list)

French/TRNSLTN 465: Introduction to Translation English to French

Develop your English to French translation skills by translating texts on topics including nature, health, sport, culture, business, international relations, politics, education, everyday life, literature and technology. Explore the idiosyncrasies of English and French, identify translation strategies, and address issues of comparative culture. The course is conducted in French. This is an elective course.

FLL/TRNSLTN 530: Business & Professional Aspects of Translation

Translation & interpreting students gain the practical skills needed to launch a successful freelance business.  Topics include: quality assurance practices, operations, marketing, advertising, pricing, accounting, tax & legal concerns.  As a final project for the course, students develop a website and a business plan that meets the guidelines of the U.S. Small Business Administration. 

TRNSLTN 700: Consecutive Interpreting

Open to students in any language.  Students learn the basic skills for consecutive interpreting and its use in an array of contexts; skill areas include listening, discourse analysis, memory-building, note-taking, vocabulary-building, and public speaking.

TRNSLTN 711: Ethics and Procedures in Interpreting

Students learn the fundamentals of providing spoken language interpreting services in various settings.  Students will consider the role and responsibilities of the interpreter and discuss professional standards of practice and ethical principles that guide interpreter performance.

TRNSLTN 725: Editing for Translation

Students gain experience editing texts in English, learn the techniques of effective self-revision, develop an awareness of effective research methods used in quality control of specialized documents, and learn strategies for resolving translation/editing doubts.

An advanced literature course in your source language chosen in consultation with your major professor.