Non-Language-Specific Translation Courses

MALLT/TRNSLTN 709: Seminar in Literary & Cultural Translation

Students workshop texts from a number of literary genres, study strategies unique to each and discuss relevant essays on translation by literary translators and theorists. Students work on personal translation projects and learn the ins and outs of publishing literature in translation. This is a required course.

TRNSLTN 710: Comparative Systems in Translation

Students examine international political, social, cultural, and economic forces shaping the world and Translation. This is a required course.

TRNSLTN 726: Computer-Assisted Translation

Combine computer technology with translation skills to translate more rapidly and effectively through the automation of data storage, file analysis, data application and retrieval. This Graduate-only course should be taken after or concurrently with the Seminar in Advanced Translation. This is a required course.

TRNSLTN 730: Translation Internship

Get on-the-job experience with a sponsoring free-lance translator, area translation companies or design your own internship with the help of your advisor and the internship coordinator. Students describe and analyze what they learn and the challenges that they face in a comprehensive internship report. This course must be taken after TRNSLTN 726 and the Seminar in Advanced Translation. This is a required course.

CompLit/TRNSLTN 820: Translation Theory

Study the role of translation in the development of languages, cultures, and societies and discuss cultural and ideological forces shaping translation through historical and contemporary theories of translation. This course is required ONLY for the M.A.