Lorena Terando

Associate Professorterando

Room: Curtin Hall 807
Phone: (414) 229-5968
e-mail: terando@uwm.edu


Ph.D., State University of New York, 2001

Current Research Interests:

Literary translation
Translation studies
Translator training
Witnessing in translation
Women in translation

Current Teaching Interests:

French > English Translation
Spanish > English Translation
Translation theory
Contemporary Women Writers in Translation
Translators as witnesses

Recent Publications:

Vásquez, María Eugenia. My Life as a Colombian Revolutionary: Reflections of a Former Guerrillera. Trans. Lorena Terando. Philadelphia: Temple UP, January 2005.

Boville, Belén. The Cocaine War in Context: Drugs and Politics. Trans. Lorena Terando. NY: Algora Publishing, March 2004.

Suárez, Carmen Cecilia. A Love Story in Five Acts (and other stories). Trans. Lorena Terando. Bogotá: Editorial La Serpiente Emplumada, 2004.

Suárez, Carmen Cecilia. Poems of Love (after the wine). Trans. Lorena Terando. Bogotá: Editorial La Serpiente Emplumada, Oct. 2002.

Avila, Consuelo. "Beneath my Feet Poppies do not Bloom." Trans. Lorena Terando. Metamorphoses Vol. 10: Number 2. Fall 2002. 20 pp.

Boyer-Weinmann, Martine. "The Biographical Narrative: Contemporary Issues. Bad Reputation, Good Subject" in To My American Readers. Trans. Lorena Terando. Pen American Center, the Villa Gillet and the French Cultural Services. April 2006.

"Traces of Shakespeare in Cuba's Carpentier" in Latin American Shakespeares. Eds. Bernice Kliman and Ricardo Santos. Fairleigh Dickinson UP, August, 2005.

"Bearing Witness through Translation" in ATA Chronicle. February, 2005.