Courses and Syllabi

UWM Schedule of Classes
Provisional Course Schedule Through Spring 2014
This two-year provisional schedule is available to assist you with long-term planning. Please note that this schedule is subject to change and represents our best projection as of the date on the document. Please refer to the UWM Schedule of Classes for each term before registering to confirm which classes are offered.


Course Descriptions

  • Fall 2015 Undergraduate Course Descriptions (pdf)
    Fall 2015 Graduate Course Descriptions (pdf)
  • Summer 2015: Urban Studies 150: Multicultural America (pdf)
  • Fall 2015 Urban Studies 250: Exploring the Urban Environment (pdf)
  • Fall 2015 Urban Studies 360: Food in the City: Urban Agriculture, Food Justice, and Environmental Sustainability (pdf)

Undergraduate Courses

  • Urb Std 150: Multicultural America – Jamie Harris (pdf)
  • Urb Std 250: Exploring the Urban Environment – Salman Hussain (pdf)
  • Urb Std 360: Food and the City: Urban Agriculture, Food Justice, and Environmental Sustainability – Renee Scampini (pdf)
  • Urb Std 360: Perspectives on the Urban Scene: You Are Where You Eat: Urban Food Geographies - ONLINE - Jennifer Cadenas (pdf)
  • Urb Std 360: Cities, Crisis & Public Space - Georgios Papakis (pdf)
  • Urb Std 360: Olympic Cities & Urban Development - Georgios Papakis (pdf)
  • Urb Std 360: Technology and the Future of the City - Michael Ford (pdf)
  • Urb Std 377/Sociol 377: Urbanism & Urbanization - Jamie Harris (pdf)
  • Urb Std 600: Capstone Seminar in Urban Studies - Jamie Harris (pdf)

Graduate Courses

  • Urb Std/Sociol 901: Urban Social Structure - Frank Wilson (pdf)
  • Urb Std 913: Urban Political Process - Joel Rast (pdf)
  • Urb Std 921: Research Methods in Urban Studies  – Joel Rast (pdf)
  • Urb Std/Sociol 928: Place Stratification - Marcus Britton (pdf)
  • Urb Std/Geog 945: The Internal Structure of the City - Anne Bonds (pdf)
  • Hist/Urb Std 971: History of American Urban Problems – Amanda Seligman (pdf)
  • Urb Std 981: Perspectives Toward Change in Urban Institutions - Amanda Seligman (pdf)
  • UrbStd/Soc 982: Advanced Quantitative Analysis - Nancy Mathiowetz (pdf)
  • Urb Std 983: Contemporary Urban Social Structure and Change - Jennifer Jordan (pdf)
  • Urb Std 984: Research Project in Urban Institutions - Margo Anderson (pdf)
  • Urb Std 987: Urban Social Control - Joe Austin (pdf)
  • Geog 905: Special Topics in Geography, Theorizing Spaces of Hegemony and Resistance - Kristen Sziarto (pdf)
  • PubAdm/Pol Sci 769: Analyzing and Evaluating Public Policies and Programs - Grace Chikoto (pdf)