2002 Scott Greer Awards

Postgraduate Contribution to Urban Affairs

William Tisdale - Scott Greer Award

William R. Tisdale's outstanding record of postgraduate achievement representing the cause of fair housing is recognized for his persistent advocacy, scholarly writing, and insightful teaching that successfully attacked discrimination and improved housing opportunities in urban communities. He received and M.S. in Urban Affairs at UWM in 1989. As Executive Director of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing Council for more than two decades and as the founding president of the National Fair Housing Alliance from 1988 to 1995 and currently on the NFHA board, he effectively demonstrated leadership in setting fair housing standards in programs, education and advisory relationships with major federal and state agencies directly impacted by housing policy. It is with great distinction we salute him in tradition of the late Scott Greer for a total commitment to aggressively fighting for the rights of others and empowering them to better meaningful lives of their own.

Dr Margaret Bull

Postgraduate Achievement in Advancing Understanding of Urban Social Institutions

Dr. Margaret J. Bull, Professor in the College of Nursing, Marquette University, was awarded a Ph.D. in Urban Social Institutions-Health Policy at UWM and a Robert Wood Johnson post-doctoral fellowship in the Clinical Nurse Scholars Program at the University of Rochester. Her research at both institutions focused on health care prospective reimbursement policy and the specific impact on the elderly and their families. The National Institutions of Health, The Retirement Research Foundation, and the University of Minnesota provided substantial funding for her research. Dr. Bull was inducted as a fellow in the prestigious American Academy of Nursing, was also a Fullbright Scholar at King's College, London, England and was a Faculty Fellow in the School of Public Health at the University of Minnesota. In addition, she held impressive faculty appointments at three universities in graduate and undergraduate education in numerous health related fields. Dr. Bull, through her postgraduate publication, teaching and professional activities, has greatly advanced the understanding of selected health care issues and policy implications that have had a major impact on the delivery of health care.