Scott Greer Awards for Outstanding Research

Dr Eric Gass - Greer Award

Postgraduate Achievement in Advancing Understanding of Urban Social Institutions

Dr. Eric Gass is the Director of Public Health Research and Policy for the City of Milwaukee Health Department and holds an Adjunct Assistant Professorship in the U.W.-Milwaukee School of Public Health. Dr. Gass has demonstrated tremendous professional and academic achievement and community leadership in the area of public health in the few short years since receiving his Ph.D. in Urban Studies in 2007. He has published ten peer-reviewed articles in the areas of university-community partnerships, racial differences in hospital admissions, and organizational culture. Upon receiving his Ph.D., he was appointed Assistant Professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin in the department of Family and Community Medicine. He also served as the Operations Manager for the Center for Healthy Families at the Medical College of Wisconsin for over six years. There he helped to obtain nearly $2.3 million in grants to support community-based health partnerships in Milwaukee and across the state. Dr. Gass' active academic and governmental work and community leadership extend to serving on numerous elected and appointed boards and commissions throughout Milwaukee and Wisconsin; he is currently serving his second term on the Board of Directors for the Wisconsin Public Health Association, where he previously served as its Policy Development and Review committee chair, and is currently chairing a Health Care Reform sub-committee. In addition to his doctorate in Urban Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Dr. Gass holds a B.S. in Psychology from U.W.-Green Bay, and a M.S. in Child Development and Family Studies from Purdue University.

Postgraduate Contribution to Urban Affairs

Dr Michael Bonds - Greer Award

Dr. Michael Bonds is an Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the Department of Educational Policy and Community Studies. He is currently the President of the Milwaukee Public Schools' Board of School Directors. Prior to that, he served as a Senior Fiscal Review Analyst and as a Community Development Block Grant consultant to the City of Milwaukee. Dr. Bonds received his doctorate in Urban Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1998. His research interests include community development issues, community problems and urban policies and analysis, public resources distributions, and issues related to African-American education. Dr. Bonds' community, professional, and academic work have all contributed positively to our community; his work as a tireless advocate on behalf of MPS students and the important leadership he provides to the Milwaukee Public Schools reflect the highest values of an engaged urban scholar. This commitment to serving and empowering community can be seen in his academic writings; he has authored numerous articles and reports on welfare reform as well as journal articles on community development and racial disparities in education. In addition to his doctorate in Urban Studies, Dr. Bonds earned his BA in Criminal Justice, MS in Urban Affairs, and Master's in Public Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Scott Greer Award for Outstanding Urban Research

George Papakis

George Papakis received the "Scott Greer Award for Outstanding Urban Research" for his paper: The Sobering Realities of the 2004 Olympics: Fiscal Crisis and the Privatization of Land. Mr. Papakis is a Dissertator in the PhD program in Urban Studies at UWM. He is also a T.A. Instructor in Urban Studies and currently teaches Urban Studies 250 Exploring the Urban Environment. He plans to return to Greece this summer to complete his dissertation research.