Mentorship Program

As part of our USP 50th Anniversary celebration — specifically during the spring reunion and conference — we will be launching a new Mentorship Program to match alumni with current Urban Studies students.

The inspiration for this program comes from (1) the realization that current USP students would benefit tremendously from a connection with our alums, who could share their rich experiences and knowledge of what it means to work in their particular field; and (2) many alums have expressed a desire to give back and stay connected to Urban Studies. We feel that a mentorship program would be a perfect match!

Although the final details of the program are still being developed, the program would essentially match a current student with an alum in an arrangement involving a few meetings/contacts over the course of the academic semester. Participants would not have to be local.

We are asking that interested alums fill out the Alumni Update Form at Express your interest in the Information Sharing/Requests section.

More information is forthcoming between now and the USP 50th Anniversary celebration!