Workshop, Colloquia, and Speakers Archive

November 2010

Urban Studies Henry W. Maier State of Milwaukee Summit: The Future of Transit
This year's panel includes:

  • Ms. Jacky Grimshaw, Vice President for Policy of the Chicago-based Center for Neighborhood Technology,
  • Mr. Rob Henken, President of the Public Policy Forum,
  • Ms. Kerry Thomas, Executive Director of the Southeastern Wisconsin Coalition for Transit NOW, and
  • Dr. Joel Rast, Associate Professor of Political Science and Urban Studies, and Director of the Center for Economic Development at UWM.

October 2010

Embodied Placemaking in Urban Public Spaces (Part I) symposium sponsored by the Center for 21st Century Studies

USP professor Rob Smith and History professor Jasmine Alinder held a workshop at UWM's Social Justice Summit titled: March On Milwaukee: 1960s Civil Rights Protests in the Cream City

Urban Studies Programs Fall Social Keynote Presentation: "Green Pathways Out of Poverty and Into Prosperity" by Professor Raquel Pinderhughes, Department of Urban Studies and Planning at San Francisco State University

April 2010

The 15th Annual Student Forum will feature a keynote multimedia presentation. Associate Professor, D. Bradford Hunt and Documentarian and Filmmaker, Ronit Bezalel, will explore public housing issues with an emphasis on the Cabrini Green redevelopment in Chicago, Illinois

March 2010

Marcus Britton, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Urban Studies, UWM, will present: Amigos y Barrios: Spatial Assimilation and Anglo-Latino Friendships in Houston as part of the Sociology Colloquium Series.

November 2009

Urban Studies Henry W. Maier State of Milwaukee Summit: Public Education in Milwaukee at a Crossroads
Panelists for this year's Summit include:

  • Dr. Daniel Grego, Executive Director of TransCenter for Youth;
  • Dr. William Velez, Professor of Sociology and Urban Studies at UWM;
  • Ms. Anneliese Dickman, J.D., Research Director of the Public Policy Forum, Inc.;
  • Dr. Peter Blewett, Milwaukee Public School Board Vice President.
  • Introductory remarks given by Dean Thurman of UWM's School of Education.

October 2009

History of Milwaukee Metropolitan Area Conference Keynote Speaker: Ann Durkin Keating, Professor, Department of History North Central College “A Call to Regionalism: Integrating City and Suburbs into Urban History”

Locating Diversity: Place, Immigration and Women's Health Inequalities in U.S. Cities Professor Sara McLafferty, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, will give the guest lecture as part of the UWM Department of Geography Fall 2009 Harold Mayer Lecture.

September 2009

Urban Studies Programs Fall Social Keynote speaker, Professor Louise Dyble, Assistant Professor, Department of Social Sciences, Michigan Technological University, will give the keynote address: Structural Shadows: Golden Gate Bridge Suicide and the Institutions of Regionalism in Metropolitan America.

April 2009

Timothy Beatley, the Teresa Heinz Professor of Sustainable Communities, in the Department of Urban and Environmental Planning, School of Architecture at the University of Virginia, will give a talk in room 170 of the School of Architecture & Urban Planning Building.

UWM CIE's Sustaining Cities conference. Several USP faculty participated in the conference as well many non-UWM scholars.

Saskia Sassen, the sociologist who coined the term “global city,” will talk about “The World’s Third Spaces: Neither Global nor National,” when she delivers the annual Dean’s Distinguished Lecture in the Humanities at UWM’s Zelazo Center.

14th Annual Urban Studies Programs Student Forum
Laura McEnaney is the featured keynote speaker. Dr. McEnaney is an associate professor at the Department of History at Whittier College, Whittier, California and the appointed Nadine Austin Wood Chair in American History. Her keynote address entitled "World War II's 'Postwar': A Social and Policy History of Peace, 1944-1953" is a study of Chicago after World War II.

November 2008

The Fall 2008 Harold Mayer Lecture will take place at 3:00 pm in the American Geographical Society Library. The guest speaker is Dr. Lawrence Knopp, Professor of Geography and Associate Dean of the Graduate School at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. His talk, entitled "Race, Gender, and Venereal Biopower in Wartime Seattle," is based on research conducted in collaboration with Professor Michael Brown at the University of Washington.

GIS Day at UWM features morning and afternoon workshops, a map gallery and an exhibit of the UWM Student GIS Project Competition winners. All these activities are held in the American Geographical Society Library, third floor, East Wing of the Golda Meir Library building.

3rd Annual Urban Studies Programs Henry W. Maier State of Milwaukee Summit: Water Security and Urban Development
Panelists include:
  • Peter Annin, author of the Great Lakes Water Wars
  • Julia Taylor, President of the Greater Milwaukee Committee
  • Val Klump, Director and Senior Scientist of the UWM WATER Institute
  • Ryan Holifield, Assistant Professor of Geography and Urban Studies

October 2008

Dr. John Rennie Short, Professor of Public Policy, University of Maryland Baltimore County, will give a talk entitled, "Suburban Gothic, the Crisis in the Suburbs," as part of the Wilkommen Geography Lecture Series.

September 2008

Urban Studies Programs Fall Social and Lecture
Dr. Robert Adelman, Associate Professor in the Dept. of Sociology at the University at Buffalo - SUNY will give a talk entitled: Where Do Immigrants Settle in Urban America? Assessing Trends and Explanations.

March 2008

Professor William Cronon will give his talk, “Nature's Metropolis: Chicago”, Friday, March 28 at 2:30pm in the American Geographical Society library (3rd floor of Golda Meir).

Urban Studies and Sociology Professor William Velez will give a talk entitled: The Settlement of Puerto Ricans in Central Florida: Spatial and Social Issues. His talk will be held in room 183 in the School of Architecture and Urban Planning.

November 2007

Second annual Urban Studies Programs Henry W. Maier State of Milwaukee Summit: Heath and Urban Development
Panelist included:

  • Ms. Kathleen Blair, Public Health Research and Policy Director of the City of Milwaukee Health Department
  • Dr. Scott J. Adams Assistant Professor, UW-Milwaukee Department of Economics
  • Chancellor Carlos E. Santiago UW-Milwaukee Chancellor and Professor of Economics
  • Dr. Stephen W. Hargarten Professor and Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Mr. David R. Riemer Director of Policy and Planning for Community Advocates, Inc.
  • Ms. Ana Paula Soares Lynch Co-Founder and Co-Chair of the Milwaukee Latino Health Coalition

October 2007

Professor Bob Beauregard will speak Friday, Oct. 19 at 3 pm in the American Geographical Society Library on the 3rd floor of Golda Meir library.

September 2007

Urban Studies Fall Social is part of a cosponsored event at the Wisconsin Black Historical Society. There will be a new exhibit at the museum commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Open Housing marches in Milwaukee.