Workshops, Colloquia, and Speakers

March 2012

Graduate Student Colloquium Brown Bag. Space, Power, Politics, Activism, and Urban Redevelopment in Contemporary Athens: The Case of the Elliniko International Airport. The case of Elliniko provides insights over power struggles between pro-growth coalitions seeking revenue-generating uses and citizen groups interested in quality of life issues. Event flyer
Friday, March 2, Noon - 1:00 pm, NWQ 5472

April 2011

Urban Studies Programs Brownbag: "What is Urban Studies?"
This past year, in response to a set of short articles that appeared in the Journal of Urban Affairs that set out to define the field, we had our own what is urban studies? discussion. As an interdisciplinary field, questions about what makes urban studies a distinctive body of knowledge and area for empirical inquiry and theoretical formulation often come up and are debated from time to time. For those who weren’t able to make it, the JUA articles are listed below:

April 2011

The 16th Annual Student Forum will feature a keynote presentation from Maxwell School at Syracuse University Distinguished Professor of Geography, Don Mitchell. His keynote address is titled: Retrenchment, Revitalization, or the Right to the City?

Embodied Placemaking in Urban Public Spaces (Part II) symposium sponsored by the Center for 21st Century Studies.

February 2011

Professor Joe Rodriguez gave a presentation on his experience as a Fulbright Scholar in Taiwan.

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