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Master of Arts in Women's Studies

The MA in Women's Studies combines advanced Women's Studies courses in feminist theory, research methods, global feminisms, and selected topics with graduate-level courses in many disciplines. Over forty faculty members at UWM are Women's Studies affiliates who offer graduate courses that cross-list with Women's Studies.

Degree Requirements (effective Fall 2013)

To earn an MA in Women's Studies, students must complete 30 credits. Fifteen credits are in required Women's Studies courses: :

  • WMNS 401: Global Feminisms (U/G);
  • WMNS 700: Feminist Issues and Scholarship;
  • WMNS 710: Advanced Feminist Theory;
  • WMNS 711: Advanced Feminist Research Methods; and
  • One additional 3-credit G or U/G WMNS course, excluding: 497, 599, 700, 990, and 999.

The remaining credits are in graduate level courses chosen in consultation with the Women's Studies Chair of Graduate Studies. No more than six credits may be in undergraduate/graduate (U/G) courses, and no more than six transfer credits may apply. Students may not count more than three credits of Independent Study in Women's Studies. Students can complete the degree with a written thesis, paper or project, or comprehensive examination. All options include an oral defense. In accordance with Graduate School policy, students must complete the degree within five years of enrollment.

See the online Schedule of Classes for a complete list of cross-listed Women's Studies courses. In some cases, only specific subtitles of variable content courses are approved, and those subtitles are indicated in the course list.


The Chair of Graduate Admissions guides prospective students through the application and admissions process and helps enrolled students choose their first semster classes. Once at UWM, new MA students should arrange to meet with the Women's Studies Chair of Graduate Studies early in their first semester.


Applicants must satisfy Graduate School requirements for admission. In addition, applicants must provide the Women's Studies Program with the following materials to be considered for admission:

  • Three letters of recommendation from persons familiar with the applicant's academic or professional work;
  • A sample of the applicant's written work that demonstrates the applicant's critical thinking, research, and writing skills; and
  • A letter of intent explaining the applicant's reasons for graduate study (the Graduate School Reasons Statement may be used).
  • GRE scores are recommended, but not required. They are, however, necessary for graduate fellowship support.


Applications are due January 15, 2015. The Women’s Studies MA Program accepts fall admissions only.

For more information
contact Anna Mansson McGinty, Chair of Graduate Admission via email at