Part II


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Note: Archival materials for the history of American geography or that of the AAG are sparse - hardly surprising since Part II contains few documents prior to 1960 (though see some early meeting programs, administrative records, and member files). More informative are the personal papers of R. Hartshorne, A. K. Lobeck, and S. S. Visher (Series #17). See also files of the Archives and Association History Committee (Series #3).

Included here are materials relating to the American Society of Professional Geographers and its eventual merger with the AAG, and other rump associations (e.g., "The Washington Geographers Club." See also: Guthe, Otto E. membership files, Series #8; Part I, Boxes 128-133).

The issue of Departmental demise is scattered throughout the Series (Commission on College Geography / Consulting Service, various personal correspondence - e.g., Joe Russell, Committee on Geography and Business, 1981, for the Michigan situation).



  • Folder A. History of American Geography / Correspondence, Miscellaneous, 1990, (Especially re: G. D. Hudson and University of Washington.)
  • Folder B. "List of Geologists and Geographers, ca. 1918" (Ms., "Copied from RG 189 Box 81, Records of the National Academy of Sciences;" includes educational history, present employment, and "Specialization - Viewpoint."), 1943 (?)
  • Folder C. "List of Departments of Geography which give work towards a Ph.D." (as of August, 1945), / Ms., no other date; signed A. B. Biggs. (Includes active faculty and a list of "Others," especially in the OSS / military.)
  • Folder D. History of the AAG / Correspondence, 1963 thru 1970 (various) (on the writing of Association History; Mark Jefferson)
  • Folder E. History of the AAG / First Meeting Minutes (Rostow), 1953 (Note: Contains typescript of initial (1903) and inaugural (1904) meeting summaries, lists of original members, survivors, and surviving officers).
  • Folder F. History of the AAG / Early Newsletters (3: 7/1946, 10/1946, 6/1947) (Includes monograph on communist propaganda and Federal censorship, 1959, with reference to the AAG)
  • (Loose): The Association of American Geographers: The First Seventy-Five Years; James, P. E. and G. Martin / Edited draft with some correspondence, 1978 thru 1979


BOX 140: AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PROFESSIONAL GEOGRAPHERS (ASPG) (See also personal files of Richard Hartshorne, Box 187, Folder "V;" and Part I, Boxes 129-133)

  • Folder A. ASPG / Bulletin, 10/1943 thru 1947 (Note: Became The Professional Geographer)
  • Folder B. ASPG / Constitution - Bylaws, (n.d.)
  • Folder C. ASPG / Correspondence - Documents, 1945 - (1949?)
  • Folder D. ASPG / History (E.W. Miller), 1985 (In a long letter to M. Conzen; see also Archives and Association History Committee, Note on "Young Geographers, 1940 - 1941," by Shannon McCune, Series #3, folder I)
  • Folder E. ASPG / Meetings / Programs, 1944 - 1947
  • Folder F. ASPG / Membership / Directories, Lists, Forms, 1945 - 1948
  • Folder G. ASPG / Merger with AAG - Transition / Correspondence - Documents (Includes membership survey), 1947 - 1948
  • Folder H. ASPG / "News" (Numbers 1-8), 10/1945 thru 11/1948 (Mimeograph)
  • Folder I. Newsletter, Joint AAG / ASPG, 3/1947 (?)
  • Folder J. ASPG / Officers /Correspondence - List, 1947 (?)


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