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Note: Newsletters from state geographical societies and university departments; includes some programs, departmental prospectuses, and a few other items (see especially California: South America lecture notes by Carl Sauer, 1936). Official AAG Newsletters are located in the AGS Library collection. Newsletters from Regional Divisions and Specialty Groups are filed in their appropriate series.


BOX 145: NEWSLETTERS (Alphabetical by State)

  • Folder A. Alabama
    • Alabama Geographer, Fall 1985 (University of South Alabama)
  • Folder B. Arizona
    • The Arizona State Geographer, Spring 1986 (Arizona State University
  • Folder C. California
    • The Itinerant Geographer, 1985-1992, (University of California, Berkeley); also contains South America: Lecture Notes by Carl O. Sauer at UC Berkeley, 1936.
    • California State Chico, News release (launch of geography teleconference series) n.d. (1987 thru 1988?)
  • Folder D. Colorado
    • Geography / University of Denver (Prospectus, n.d.)
  • Folder E. Connecticut
    • Manchester Community College, (Prospectus, n.d.)
  • Folder F. Florida
    • The Florida Geographer, 1985 thru 1987 (Florida Geographical Society)
    • The N.I.T. W.I.T., Nov 1989 (The Peculiar Geography Society)
  • Folder G. Illinois
    • University of Chicago: Newsletter, 1950-1957
    • Northwestern University: Newsletter, 1957
  • Folder H. Indiana
    • University of Indiana Terre Haute: Professional Paper No. 16, 1984 (various articles)
  • Folder I. Kansas
    • The Trial Balloon, 1987 - 1988 (University of Kansas, Geography Department)
    • KARS (Kansas Applied Remote Sensing), Fall 1987 (U. K.)
  • Folder J. Kentucky
    • University of Kentucky, Department of Geography, Newsletter, 1988 thru 1989
    • "Status of Geography in Kentucky" (SEDAAG, 1984)
  • Folder K. Louisiana
    • Mélanges, 1972 (L. S. U. Museum of Geosciences)
    • Newsletter, 1988 - 1989 (L. S. U. Department of Geography and Anthropology) Name Changes to Latitudes, 1988
    • "Eulogy for a Friend" (Dr. Milton B. Newton) (n.d.) (L. S. U. Department of Geography and Anthropology)
  • Folder L. Maryland
    • Studies in Geography (Prospectus), 1947 - 1948 (the Johns Hopkins University, Department of Geography)
    • University of Maryland, Department of Geography, Newsletter / List of "Brown Bag" Seminars, 1988 - 1989
  • Folder M. Massachusetts
    • Monadnock, Fall, 1987 (Clark University, Graduate School of Geography)
  • Folder N. Missouri
    • Geonews, (n.d. 1987?) (Southwest Missouri State University, Department of Geosciences)
  • Folder O. New Hampshire
    • "Geography at Dartmouth" (Prospectus, n.d., post 1980) (Geography Department)
  • Folder P. New Mexico
    • University of New Mexico, Department of Geography / UNM Geography Newsbriefs; volume 1, no. 1, Fall 1984
  • Folder Q. New York
    • St. Lawrence University, Department of Geography
      i. Geography Newsletter, 1984 - 1989
      ii. Essays on St. Lawrence and Atlantic Canada; volume 1, Spring 1985
    • SUNY Buffalo, Department of Geography; Prospectus, 1987 - 1988
    • SUNY Geneseo, AGOG, 1987 (Alumni Geographers of Geneseo Newsletter)
    • Syracuse University: Newsletter, 1956-1957
  • Folder R. North Carolina
    • Appalachian State University, Department of Community Planning and Geography, Newsletter, ("People and Places"), 1985 thru 1986
    • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Department of Geography: Perspectives (Newsletter), 3/1989
  • Folder S. Ohio
    • Ohio State University, The Real Times (Newsletter), 1987 (The OSU Center for Mapping)
    • OSU, Newsletter, 1962 / Faculty - Grad Student List, 1963
  • Folder T. Oklahoma
    • Oklahoma State University, Department of Geography, Newsletter, 10/1987
  • Folder U. Pennsylvania
    • The Geographical Society of Philadelphia, "Programs for 1984-1985"
    • Indiana University, Pennsylvania, Department of Geography and Regional Planning, Newsletter (n.d., 1987?)
    • Pennsylvania State University, Department of Geography, "Graduate Geography" (Prospectus, n.d.)
  • Folder V. South Carolina
    • University of South Carolina, Department of Geography, Annual Report to Alumni, 1984 thru 1985 / 1987 thru 1988
  • Folder W. Tennessee
    • Tennessee Geographical Society, Meeting Minutes, 1983; Bylaws of the Society, (as adopted 29 Oct, 1983)
    • University of Tennessee, Knoxville; Department of Geography, "Geography at Tennessee" (Prospectus, n.d.)
  • Folder X. Virginia
    • Virginia Geographical Society ("an affiliate of the NCGE")
      i. Virginia Geographer, volume XVII, 1985
      ii. Newsletter, 1986
  • Folder Y. Washington
    • Western Washington University, Department of Geography and Regional Planning, Newsletter, 1983 - 1986
    • University of Washington, Geography Department, "Geography at the University of Washington" (prospectus, n.d.)
  • Folder Z. Wisconsin
    • University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Geography
      i. Wisconsin Geographer, 1957
      ii. Madgeonews (newsletter), 1988
    • Memo from Yi-Fu Tuan on status of Geography (provoked by the closing of the Department at Columbia)
    • University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Department of Geography; Notes-News-Names (Newsletter), Fall 1987
  • Folder AA. Alberta, Canada
    • University of Alberta, Edmonton, Notice of BSc. in Geo-Information Processing and Mapping (n.d.)


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