Part II


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As a result of continuing acquisitions, Presidential Papers are now located with Personal Papers. It should be noted that many such collections have been retained or donated elsewhere (e.g. C. Sauer, J. Parsons to Berkeley. C. Harris to U. of Chicago). The papers of E. Van Cleef, O.E. Barker, and J.R. Smith remained with The American Philosophical Society of Philadelphia. Because personal papers are continually being received, they are indexed alphabetically but box numbers are not sequential, reflecting (more or less), the order which they were accessioned.

Papers of Ronald F. Abler (1939- )

Box 201 : Five items of correspondence only, 1978-1987


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Papers of Meredith Frederick (“Pete”) Burrill (1902-1997)

Burrill’s papers reflect the remarkable number of roles he assumed in the AAG and the ASPG. Thus much additional correspondence is (with some duplication) found throughout the archive (e.g. President, Secretary, Journal Editor, regional Councilor, etc.).

Box 201 :

  • Memorial from web, by R.R. Randall
  • Correspondence, 1963-1973 (var.)
  • “Material from the Pentagon” (n.d.)
  • “Broek Colloquium,” 1961
  • Remote Sensing Materials, 1965-1967
  • Candidacy for Executive Director Position, 1962
  • Bound correspondence, 1964-1970’s

Box 202 : Bound correspondence, 1964-1970's


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Papers of William Morris Davis (1850-1935)

One of the “founding fathers” of American professional geography, Davis was a prolific correspondent. His letters and postcards may be found in the collections of more than forty students who became professional geographers and geologists, in holdings of geographical societies, at Harvard, where he taught for many years, and in other private and institutional venues, both in the U.S. and abroad. The modest collection here, contributed by Geoffrey Martin, includes some documents related to the founding of the AAG, and correspondence with foreign colleagues, but consists largely of letters to his children, with observations from travels in the western U.S. and the South Seas.

Box 203 :

  • Letters to British / German Colleagues, 1908-1918
  • Letters to family, 1914-1932
  • Letters: University Matters, 1879-1925
  • Lecture Notes / Notices, 1908-?
  • Poetry and other musings, (n.d.)
  • Travel diaries/notices, 1905-1912

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Papers of George J. Demko (1933- )

Box 203 :

  • Correspondence as president of the AAG
  • Materials related to soviet Conferences 1983-1988

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Papers of Samuel Newton Dicken (1901-1989 )

Box 203 : Dickens’ papers consist solely of his “self published” memoirs:

The Education of a Hillbilly : The memoirs of Samuel Newton Dicken, (with the assistance of Emily Fry Dicken), of Eugene Oregon, the Lane County Geographical Society and the Department of Geography, University of Oregon, 1988.


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Papers of Clinton R. Edwards (1926-2009)

After a PhD (in Geography) at U.C. Berkeley in 1962, and a brief stint on the faculty at the University of Virginia, Edwards spent the bulk of his career at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His research, squarely in the Sauerian Academic tradition, focused upon primitive watercraft and their relevance to cultural processes, early maritime technology and its role in Discovery, and eventually, the nature and process of Discovery itself. In these matters he was a recognized authority, not the least because his inquiry was deeply informed by life long experiences as a master boat builder and blue water sailor. The regional focus was Latin America, especially the Yucatan Peninsula, to the cultural-historical geography of which he made significant contributions.


In addition to scholarly materials indexed below, Edwards' papers include a remarkable collection of 16th century Spanish Relaciones Geograficas (manuscript), critical to understanding of the pre-Columbian New World and Spain's early involvement with it. (See the Addenda to this archive)




Box 219 (Large) :

  • Student Years at U.C. Berkeley
    • Berkeleyana (student lists, dissertation lists)
    • Saueriana (reprints, 1930-1981)
    • Sauerology (obituaries, commentaries on his life and work)
    • Degree research (field notes, correspondence)
    • MA Thesis: Quintana Roo: Mexico's Empty Quarter (1957)
    • PhD Dissertation: Aboriginal Watercraft of Western South America: Distribution, History, and Problems of Origin (Sauer). Note: Published in Ibero-Americana, no. 47 (1965) [Not included here]
  • Teaching / Administration
    • Seminar: "Geography and Human Ecology: The Contribution of Carl O. Sauer" (Also given as "Cultural Geography"). Syllabus, reading lists, notes, assignments
    • Committees
    • Review Editor: Current Geographical Publications
    • Grants
    • Correspondence
  • Lectures / Presentation: Mostly invited at various symposia and other occasions. Themes include maritime matters, especially those relevant to the 1992 Columbus Centennial.
  • Research Aids: A selection of documents essential to pursuit of inquiry not only to specific themes of Edwards' interests, but to its broader implications. The majority are resprints (in various languages), including many not readily available. Many have highlighted passages, marginal notes, and in some cases, extended commentary. Again, the volume of material dicatates references to general themes only.
  • Bibliographies: lists of archives, Maritime Museums, etc...
  • Pre-Columbian Cultural Diffusion / South American-Meso American contact/trade.
  • Discovery of Yucatan-Florida


Box 220 (Large): Research Aids


  • Primitive Warcraft (of South America and elsewhere in the world)
  • Columbiana - The New World discoveries, their implications (and celebration)
    • Bibliography, historiography, centennials
    • Relations to the Cabots and John Day.
    • Cartographic Impact
    • The Informe (of Bartholomew Columbus)
    • The Ferrara MS (transcription)
    • The Landfall Issue
    • Columbus' Navigation / Ships (incl. reconstructions)
    • Translation of Postils and other Columbiana (grant proposals, including interesting examples of translated passages).
    • Peru / early voyages of discovery: Pizzaro and other participants
    • Yucatan Discovery / Quintana Roo
    • Bodega Bay (California) - discovery, early cartography


Papers of Richard Hartshorne (1899-1992)

Box 187: Hartshorne Papers / Personal - Biographical

  • Folder A. Personal Biographical / Vita - Chicago Transcript - Reminiscence of Chicago Dept. - Dinner List, 50th Anniversary, 1921 - 1958
  • Folder B. Personal Biographical / On the Move from Minnesota, Correspondence, 1934 - 1939
  • (See also: Correspondence with Trewartha, G. and Finch, V., Box 194)

  • Folder C. Personal Biographical / Awards - Kudos, 1959 - 1960
  • Folder D. Personal Biographical / Miscellaneous Financial matters (n.d.)
  • Folder E. Personal Biographical / Clippings (especially Soviet, branding R. H. as a "war monger," and R. H.'s response), 1950 - 1960
  • Folder F. Personal Biographical / Photo Logs, 1928 - 1985
  • Folder G. Personal Biographical / Various Trips - Logs, Maps, Notes, 1921 - 1983
  • Folder H. Washington - Military Matters / Ms. on OSS "Projects Committee" (with lists of Personnel), 1944
  • Folder I. Washington - Military Matters / National War College / Letters of Appreciation, Photos of Various Participants, 1950 - 1951
  • Folder J. Washington - Military matters / National War College / Comments on Students - Directory of Staff and Grads, Lecture Request, 1949 - 1954
  • Folder K. Washington - Military Matters / ASTP / Statement of Purpose - Course Outlines (One by Whittlesey), 1944
  • Folder L. Washington - Military Matters / U.S. Service Academy / Report on Roll of Social Sciences in Curriculum of the Service Academies, 1949
  • Folder M. U.S. Department of State / Consulting, 1940 - 1942 (Memos on European Boundary Problems
  • (See also: files of Visher, S.S., Box #199, for R.H. Report on "Geographers in the Europe-Africa Field.")

  • Folder N. National Research Council / various, related to R. H. Role as Chair, Section on Ecology and Geography, and other matters, 1938 - 1961
  • Folder O. Grants - Fellowships / Social Science Research Council (Upper Silesea - Plan of Study, Reports) 1931 - 1932
  • Folder P. Grants - Fellowships / Fulbright Grants (Invitations - Responses), 1952 - 1959
  • Folder Q. International Symposia - Sojourns / Sweden, IGU / Brochure, 1960
  • Folder R. International Symposia - Sojourns / Poland - American / Polish Seminar, 1960 (Reports, Photos)
  • Folder S. International Symposia - Sojourns / Japan - Abstracts of Presentations - Correspondence, 1974
  • Folder T. International Symposia - Sojourns / U.K. 1974 (Tour of Departments, one photo)
  • Folder U. AAG Affairs / On the Merger of the AGS and the ASPG, 1948 (Includes draft of R. H. speech at joint meeting banquet, 12/29/48)
  • Folder V. AAG Affairs / Correspondence and materials related to creation of AAG Archives, 1973
  • Folder W. AAG Affairs / Central Office Space / Problems - Solutions, 1988
  • Folder X. AAG Affairs / Policies - Procedures (various), 1969
  • Folder Y. AAG Affairs / AAG Spring Field Conferences, 1961 - 1978 (Includes R. H. response to P. E. James Inquiry, with notes from R. Platt's diary; R. H. attendance at AAG meetings.)
  • Folder Z. Miscellanea / Curiosities

Box 188: Hartshorne Papers / University Matters

  • Folder A. Course Materials (n.d.)
  • Folder B. Letters of Recommendation, 1960 - 1977 (Students, faculty, administrators)
  • Folder C. Academic Freedom, 1951 - 1954 (Various issues, including refusal to broadcast views of Joseph McCarthy and Owen Lattimore. See also; folder "O" on the Max Lerner issue.)
  • Folder D. Academic Freedom, 1955 - 1965 (various statements by R. H. and others on the issue)
  • Folder E. Academic Freedom / Right of Faculty to Speak Out and Fears of Doing So, 1951 - 1952
  • Folder F. Faculty Governance - Administration Relations (especially Committee Structures), 1949 - 1970
  • Folder G. Academic Tenure, 1914 - 1949 (various statements by R. H. and others)
  • Folder H. Defining the PhD / Letter to Princeton Alumni Weekly, and related correspondence, 1950
  • Folder I. Standards for Recommendation for Promotion / Report and Related Correspondence, 1948 - 1951
  • Folder J. Public vs. Private Universities, 1953 - 1955 (Includes outline for talk: "The Function of a State University")
  • Folder K. Honorary Degrees (a critique of the process), 1955
  • Folder L. Oral History Project (for University of Wisconsin Archives), 1973
  • Folder M. Various University Matters, 1948 - 1986
  • Folder N. Campus Unrest / Student Life Committee Policy on "Subversive" Organizations, 1953 - 1964 (Includes R. H. memos on policy dealing with "obstruction")
  • Folder O. Campus Disruptions, etc.; Max Lerner Affair - ROTC Protests - the "Knapp Report," 1951 - 1953
  • Folder P. Campus Unrest / Role of Students in University Governance - the "Crow Report," 1966 - 1968
  • Folder Q. Campus Unrest / 60's Unrest at Madison, 1967 - 1970 (especially H.'s role in the special faculty meeting, 26 May 1970)
  • Folder R. Campus Unrest / U.W. Student Resolution (opposing Viet Nam War) / Reprints from Harvard Alumni Bulletin, 1967 - 1969
  • Folder S. Campus Unrest / Occupational Recruiting Controversy (especially Dow Chemical), 1967 - 1969
  • Folder T. Campus Unrest / Class Disruption Rules (Media article), 1970
  • Folder U. Campus Unrest / "Black Power" - Demands, Strike, Responses, 1969
  • Folder V. Human-Civil Rights / Student Communist Party Club / Salaries, 1946 - 1951
  • Folder W. Human-Civil Rights / Race - Racism, 1939 - 1966
  • Folder X. Human-Civil Rights / Drafts: "Can we tolerate intolerance?," "Progressives, Conservatives, and Liberals," 1950's (?)
  • Folder Y. Human-Civil Rights / Policy: Privacy of Student Library Borrowers, 1960 (?) (Hartshorne chaired the committee)
  • Folder Z. Human-Civil Rights / The "Delta Gamma Affair," 1962
  • Folder AA. Human-Civil Rights / Teaching Assistants Association Strike, 1970


Box 189: Hartshorne Papers / AAUP Matters

  • Folder A. Committee "T" / Reports (And some additional documents), 1953 - 1960 (Includes reprint of report from 1920)
  • Folder B. Committee "T" / "Statement of Principles" - Drafts and Related Correspondence
  • Folder C. Committee "T" / "On Responsibilities Connected to Academic Freedom" (and related material), 1949
  • Folder D. Critique on AAUP Statement on Tenure, 1964
  • Folder E. University Investigations / U.W. Madison (the "McMurry Matter") / Report and Related Material, 1947 (includes correspondence with his father on the principles involved).
  • Folder F. University Investigations / Queens College, 1957 - 1959
  • Folder G. University Investigations / Long Beach State College, 1958
  • Folder H. University Investigations / Oklahoma State University, 1964 - 1968 / (there follows a copy of "Charter, Rules, and Regulations" (Board of Regents))
  • Folder I. University Investigations / Oklahoma State University (continued), 1967 - 1968
  • Folder J. University Investigations / University of Washington (Seattle), 1949 (Student Newspaper accounts of "subversive" faculty dismissal)
  • Folder K. University Investigations / Marian College of Fond du Lac (WI), 1976
  • Folder L. University Investigations / Bowling Green State University, 1958 - 1959
  • Folder M. University Investigations / U.W. Oshkosh, 1967 - 1968
  • Folder N. University Investigations / U.W. Whitewater, 1971
  • Folder O. University Investigations / University of Minnesota, 1960 - 1963 (Includes notes for a talk on faculty governance and related materials)
  • Folder P. University Investigations / University of Illinois, 1949 - 1955 (Includes notes for talk to student group)
  • Folder Q. University Investigations / Ohio State University (n.d.)
  • Folder R. Miscellanea, 1970 - 1971

Box 190: Hartshorne Papers / Academic Matters

  • Folder A. Publications / Congratulatory Comments / Requests for Reprints of H.'s major publications (especially in political geography), 1953 - 1960
  • Folder B. Publication / Report to J. P. Goode on Projection Construction, and related materials, 1923 - 1960
  • Folder C. Publication / "The Economic Geography of Plant Location," 1926
  • Folder D. Publication / "Location as a Factor in Geography," (1928?)
  • Folder E. Publication / abstract / "The Concepts of Raison d'Etra and the Maturity of States…" (and related materials), 1939 - 1965
  • Folder F. Publication / On the Manufacturing Belt in Economic Geography (Correspondence, photos only), 1935 - 1948
  • Folder G. Publication / "The Political-Geographic Pattern of the World" (and related correspondence), 1941 - 1942
  • Folder H. Publication / "The Geopolitical Position of the United States and the Soviet Union" (and related correspondence), 1946
  • Folder I. Publication / Drafts of Contributions to Encyclopedia Britannica Year Book (1944) and Social Science in General Education (1948)
  • Folder J. Publication / "Franco-German Boundary of 1871" (Correspondence and review in the Geographical Review only), 1949 - 1950
  • Folder K. Publication / R. H.'s Contribution to The Challenge of Our Changing Times, 1953 (condensation of his chapter; news releases only)
  • Folder L. Paper / "Analysis of the Heartland Theory" (AAG/1955) / Ms, Notes, and Related Material, 1955 / (1968?)
  • Folder M. Paper / "Political Geography on the Modern World" (Harvard, 1957) (notice only)
  • Folder N. Paper / "Boundaries…" (AAG, 1961) / Outline, draft and correspondence on the issue of definition.
  • Folder O. Paper / "On Boundaries and Regions" (IGU, 1974) / Ms., 1964
  • Folder P. Paper / "Practical and Academic Regions" (AAG, 1965) / Ms., Abstract (from the Annals), 1965
  • Folder Q. Paper / "Some thought on Political Boundaries," 1974
  • Folder R. Paper / "The Region in Theory and Practice,: 1974 (AAG? Abstract, notes)
  • Folder S. Paper / "On the Role of Immanuel Kant in the History of Geographic Thought" (AAG, 1975) / Ms, 1975 (with footnotes)
  • Folder T. Paper / "Reminiscence - Scientism and Scholarship in Geography" (AAG, 1976) (A vigorous defense of perceived distortions of his work especially by quantitative methodologists. Includes handwritten notes.)
  • Folder U. Lecture / "Perspective on the Nature of Geography," Clark University, 1959 (transcribed by William Koelsch)
  • Folder V. Lecture / "Life of an Academic Professional" (Notes for a talk; no date or place)
  • Folder W. Review / J. A. May , "Kant's Concept of Geography," Ms. and Related Correspondence, 1970 - 1976
  • Folder X. Review / Chishom, M., Human Geography: Evolution or Revolution, 1975 / Ms. and related correspondence, 1976 - 1977
  • Folder Y. Referee Jobs / Grigg, David, "The Logic of Regional Systems," 1964 - 1965 (includes critique, correspondence and an exchange with William Bunge re: his "commentary" in the Annals)
  • Folder Z. Referee Jobs / Troll, Carl / Article for the Annals / Lengthy Critique of Eric Fischer's Translation from the German, and Fischer's responses, 1948
  • Folder AA. Referee Jobs / Lukermann, F., "Geography: de facto or de jure" / Draft, Correspondence, Notes, 1958 (Includes note on Prescott (Ibadan) paper on Political Geography: see next folder.)
  • Folder BB. Referee Jobs / For the Annals: Prescott, R. J. V.; Hooson, D., Blaut, J. Spate, O. H. K., and others, 1958 - 1960
  • Folder CC. Referee Jobs / R. H.: "Critical Reading of Manuscripts" (with missing leaves, and extensive handwritten notes) (n.d.)
  • Folder DD. Referee Jobs / Renner, G. T., Geography in the Air Age / Detailed critique and related correspondence, 1943
  • Folder EE. Photos of Maps in various publications


BOX 191: HARTSHORNE PAPERS / The Nature of Geography; and, Entrikin, J. N. and S. D. Brunn: Reflections on Richard Hartshorne's the Nature of Geography

(Note: For copies of these works, see Series #12, Box 169)

  • Folder A. "The Nature of Geography" / Ms. draft (59 p.) 'as read by Jones and Platt, May 6, 1938"
  • Folder B. On the origin of the title / Correspondence with Koelsch, W., and Jones, C. F., 1961
  • Folder C. Reprint Lists and Requests / Letters of Appreciation for Receipt / List of Libraries and Sources for the AGS, 1939 - 1941
  • Folder D. Reviews, 1940 - 1957
  • Folder E. Comments on, by American Geographers (and A. L. Kroeber) with some responses
  • Folder F. Comments on, by Foreigners, again with some responses (with comments on conditions in 1939), 1940-41
  • Folder G. Translations / Correspondence - Authorization, 1947 - 1985
  • Folder H. Miscellaneous Notes and References (n.d.)
  • Folder I. Notes and References (Largely handwritten, mostly in relation to Hettner) (Note: R. H.'s handwriting is often difficult to decipher), 1874-
  • Folder J. Correspondence to, from, and about Hettner, 1936 - 1992
  • Folder K. Reflections / Notes (handwritten) on John Agnew's Contribution (n.d.)
  • Folder L. Reflections / Letter to Karl Butzer re: manuscript, and partial reply (especially critique of, and relationship to Hettner), 1989
  • Folder M. Reflections / Notes (handwritten) on N. Entriken's Contribution (See also: miscellaneous correspondence, Box 195) (n.d.)
  • Folder N. Reflections / Correspondence to, from, and about Neil Smith's Contribution (Includes notes, mostly handwritten), 1981 - 1991
  • Folder O. Reflections / Notes (handwritten) on Response to critics of Nature for his failure to define "Science" (n.d.)
  • Folder P. Reflections / Notes (handwritten) on "Boundaries of Science," from Hettner and Kant (n.d.)
  • Folder Q. Reflections / Notes (handwritten) for reply to critics of use of "System of Science:" in Hettner and Kant (n.d.)
  • Folder R. Reflections / Defense Against Critics on issue of "Idiographic" vs "Nomothetic" (Includes translation and copies of original statements by Hettner, and other notes) (n.d.)
  • Folder S. Reflections / Defense Against Critics on issue of "Causal Relations in Areal Phenomena" (notes and copies of Hettner, Gregory) (n.d.)
  • Folder T. Reflections / References - in Hettner - on "Genetic" role in Science, (n.d.)
  • Folder U. Reflections / Notes (handwritten) on "Regionalism" (includes copy of Japanese Journal (2 leaves)) (n.d.)
  • Folder V. Reflections / Notes (handwritten) on the issue of "Landscape" (n.d.)
  • Folder W. Reflections / Notes (handwritten) on issue of "Relative Location" (n.d.)
  • Folder X. Reflections / Notes (handwritten) on Hettner, Elkins, and Penck, (n.d.)
  • Folder Y. Reflections / Notes (handwritten) on Geomorphology (a defense of his - and Hettner's - view in Response to Butzer) (n.d.)
  • Folder Z. Reflections / Notes (handwritten) and other materials around the issue of "History in Geography" (Quote from Hettner: "Geography… Must Not Become History.") (n.d.)
  • Folder AA. Reflections / Notes (handwritten) on the Issue of "Dualism" (of physical and human geography) - again, apparently a response to Butzer (n.d.)
  • Folder BB. Reflections / Notes (handwritten) with two-page copy of Hettner on "Dualism" (Systematic and regional geography) - again in response to Butzer (n.d.)
  • Folder CC. Reflections / Brief notes (handwritten) dealing with Hettner and Schlüter (apparently in response to Elkins) (n.d.)
  • Folder DD. Reflections / Notes (handwritten): snippets from R. H.'s and Butzner's Letter and Handwritten Notes on the Issue of "Physical Geography" (n.d.)
  • Folder EE. Reflections / Notes (handwritten) in Defense of R.H.'s (and Hettner's) views on "Culture," with two-page copy of Hettner on the Matter (1927) (n.d.)


BOX 192: HARTSHORNE PAPERS / F. K. Schafer's "Exceptionalism in Geography" (Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 43:226-49, 1953)

(NOTE: Additional materials related to Schaefer are included in the American Geographical Society Archives, now housed at UWM in the AGS Library. A list of those materials is appended below)

Folders A thru F: On Schaefer and the Origins of the Article

  • Folder A. Education: 67/2, Oct. 1946. Contains Articles by Both Hartshorne and Schaefer on Post-War Geopolitics
  • Folder B. Schaefer's Seminar (at Iowa) - Correspondence regarding R. H.'s Presentation, and with a student as an outgrowth, 1950-1954
  • Folder C. On Genesis of F. K. S. Article: Correspondence, Referee's Comments and Additional Materials, 1953-1982
  • Folder D. On F. K. S.'s "Personality:" Correspondence - Translation of his personal views, 1952-1969
  • Folder E. On R. H.'s Personal Relations with FKS Ms, and Correspondence with G. Bergman, and H. McArty, 1963-1978
  • Folder F. List of F. K.'s material in AAG and AGS Archives and Related Correspondence, 1974-1977

Folders G thru M: Hartshorne's Responses to "Exceptionalism" - his "Corrective" articles and monograph

  • Folder G. Gestation of R. H.'s published response, "Exceptionalism in Geography Reexamined" (Annals of the AAG: 95:205-44, 1955) / Correspondence - Reactions - Reprint - Correspondence, especially with Steve Jones, over editor's acceptance of FKS Article, 1953-1955
  • Folder H. Gestation… Handwritten Notes
  • Folder I. FSK on "Spatial Laws" - Excerpts Extracted by R. H. from "Exceptionalism…," 1973
  • Folder J. On the "Positive Value" ascribed to "Exceptionalism…" / Ms: R. H.'s Exposition that there is none, and disputation with various correspondents, 1969-1979
  • Folder K. "In Light of the Past" / Outline and Notes for Publication in Defense of Concepts in the Nature… (n.d.)
  • Folder L. Miscellaneous material on "Exceptionalism…" (Notes, correspondence, and related material), 1958-1978
  • Folder M. Iowa paper: "Hettner's Exceptionalism: Fact or Fiction?" / Draft, Notes, Correspondence Related; 1976-1984


  • Folder N. William Bunge: "Fred K. Schafer and the Science of Geography," Harvard Papers in Theoretical Geography, 1968 / Ms. - Copy of R. H.'s Objections, Letter to Warntz objecting to personal attack, related notes, 1968-1969 (See also: Bunge files in Box 194)

Papers of Frederick K. Schaefer (1904-1953) in the AGS Archives

(Note: Additional material concerning F.K. Schaefer's relationship with R. Hartshorne may be found in: Archives of the Association of American Geographers, Series No. 17, Box 192)

BOX ___

  • Academic documents, 1928-1931, London School of Economics and Political Science  (n.d.)
  • Biographical materials / Includes statement by William Bunge, Bunge’s solicitations and responses and miscellaneous materials
  • Correspondence (2 items only: note from Christaller and letter to the Cuban Consul.)
  • Documents (Passport, selective Service Card, other miscellaneous)
  • Professional meetings / papers - programs – note
  • Publications – Writings
  • “Exceptualism in Geography” / Ms - Editors correspondence w/ reviewer’s comments
  • “Postwar Geopolitics and Economics” / Ms - Editor’s correspondence
  • “Area Study and General Education” / Reprint and review of Bataan: The Judgement Seat, by A. Ind
  • Drafts:
    • “Agricultural Geography” (Evidently a chapter for an unknown work)
    • Political Geography”  (several introductory chapters and some notes; includes a brief statement from “The Committee on Political Geography” with cover note from R. Hartshorne.
  • University of Iowa
    • Lectures, talks, 1940-1947 / Notes, outlines, one Ms
    • Seminar: The Nature of Geography / Outline, student papers, Hartshorne correspondence concerning one of them; includes supporting material (translations of A. Losch / report of Centennial Studies Committee on “Regional Study with Special reference to Geography, 1951)
    • Seminars (various) / student papers
    • Graduate Student Thesis proposals (2)
    • Copy of Frivol (student pub.) w/reference to Schaefer and Gustav Bergman
  • Masters Theses / report, evidently advised by F.K. Schaefer
    • Corry, Martha L., “An Area of Eastern Asia: An Instructional Unit for the secondary School,” 1947
    • Hinrichs, Carl G., “Limits of the Spring Wheat Belt in European Russia,” 1952
    • Kennelly, Robert H., “Analysis of the Role of the Boundary Between British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest: A Regional Study,” 1950
    • Roberts, William M. Jr., “A Regional Study of Sakhalin Island,” 1951
  • Report- (“A research Project”)
    • Strantz, M. Verne, “The Loess of China,” 1950

BOX 193: HARTSHORNE PAPERS / History - Methodology, various

  • Folder A. Statements on Geography: from "Mr. X" (and Response; "Early 1930s"); and R. H., "Geography Among the Sciences" (n.d.)
  • Folder B. Origins of the Term "Physiography," R. H. Letter to S. Lindroth, 1976
  • Folder C. Political Geography / Miscellaneous musings on the Nature of States and concepts relevant, 1941 -
  • Folder D. Political Geography / Response to query on origins of the term "Shatterzone," 1961
  • Folder E. Political Geography / Ratzel's Contribution to Political Geography (and its Nazi perversions) / three-way Correspondence: R.H., S. Jones, J. Hunter, 1959 - 1960 (See also: correspondence file, Box 194)
  • Folder F. Economic Geography / Soviet View / Ms., V. F. Vastutin: "The Status and Immediate Problems of Economic Geography" (translated by W. Applebaum), 1936
  • Folder G. Regionalism / Various Correspondence (and notes) on the "Regional Concept" (with Ed Ullman, among others), 1939-1967
  • Folder H. Regionalism / Fabio M.S. Guimarães / Ms. "Some Remarks about the Terms Systematic and Regional Geography (39 pages, n.d.)

(Note: Includes letter describing fieldwork with Leo Weibel on European colonization and location of the new capital, 1948)

  • Folder I. Regionalism / Kibal'cich, O.A., and M.N. Stepanov, "Towards Contemporary Problems of Economic Regionalization of the USSR," Bulletin of the All-Union Geographical Society, 4:1955 (Typescript ms., 16 pages translation / notes for talks on same issue (n.d.))
  • Folder J. Ideographic vs. Nomothetic / Notes (handwritten) article copies, typescript mss around the subject (Includes a paper on Wilhelm Windelband, 1894).
  • Folder K. German Geographers / Notes (handwritten) on various geographers (Marthe, Partsch, etc.). Also a chart with various data, University Departments, and Chairs (n.d.)
  • Folder L. German Geographers / Kraft, Victor, material on or by him, with reproductions of articles.
  • Folder M. Miscellanea / Includes excerpt from: "Geographical Epistemology: the Growth and Limits of Geographical Inquiry." Borth, V.F.; MA Thesis, University of Minnesota, 1978


BOX 194: HARTSHORNE PAPERS / Correspondence (to, from, about individuals, with related materials) (ALPHABETICAL)

Folders A thru Z: Atwood, W. W. to Whittlesey, Derwent.

(Note: Folders often contain reprint papers (Broek), memorials (O. H. Davis) and other matters. For return from wartime service and move to Wisconsin, see Finch, V. and Trewartha, G. Also, some correspondence from these and other individuals is filed with treatment of various issues, e.g. the Hartshorne-Schaefer controversy.)

Folder AA. The "Inquiry" - Letters in response to questions from R. H. to Mark Jefferson, Isaiah Bowman, and Douglas Johnson.


Folders A thru Z: Alphabetical, Abrahamson to Zimmermann


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Papers of Nicholas Helburn (1918-__)

Most of Helburns’ correspondence and related documents are found in the files of the High School Geography Project, of which he was the director.

Box 203 : Correspondence, 1979-1980


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Papers of Donald Quayle Innis (1924-1988)

Born in Canada, Innis received his undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto, taught at Queens University and, with a U.C. Berkeley PhD, was chair of the Geography Department at SUNY Geneseo from 1965 until his death in 1988. Field studies in the Caribbean and India persuaded him of the value of traditional agricultural methods - especially intercropping - for which he became a forceful advocate in teaching, in print, and in workshops at annual geography meetings. These documents were contributed by his wife, Wendy.

Of particular note is a list of plant names (and sketches) including Linnean binomials with English, Marathi, and Hindi equivalents. This list was compiled in the field in 1970 and 1980 by his widow, Wendy Innis, who graciously donated this Archive. Of interest also is her unpublished manuscript "Waiting for the Elephant Rain," chronicling her experiences with her husband in the field in 1970. (To be found in the Library's general collection; DS414 .I58x 2001.)

Box 207 : Personal / Student Years, 1944-1967

  • Curriculum Vita
  • University of Toronto Student Materials (Exams, Reports, Field Trip Notes, Transcript.)
  • University of California Berkeley / Dissertation materials (Correspondence, field notes, drafts.)


Box 208 : Teaching Materials / Correspondence/Meetings

  • University of Chicago, 1948-1949 (includes some material from courses he evidently took and/or taught)
  • Queens University, n.d. but appointed from 1953-1963 (miscellaneous class notes, exams)
  • SUNY Genesco, 1963-1988 (variety of courses and administrative matters of the Geography Department, which he headed from 1965 until his death. Includes taped lectures of one course.)
  • Correspondence, organized in categories, (e.g. personal, professional, etc.)
  • "Frontier College" experiences (1949-1950)
  • Meetings, 1961-1983. Alphabetical by meeting sponsor-AAG, CAG, correspondence, documents (Cont'd.)

Box 209 : Meetings / Research Notes / Publications (Cont'd.)

  • Meetings, CLAG/International Symposium on Science in South Asia, 1967-83
  • Field Trip Notes-Journals, 1954-1986 (Kentucky, Jamaica, India, Togo)
  • Research materials - data, India, Nepal. Includes plant lists and sketches (see Introduction)
  • Publications-Papers-Mss, some reprints, 1951-1980. For complete list, see his CV, Box 206 (includes unpublished material and mss of papers not listed in his CV.)

Box 210 : Publications / Books / Monographs (Drafts)

"21 Days on Spaceship Earth" (n.d.-170p) MS, some notes, "Library Copy" (Edited). (Intended for sale in the University Bookstore, as were several other publications.)

"Canada: A Geographic Study" Toronto, McGraw-Hill, 1966. 423p/correspondence, various drafts.

"Intercropping and the Scientific Basis of Traditional Agriculture" London, Intermediate Technology Publications, 1197, 170p. (Essentially his life work, published posthumously, with assistance from his wife, Wendy Innis.)

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Papers of Terry Gilbert Jordan-Bychkov (1939-2003)

Jordan’s presidential papers consist largely of correspondence provoked by his columns in the AAG Newsletter, though other matters are occasionally discussed. Extensive correspondence with some individuals is grouped together and filed alphabetically (q.v.).

Box 204 :

  • Administrative correspondence, 1987-1988
  • The Natoli Issue, 1987
  • Correspondence: 1987-1988
    • Abler
    • De Sousa
    • Kenser
    • Misc. (alphabetical)
  • Past presidential address (Ms.) 1989
  • Presidential Column Mss. 1987
  • PHD program Reviews
  • Publication Policy/ Correspondence, 1986-1988
  • Correspondence re: Presidential Columns, (alphabetical, 1987-1988)

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Papers of Robert W. Kates (1929-__ )

Box 205 : AAG Matters

  • Candidacy for Vice President, 1991-1994
  • Commission on College Geography: Learning Modules Project, 1995-1996
  • Committee on Community Colleges, 1993
  • Departmental Assistance, 1993-1994
  • Meetings:
    • Business meetings, 1993-1995
    • Council Meetings, 1992-1995
    • Executive Committee Meetings
    • AAG meeting, 1994 / Speeches-Presidential Plenary Session: “Geographers as Head of Interdisciplinary projects”
    • AAG Meeting 1995 / Past Presidents’ Address (MS. Reprint)
    • AAG meetings, 1996-1997/ Program Materials
    • Meeting: Academic Leadership Roundtable, 1992-1994 (involved Geographers
      in deanships, presidencies, and other academic leadership positions).
  • Meeting: W/N.G.S., re: Academic Standards, 1994


Box 206 :

  • Correspondence
    • Abler, Ron, 1992-1995
    • General, 1993-1995
  • Speeches: (Largely to regional divisions, includes notes on geographical humor) 1993-1995.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Dedication of new AAG headquarters, 1993
    • Independent Scholars: columns, lists, meetings, organizations, 1993-1995
    • National Center for Geographic Information & Analysis (U. Mass.), 1993
    • Maine Geographical Alliance- Summer Institute, 1994

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Papers of Armin Kohl Lobeck (1886-1958)

Note: Virtually all this material was collected and/or generated by Fred S. Grandinetti for his MA thesis: "The Life and Thought of A. K. Lobeck," Southern Connecticut State College, 1973 (G. Martin). Includes:

  • Detailed descriptions of journey to, and time in, Paris with "The Inquiry" (though little of his work there).
  • A detailed family history, especially by A. Packard Lobeck (brother), with excerpts of correspondence to him from various parts of the world.
  • Insights into early geology and geography at Columbia.



  • Folder A. Autobiographical Statement (1941?)
  • Folder B. Correspondence with Mahard, Richard, 1940-1958 (See also: file on Neil Miner Award)
  • Folder C. Correspondence (miscellaneous), 1927-1958 (To, from, and about A. K. L.)
  • Folder D. Early Schooling / Employment
  • Folder E. The "Geographical Press," 1954-1971 (started at University of Wisconsin to produce his maps and diagrams for students - for Lobeck's take on it, see his "Report to the Geology Department.")
  • Folder F. "Geography at the Congress of Paris, 1919" (Xerox copy, source and date unknown)
  • Folder G. Grandinetti Survey Responses (mostly of former students), alphabetical (A thru D), 1971
  • Folder H. Grandinetti Survey Responses (E thru I), 1971
  • Folder I. Grandinetti Survey Responses (J thru L), 1971-1972
  • Folder J. Grandinetti Survey Responses (M thru Q), 1971
  • Folder K. Grandinetti Survey Responses (R thru Z), 1971-1973
  • Folder L. Grandinetti Survey Responses by A. Packard Lobeck, 1972-1973 (Perhaps the most valuable documents among A. K. L. papers)



  • Folder A. Grandinetti Thesis / Outline - Lobeck Chronology (n.d.)
  • Folder B. Grandinetti / Thesis, "Writing Aids" (various reprints)
  • Folder C. Martha's Vineyard (Cottage) / Sketches, local article on his career, etc., 1948-1956
  • Folder D. Memorials upon his death in 1958 (includes map), 1959
  • Folder E. Memorials to (and some publications of) various colleagues
  • Folder F. Neil Miner Award (Association of Geology Teachers), 1955-1957 (nomination, recommendations, congratulations)
  • Folder G. Photographs, 1924, 1930, 1938, (?)
  • Folder H. Publications of / Abstracts, Reviews, etc., 1914-1953
  • Folder I. Publications of / Dissertation: "Physiography of Porto Rico," (New York Academy of Sciences, 1922)
  • Folder J. Publications of / Miscellaneous, 1919-1957
  • Folder K. "Report to the Geology Department," 1954?
  • Folder L. References to, reviews of his work, 1916-1958
  • Folder M. Universities / Departments / Teaching, 1928-1935

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Papers of John R. (Russ) Mather (1923-2003)

Russ Mather’s career was intimately associated with that of C. W. Thornthwaites’ until the latter’s death in 1963. Thornthwaite was his dissertation advisor, and Mather became a research scientist, director of research, and eventually president of Thornthwaite Associates (see Thornthwaite’s papers). Upon Thornthwaite’s death in 1963, Mather embarked upon an academic career at the University of Delaware, building the department as its long time Chair, and retiring as a Distinguished Professor. His scholarship and service to the profession were acknowledged in the presidency of the AAG in 1992.

Note: As with the Thornthwaite archive, given the large amount of material, the Index is restricted to general categeories.

Box 211 : Personal and Professional Materials

  • “Life”, Vita, Thesis Material, misc.
  • University of Delaware/ Administration , 1962-1992 (includes “Distinguished Professorship” file)
  • AAG Business/ Executive Committee-Council Meetings
  • Few presidential papers, 1991-1992
  • IGU-Committee on Geographical Monitoring and Forcasting (nomination only)
  • Correspondence: Most of Mather’s voluminous correspondence is filed with Thornthwaite Associates- Laboratory of Climatology, of which he was an employee and officer.
    • Calef, W., 1963
    • Marcus, M., 1963
    • Publishers, 1957-1993
  • Meetings Attended, 1960-1992 (Most were attended as a function of his role as an AAG Officer. Papers read, if any, are mostly to be found below. Especially noteworthy is the Symposium Mather organized in honor of C. W. Thornthwaite, IGU, Montreal, 1972.)
  • Papers Read, 1978-1998 (some without date or context)


Box 212 (Large) : Publications, 1949

Includes some contributions to Publications in Climatology, the house organ of Thornthwaite Associates, Laboratory of Climatology, and eventually the University of Delaware Center for Climatic Research. Includes MS, some reprints and correspondence (in chronological order).


Box 213 (Large) : Teaching Materials(primarily from the 1990’s).

Includes course syllabi, lecture notes, illustrations, exercises, and exams. Some materials are from T.A. and/or faculty associates.


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Papers of Janice Monk (1937-__ )

Monk’s papers reflect services on the AAG Council and various committees. Most meeting minutes are duplicated elsewhere, but some contain marginal notes and other jottings. This collection does not include her presidency of the AAG in 2002.

Box 214


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Papers of C. Warren Thornthwaite (1899-1963)

Thornthwaite was an essential founder of geographical climatology. After professorships at Oklahoma University and Johns Hopkins, he established the Laboratory of Climatology, and eventually Thornthwaite Associates, as independent research and consulting insititutions. The origin, functioning and contributions of this organization are amply recorded in memorials and other documents in this archive. His position in the fields of Geography and Climatology was recognized in the presidency of the AAG, presidency of the Commission on Climatology of the World Meteorological Organization, the Cullen Medal of the American Geographical Society, and many other accolades.

(Note: Because of the large amount of material, this index is restricted largely to general categories. See also the files of John R. Mather.)

Thornthwaite's extensive reprint file, contributed by Dr. Frederick Nelson, is noted in the Addenda to this index.

Box 215 (Large) : Thornthwaite/Personal, Professional

  • Personal- Various memorials, interesting history of wife’s family (Slentz, some correspondence).
    (Note: Most correspondence from the Laboratory of Climatology- Thornthwaite Associates were signed by J. R. Mather).
  • Professional- Materials relating to Johns Hopkins University, Seabrook Farms (including student theses), and the University of Chicago, 1946-1953.
  • Publications- Assorted Manuscripts and Reprints, 1931-1965. For the most complete list, see the memorial by John Leighly, Annals of the AAG, Vol. 54, December, 1964. See also: Publications in Climatology (below). Includes some dittoed of presentations, and assorted reprints and miscellaneous others from his personal collection.


Box 216 (Large) : Thornthwaite Associates - Laboratory of Climatology.

  • Administration / History, Accounting, Staff Meetings. List of foreign visitors, requests for publications, and other matters.
  • Publications in Climatology (var.), 1948-1961
  • Correspondence, Alphabetical, A-M


Box 217 (Large) : Thornthwaite Associates - Laboratory of Climatology

  • Correspondence, Alphabetical, N-Z
  • Institutional Relations/ Correspondence, Committee Service. Documents, etc…, involving among others:
    • American Association for the Advancement of Science
    • The American Meteorological Society (AMS)
    • National Academy of Sciences- National Research Council (NAS-NRC)
    • UNESCO
    • World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
    • Consultations/Grants-proposals, 1951-1965


Box 218 (Large) : Thornthwaite Associates - Laboratory of Climatology

  • Consulting / Correspondence / Documents, 1954-1993. Alphabetical by client.

(Note: The distinction between consultation and grant funded research is not always clear cut. After Thornthwaite’s death in 1963, consulting and grant research continued by J.R. Mather).

  • Research Grants / Correspondence / Documents, 1947-1968. Filed alphabetically.

(Note: Virtually all research grants are from agencies of the federal government, principally the military).


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Papers of Stephen Sargent Visher (1887-1967)

Note: Visher's correspondence (and other papers) are organized chronologically. In some cases, continuing correspondence with an individual, or around a particular issue, is lumped together for coherence and continuity. Substantial correspondence with family and some individuals is collected in separate files in Box 199. Users should be aware that the file is incomplete: replies without initial letters and vice versa, and some time periods are missing entirely (e.g. the calendar year 1942). Occasionally, the backs of letters contain unrelated material that may be of interest.


BOX 198 (Large): VISHER PAPERS (1912-1940)

  • Correspondence, 1912 through 5/1940 (24 files, A thru X)


BOX 199 (Large): VISHER PAPERS (1940-1956)

  • Correspondence, 6/1940 through 6/1956 (27 files, A thru AA)

Note: Wartime files are skimpy; the year 1942 is missing entirely; other files also appear to be incomplete.


BOX 200 (Large): VISHER PAPERS (1956-1970)

Folders A thru L: General correspondence, 7/1956 - 1970

Note: In folder L., ms. of a talk on his life, given to G. Demko's class, 5/24/65

Folders M thru W: Correspondence with Individuals (alphabetical):

  • Folder M. Brisco, H.T. (Dean of Faculties, eventually vice president, I. U.), 1940-1957
  • Folder N. Grosvener, Gilbert (President, National Geographic Society), 1922-1963
  • Folder O. Harper, R. M. (professor (of Botany?) at the University of Alabama), 1939
  • Folder P. Lee, H. E. (Naturalist and Taxidermist friend from his South Dakota days), 1913-1936
  • Folder Q. Huntington, Ellsworth, 1917-1922
  • Folder R. Huntington, Ellsworth, 1923-1927
  • Folder S. Huntington, Ellsworth, 1928-1946
  • Folder T. Renner, George T. (professor, Columbia Teachers College), 1931-1941/1945-1955
  • Folder U. Wells, H. B. (Dean, then President, University of Indiana), 1935-1942
  • Folder V. Wells, H. B. (President, I.U.), 1943-1944
  • Folder W. Wells, H. B. (President, I.U.), 1945-1962

Folders X thru BB: Personal Correspondence / Family

Note: Correspondence with and about extended family members may also occur in general correspondence (cousins, in-laws, etc. may not have been recognized as such)

  • Folder X. Brothers-Sisters, 1907-1965 (Dispute with brother Harvey and related letters from brother John are in file on property transactions)
  • Folder Y. Children, 1925-1966 (very few letters here; they are referred to often in general correspondence)
  • Folder Z. Mother, 1918-1930
  • Folder AA. Wife Martha (nee Bolks), [1915?]-1932
  • Folder BB. Various extended family members, 1911-1960
  • Folders CC & DD. Sale of Personal Library, 1958-1964
  • Folder EE. Property Transactions / Correspondence Documents, 1911-1949 (rent or sale of farm and ranchland owned by Visher and wife. Includes dispute with brother Harvey.)
  • Folder FF. Publications / Climatic Atlas of the United States / Correspondence, 1951-1966
  • Folder GG. Publications / Indiana Men of Science / Correspondence (1948-1951)
  • Folder HH. Publications / Various / Correspondence - Mss, 1922-1929
  • Folder II. War-Time Geographers / Correspondence - Documents, 1943-1945
    • Visher's list's of such
    • Hartshorne, R., "Contributions and problems of Geographers in the Europe-Africa Field" (Typed ms, 18 p., marked "Secret")


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