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MAPS-L - the Maps and Air Photo Systems Forum is an international discussion forum for Librarians dealing with cartographic information, cartographers, remote sensors, geographers, and cartomaniacs of all types. The subject that ties everything together is cartographic information in all its forms, formats and uses. Maps-L is not affiliated with any professional organization or particular library.

Topics discussed include anything related to map libraries, cartographic information, remote sensing systems, geography, map cataloging and cartomania in general.

MAPS-L History:

Johnnie Sutherland, the former Map Curator at the University of Georgia Libraries, started Maps-L in 1991. For 14 years, Johnnie served as the moderator screening emails, distributing them to the list and keeping Maps-L relevant to the needs and interests of the map community.

Upon his retirement in April, 2005, Angie Cope, Map Librarian at the American Geographical Society Library, UWM Libraries assumed the role of moderator.

The list will run exactly as it has for these many years and will continue to run through Georgia's listserv software. The archives will remain the same and all other features will be unchanged.

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Visit this link and follow the prompts.


To post to the list, send email to

You do not need to be a subscriber to post messages to the list. If you want a reply, be sure to include contact information in your message.


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Feel free to read up on Georgia’s listserv software here:

or contact the Maps-L moderator, Angie Cope at acope @

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