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Cartographic materials are available in microform in the AGS Library. Microform machines are available in the Libraries' Current Periodicals and Microforms department for viewing and making copies from microforms. 

Information about the AGS Library's Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps on microform is available on another page.

Alphabetical Listing of AGSL Microform Titles:

  • American Geographical Society: Index to Maps of Hispanic America
    1:100,000 Publication no. 5 Washington 1945                  
  • American Geographical Society: Book #8 Isaac Tirtion  (1705-1765)                  
  • Amrit Lal  “Indian Cities over 100,000”  1958 Indiana University                  
  • Badel, Dimas  “Diccionario Historico… “Guia Das Estradas de Angola”                  
  • Bagrow, Leo  “Die Geschichte der Kartographie”    Berlin 1951                  
  • Catalogo da Mappotheca do Ministerio das Relacoes Exteriores  (1st & 2nd partes)                                    
  • Chung-Hua Jen Min Kung Ho Kuo Ti T’u Chi (Atlas of the Peoples’ Republic of China) Shanghai 1957                                   
  • Diccionario de Geographic Historia y Biographica Mexicanos Mexico 1910
  • Dicionario Geografico do Estado de Sao Paulo Boletim no. 2  Sao Paulo 1943
  • Dictionnaire Geographique et Administratif De La France Publie Sous la direction de Paul Joanne  vol. 1-7
  • Estados un dos de Venezuela. Ministero de formento. Division Politico-Territorarial de la Republica E.D. official  1948
  • Grinnell, Henry  “Grinnell Scrapbook…(arctic expedition)”  Books 1-9
  • Guia Geobrafica de Columbia  3rd ed.   Bogota 1938
  • Hanson, William  “Geographical Encyclopedia of new South Wales involving counties, towns and villages within the colony.”
  • Hirt, H.F.  Aligarh UP, India  “A Geographic Study of Urban Growth"
  • Lista de las cartas. Planos Riglamentarios 3rd ed. 1915
  • Lista de las cartas. Planos derroteros etc.. Editadas por la Oficina de Hidrografica Navigacion
  • Loper, Hector F.  “Diccionario…del Estado de Guerrero” 1st ed. Mexico 1942
  • MacNatschell, Federico “Terminologia…”  “Nomenclatura das Agencias e Estacues”
  • Magyarorszag Helysegnevtaca    Budapest 1944 and 1956
  • Monthly Summary of Foreign Trade of Egypt:
    1918 and 1919 through Nov. 
    Dec 1919 & The 1919 Annual Statement 
    Jan-Nov 1920 
    Dec 1920 
    Jan-Dec 1921 
    The Annual Statement 1921 & Jan-Aug 1922 
    Aug-Dec1922 & Jan-June 1923 
    July-Dec 1923 & Jan-June 1924 
    June-Dec 1924 
    Jan-Nov (missing Dec) 1925 
    Jan-Dec 1926-28 
    Jan-April 1929 
    May-Sept 1929(missing July) 
    Oct 1929 
    March 1930 
    April-May 1930 
    June-July 1930                   
  • Pelaez, V. Aguilar  “Diccionario Geographico de Guatemala”   1930
  • Place, Frank  “Trail Clippings…”  Vol. 1 (1908-1921) Vol. 2-6 (1921-1926) Vol. 6cont’d-10 (1926-1934)
  • Polska: Mapa Topograficzna Komunikacyjna Administracyjna Warszwa  1929
  • Roseil, Cesar Garcia  “Diccionario de la Demarcaciou”  Politics del Peru Lima  1934
  • Rudolph, H.  “Orts-Lexikon von Deutschland” Vol. 1-2  1870
  • Vedomasti Verkhoonogo Soveta  1943-1945
  • Vsesoiuznoe geograficheskoe Obshchestvo  Vol. 11-13
  • Vuletin, Alberto  “Todonomastica de Neguer”  “Catalog dos Mapas” “Quatro Centenario del Jescubrimento”
  • Wilson, John Rev.  “The Gazetteer of Scotland”
  • 2501.00 FOCUS 
    Vol. 24, 1-10 Sept 1973-June 1974 
    Vol. 26, 1-5 Sept 1975-June 1976 
    Vol. 27, 1-5 Sept 1976-June 1977 
    Vol. 33, 1-5 Sept 1982-June 1983 
    Vol. 37, 1-4 Spring-Winter 1987 
    Vol. 43, Spring-Winter 1993 
    Vol. 44, Spring 1994-Winter 1997
  • Three Separately Titled Bibliographies: Selected Bibliography of Gazetteers and Place Name Material 
    1. Theatre Areas M and N   (Army Map Service  Oct. 1943) 
    2. Theatre Areas S and T    (Army Map Service April 1944) 
    3. Theatre Areas W and X   (Army Map Service March 1944) 

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