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The Pamphlet Collection Regional Classification System


The AGS regional classification system was created by the AGS of New York . The system classifies materials based first by geography and then by subject. A number of pdf documents are below beginning with the ten page index that shows the basic classification system used for the pamphlets. The finding aid is broken into sections of 50-100 pages. A link to the entire 486 page finding aid is also available. Use the ctrl-F search feature within each pdf to search.


Index (10 page pdf )

List of Articles (486 paged pdf )

Article Finding Aid by region

1 Pioneer Exploration

2 - 33 Africa

34 - 95 Asia and Australia

96 - 184 Europe, Russia, Turkey

201 - 302 United States

305 - 321 Canada

322 - 364 Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, South America

371 - 380 Arctic and Antarctic

381 -1200 Miscellaneous


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