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Fire Insurance Maps and Atlases

19th Century U.S. Fire Insurance Atlases
Sanborn Fire Insurance Atlases:

19th Century U.S. Fire Insurance Atlases

The ASGL collection contains fire insurance atlases for a variety of cities across the country produced by a variety of publishers. These atlases are listed in the 19th Century U.S. Fire Insurance Atlases Index by state.


Sanborn Fire Insurance Atlases

Milwaukee 1894. Vol. 2, Sheet 112
Sanborn Fire Insurance Map

Sanborn Fire Insurance Atlases are some of the more well known fire insurance atlases. These contain detailed maps showing town or city blocks with buildings color-coded according to building material type (brick, wood, etc).

The American Geographical Society Library's collection of Sanborn Fire Insurance Atlases consists of paper atlas sheet maps, digital images and microform. Geographical coverage is listed below by media.

Paper Sanborn Atlases

The AGSL paper Sanborn Atlas collection includes color original map sheets for the following volumes:

  • City of Appleton, 1924
  • City of Fond du Lac, 1927
  • City of Kenosha (Central), 1918
  • City of Milwaukee Volumes 1-4 (Central), 1894
  • City of Milwaukee Volumes 1-8 (Northern, Central, Southern and Western), 1910
  • City of Milwaukee Volumes 7& 9-11(Western), 1927
  • City of Milwaukee Volumes 12-13 (Northern), 1929
  • City of Milwaukee Volumes 14-16 (Northwestern), 1930
  • City of Milwaukee Volumes 6 & 17-19 (Southestern), 1937

Digital Sanborn Atlases

All of the Kenosha and Milwaukee paper Sanborn Atlases in the AGSL collection have been scanned and are available in color, digital TIFF format. Individual sheets can be purchased for $5/image for UWM students, faculty and staff, or $10/image for the general public.

Black and white Digital Sanborn Maps are also available for viewing from UWM Libraries computers by the general public. Off-campus access to the maps is available only to UWM students, staff, and faculty with valid UWM accounts. The following volumes are available:


The AGSL also houses a series of Sanborn Maps on microform. The list below shows which states are covered, with the range of years covered for each entire state. Coverage for individual cities or towns within a state may not include the entire range of years listed.

  • Massachusetts State Maps, 1884-1933
  • Maryland State Maps, 1885-1953
  • Pennsylvania, 1884-1951 (some republished in 1956)
  • Pennsylvania, 1884-1951 (some republished in 1956)
  • Wisconsin, 1884-1951 (some republished in 1956)




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