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Reference services at AGSL

The AGS Library staff can provide basic reference services, such as looking up places in gazetters or locating places on maps, but we are not able to undertake extensive research. It is preferred that users visit the AGS Library in person, but if that is not possible, we do provide some reference services by mail, e-mail, and telephone. Call or email to schedule an appointment or to discuss your information request.

E-mail the AGS Library at or call at 414-229-6282.

Users should provide as much information as they can about the places they want located (variant spellings, alternate names, name of administrative unit or province in which the place is located, time period in question, etc.). Relative locational information can also be helpful (what larger towns or cities are near by, is the place on a river or lake, on the coast, etc.). If possible, photocopies of actual documents containing the place name, such as birth or marriage certificates or naturalization papers, should be provided.

If a place can be found using gazetters or other reference sources, we will give the basic information needed to locate it on a modern map (latitude and longitude, country in which it is presently located). In many cases, photocopies of places of maps on which the place is shown can also be made. Large maps will be copied in sections. Not all maps can be photocopied however, due to their age, condition, or copyright restrictions.


Interlibrary Loan

All requested items must be approved individually depending upon the rarity and the physical condition of the requested item. Duration of the loan and mailing costs will be determined according to established interlibrary loan policy of the Golda Meir Library.

For more information, go to the Golda Meir Library Interlibrary Loan site.


Displays, Presentations, and Tours

Tours, presentations and displays are available to UWM classes, area colleges, community groups, and schools. Specialized displays and working tables could enhance college programming as well as space available for class lectures. Scheduling can be arranged for departmental colloquiums, visiting scholars and symposiums. Community groups such as genealogical societies, study groups and professional organizations are welcome to schedule their events with the AGS Library. Area middle and high schools are encouraged to utilize our resources as part of their course work.

For further information or arrangements contact the AGS Library at

For current and upcoming presentations or displays, see Events & Exhibits.



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Comments or questions for the AGSL? Send them to or call (414) 229-6282.

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