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New Chancellor Tours UWM LibrariesChancellor Carlos Santiago listens as UWM Libraries staff member Chieko Maene offers an overview of the American Geographical Society Library's digital-spatial data capabilities.  From left is Chancellor Santiago, Ewa Barczyk, Maene, AGSL Curator Chris Baruth, and Geography graduate student Wen Lin

UWM’s new chancellor, Carlos Santiago, toured the Libraries with Interim Director Ewa Barczyk on August 12, visiting many of the departments and service areas. After the tour, he met briefly with administrators.

“Chancellor Santiago expressed his understanding of the challenges facing academic libraries today,” Barczyk said of the meeting. “He shared with us his desire to build a strong library in support of our growing research university.”



George Brumder Collection

A collection of materials donated to the library by two UWM professors took center stage in Special Collections this summer. On view were a variety of books and related materials, published by prominent Milwaukee German-language publisher George Brumder: bibles, hymnals, calendars, almanacs, language primers, and children's literature. Also included was one of the publisher’s most highly regarded and popular works, Nehrling's Birds of North America, 1893.During a special tour in July of the George Brumder Collection, portraits of Henrietta and George Brumder were unveiled by E. J. Brumder (left) and Ewa Barczyk, Interim Director of Libraries.  Over 50 Brumder family members attended

The late Frederick I. Olson, history professor, and Gerhard Rauscher, professor emeritus of German, donated their personal collections of Brumder works in 1990. Currently, there are over 160 titles in the collection, making it one of the largest in the United States, and an invaluable resource for students, scholars, and the general public.

In the UWM Libraries’ Brumder Bibliography, Professor Olson wrote that by 1910, Brumder “had become the nation’s leading publisher for German-Americans, not only in Milwaukee but throughout the central portions of the United States and beyond.”

Olson also identified Brumder, through his publishing of German-language books, as the most significant citizen responsible for holding Milwaukee’s German-American community together.

As the public university in the city where George Brumder published, UWM would be the appropriate home of the most comprehensive collection of Brumder works. The Libraries' long-term goal is to enlarge the collection, ensure its preservation, and increase public awareness through related events and exhibits.

For a copy of our special brochure on how you can help build the George Brumder Collection, please call Susan Modder, the Libraries' Development Director, at (414) 229-2811 or email: semodder@uwm.edu or Max Yela, Special Collections Librarian, at (414) 229-4345 or email: maxyela@uwm.edu.


Responding to Changing Needs, Libraries Open New Gathering Space (with a Caf�!)

Users relax in the Libraries’ new gathering spaceThe UWM Libraries have transformed an area in Reserve to create a pleasant gathering space for students, faculty, and community library users. Offering latt�s and cappuccinos, wireless access to the Internet, comfortable seating and a casual atmosphere, Gathering Place @your library opened on October 18. The UWM Union's Grind is providing caf� service, featuring a variety of coffee drinks made with Alterra coffees, as well as juices and fresh baked goods.

The recent Black and Gold Commission Report identified a need for a relaxed and congenial area on campus for student and faculty interaction, which dovetails with the Libraries’ long-term goal to make the Libraries an inviting and welcoming place for all. Gathering Place @your library, located on the first floor of the East Wing, promises to satisfy those needs, providing both a refuge from the busy campus and a stimulating meeting ground for the UWM community. Caf� hours of during the fall semester are 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday.

Steven Burnham, Editor, sburnham@uwm.edu
Krystyna Matusiak, Newsletter designer