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Fall 2006
No. 50

New Digital Collection Surveys Global Urban Life

From Abidjan to Zurich, from ancient abandoned settlements to modern mega-cities, the UWM Libraries new digital project Cities Around the World offers visitors the chance to virtually roam through 450 cities worldwide.Kano sign

With over 5,500 photographic images-and more to be added-all drawn from collections of the American Geographic Society Library, Cities focuses on people, architecture, residential and commercial streets, transportation and other aspects of urban existence.

Searches are available by city, country, subject or site. Viewers might choose "Opera houses" (Sydney and Ulan Bator) or "Nightclubs" (Paris and Mombassa), or click on specific sites, such as the Amber Palace (Jaipur) or Red Square (Moscow) or the White Nile Bridge (Khartoum).

The pictures were taken between 1942 and 1994 by Harrison Forman, an adventurous journalist and explorer as well as photographer, and Harold Mayer, a professor of urban geography at UWM.

Cities Around the World was created by UWM Digital Collections Librarian Krystyna Matusiak with other Libraries staff and student assistants. UWM faculty members Margaret Crosby and Bruce Fetter assisted in the selection of images for the project. The collection is available at www.uwm.edu/Library/digilib/cities/



Poetry Reading Series to Celebrate UWM's 50th Anniversary

To bring focus to UWM's intellectual and creative heritage during the university's 50th anniversary year, the UWM Libraries is presenting a new, noontime poetry series that will showcase the work of UWM faculty, staff, students, and alumni. The weekly series, entitled "Words & Days: Poetry in the 50th Year of UWM," will begin this fall and take place every Wednesday from 12-12:30 pm. in the Gathering Place @your library.

The series is co-sponsored by the Cream City Review and the UWM Creative Writing Program in the Department of English, and is coordinated by Rick Krause, a graduate intern in the Libraries Special Collections Department.

Participants in the series this fall include Susan Firer (Sept. 13), Maurice Kilwein Guevara (Sept. 20), Kimberly Blaeser (Sept. 27), David Mulroy (Oct. 4) , Oody Petty (Oct. 11), Peter Blewett (Oct. 18), Kathleen Dale (Oct. 25), James Liddy (Nov. 1), Judith Harway (Nov. 8), Ellen Elder (Nov. 15), Jeff Poniewaz (Nov. 22), Joseph Radke (Nov. 29), and James Hazard (Dec. 6). The Gathering Place (the Libraries coffee shop) is located on the first floor of the East Wing.

For further information, please contact Max Yela, Special Collections, at 229-4345 or libspecial@uwm.edu.

Max Yela


Archives Contributes to The Making of Milwaukee

Since the WTMJ-TV News Film Collection's arrival at the UWM Libraries Archives in 2001, numerous filmmakers, educators, and researchers have mined its riches for a variety of projects, but none perhaps so extensively as local filmmaker and producer Claudia Looze, for her documentary The Making of Milwaukee.

Based on John Gurda's authoritative history of the same name, the 5� hour series, which will air on Milwaukee Public Television in early October, uses Collection footage of Mayors Frank Zeidler and Henry Maier, the building of the expressways, the opening of Southgate, baseball, neighborhoods, old commercials, the construction of the domes-"the list goes on and on," Looze says.

The WTMJ-TV News Film Collection is the original edited footage used by the station to illustrate stories and special news programs. Donated to the Wisconsin Historical Society and administered by the Libraries, the collection comprises over 1.5 million feet of 16mm film, spanning the years 1950 to 1980. UWM Archivist Mary Huelsbeck, head of the cataloging and preservation efforts, worked with Looze to locate specific subjects and events.

"I had made up a 'wish list' of footage . . . that could possibly be in the collection," Looze says, "and Mary found nearly everything, and more. The icing on the cake was when Mary found footage of Mayor Maier singing 'The Summerfest Polka,' which he wrote himself. He's completely off key, his wife is swaying and singing next to him, and at the end of the clip he takes a big swig of beer. It was something I dreamed of finding, but was resigned to the fact that it did not exist."

In addition to the segments in The Making of Milwaukee, other recent uses of Collection footage include an interview of philanthropist Peg Bradley, shown as part of the reopening of the Bradley Collection at the Milwaukee Art Museum; Vietnam War correspondent Dickey Chapelle's funeral, used in the History Channel's Heroes Under Fire: Portrait of Courage; sound clips of civil rights leader Father James Groppi, played on WUWM during last year's NAACP annual convention in Milwaukee; and the take-over of the UWM Chancellor's Office by Latino activists on August 27, 1970, shown in a commemoration program sponsored by the Roberto Hernandez Center.
Mayor Henry Maier, Summerfest, 1969
Mayor Henry Maier, Summerfest, 1969 (WTMJ-TV News Film Collection, UWM Archives)


Steven Burnham, Editor, sburnham@uwm.edu
Krystyna Matusiak, Newsletter designer