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Fall 2006
No. 50

News from the Director

Ewa Barczyk

In June, I had the privilege of attending the American Library Association Conference in New Orleans. I use the word "privilege" because we were the first organization to hold a major conference in post-Katrina New Orleans; we wanted to show our support for rebuilding this city and "do what's right." Many librarians volunteered to rehab heavily damaged buildings, including libraries whose collections were completely destroyed by the storms. Yes, the residents wanted their libraries restored as they have been serving a critical role in restoring normalcy and helping to transform these communities. (UWM Libraries staff held a fundraising lunch and raffle to send money to help in these efforts soon after the storm.)

Although we saw damage, even in the tourist areas, and the conference center was not fully operational, all apprehensions vanished when we saw that the city and those residents who had returned were so gracious and thankful that we had come. I was surprised to find that my hotel housed FEMA operations. Relief workers had been living in the hotel for over nine months and as a result had unbelievable stories to share about human tragedies and incredible destruction, and that they were now finally seeing hope and progress. The taxi driver, the store clerk, the waiter-all wanted to share their stories of survival and what it was like to return to their city.

With this as the background for our meetings, I joined my 16,000+ colleagues to learn about the latest technologies to open our catalogs through comprehensive searches, how we prepare the next generation of library leaders, and the importance of mentoring to increase diversity in our profession. Experts addressed concerns about intellectual property rights in the digital world and open access to federally funded research results.

I attended a focus group with college students from New Orleans on what they wanted to see in libraries: comfortable furniture, brighter colors, flexible space and access to the latest technology when they work on group projects. These "millennials" do use the physical library in addition to surfing the Internet, and I left with many ideas that we will incorporate into our remodeling plans for the West Wing during this coming year. As libraries continue to change, we must listen to our users and what they are telling us in order to remain vital to our communities.

Let me conclude with some congratulatory comments to the librarians from former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, one of the keynote conference speakers, for keeping the faith with the people of New Orleans. She called libraries "the laboratory of freedom" and "the biggest bargain on the face of the earth." I couldn't say it better myself!

Ewa Barczyk
Interim Director


Assistant Director for Public Services to Head UW-Parkside Library

Vanaja Menon, Assistant Director for Public Services at UWM Libraries, is leaving her position to become Interim Library Director at UW-Parkside. Menon, who arrived at UWM in 1999, focused library services on the users, reminding staff that we are here to serve the users and need to listen to their input. Along with the Personnel Librarian, she initiated staff training which emphasized providing customer service with a positive approach.

Vanaja Menon

Menon also played in important role in outreach to the campus, meeting with numerous faculty, staff and students to promote the Libraries and improve campus climate. She co-chaired the Asian Faculty and Staff Association's steering committee and was a member of the Associate Deans Network, the campus Marketing Committee and the Open House Committee. She guest lectured in many UWM School of Information Studies classes, as well.

At the national level, she has been actively involved in many committees of the Association of College and Research Libraries and the American Library Association (ALA), and is currently serving on the ALA-Library Administration and Management's Library Operations & Services Committee and the Leadership Committee. Menon also has served on the Library Council of Southeastern Wisconsin and was president this past year.

Before joining the UWM Libraries, she worked at Lake Forest College as Associate College Librarian and Coordinator of Public Services. Her last day at UWM will be October 6.


UW System Libraries Loan Period Extended for Faculty and Staff

Beginning this fall UWM faculty and staff will receive an extended loan period for most items borrowed from other UW campus libraries through UW System Search. Previously, faculty and staff received a 28-day loan period for books, with one renewal. Thanks to a system-wide agreement among library directors, all campuses are now implementing a semester loan.

The due date for most books checked out to UW faculty and staff will be December 30, 2006. Books may still be renewed one time. Multimedia items, such as DVDs, phonograph records, or CDs, and curriculum materials will continue to circulate for 14 days with no renewals. Due dates for items borrowed through Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad) will continue to be set by the loaning (in most cases non-UW) library.

Lisa Weikel


Looking for a Book, Journal, or DVD That We Don't Own? Check Out BadgerCat For Virtual Access to Wisconsin Libraries

UWM Libraries, in collaboration with nearly 500 other Wisconsin libraries, now offers BadgerCat, a new way to identify library resources-books, journals, DVDs, CDs, maps, and more-located in the state.

You may explore BadgerCat from the UWM Libraries home page by selecting WorldCat/BadgerCat. Searches can be limited to a subset of Wisconsin libraries, including University of Wisconsin Libraries, or opened to search libraries worldwide without rekeying your search. Link directly into the catalogs of owning libraries to check item availability, or click "Request it" to initiate an ILLiad (interlibrary loan) request. UW System Borrowing is not currently available directly through BadgerCat, but is anticipated later this fall.

BadgerCat Options
BadgerCat options


Alumni Make Donation to the Music Library

The UWM Music Library is pleased to announce the addition of a collection of nearly 300 CDs of twentieth and twenty-first century music donated by alumni Robert E Mueller ('42) and Ruth Ruppel Mueller ('44).

Dr. Robert Mueller, a graduate of the Milwaukee State Teacher's College (UWM's predecessor institution) Department of Music and Professor Emeritus of Music Composition and Theory at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, passed away on December 27, 2005. Mrs. Ruth Mueller, his wife, said he had expressed the desire that his recordings be sent to the UWM Music Library to support the strong composition program here.

Professor Jon Welstead, Chair of the UWM Music Department, said of the donation: "What a great windfall. Am I correct that you would send a generous 'thank you' back, and please include a 'thank you' from the entire Music Composition and Theory Area."

Dr. Mueller received his Master of Music degree from Northwestern University and his PhD from Indiana University, and spent a year studying with Nadia Boulanger in Paris, while on leave from his 40-year career at SIU-Carbondale.

Mrs. Mueller taught band and choir in New Holstein, Wisconsin before moving with her husband to Illinois in 1948.

Robert Mueller and Ruth Mueller
Robert Mueller and Ruth Mueller, from 1942 and 1943 editions of the Milwaukee State Teacher's College yearbook, The Ivy

Rebecca Littman


Roman Drazniowsky, 1922-2006

Dr. Roman Drazniowsky, former curator of the American Geographical Society Library, passed away on July 8, 2006. Roman joined the staff of the American Geographical Society (AGS) in 1962 as map curator. When the library and map collection needed a new home, he became a key figure in the selection process which ultimately chose UWM as the new site of what came to be called the "AGS Collection."

Roman followed the Collection to Milwaukee in 1978 to become its first Curator: he oversaw the Collection's move, its unpacking and its redeployment in its new space here at UWM. In his fifteen years in Milwaukee, he was able to pass on not only his knowledge of the collection, but also much of the lore of the Society and his deep understanding of map librarianship as a profession.

In addition to his role in the AGSC, Roman also held adjunct faculty appointments in UWM's Geography Department and its School of Library and Information Science (now School of Information Studies), and taught courses on map librarianship (as he had done at Columbia University before moving to Milwaukee).

He retired from UWM in 1993, only to pursue an active second career at the Free University of Ukraine, in Munich, Germany, where he taught, and served as rector.

A donation in memory of Roman may be made to the UWM Foundation in support of the American Geographical Society Library at the UWM Libraries.

Roman Drazniowsky

Roman Drazniowsky (standing) at the ceremony marking the arrival of the AGSL in its new home at UWM in 1978. Seated (from left) are William Roselle, Libraries Director at that time; Edwin Young, UW System President; and Wisconsin Governor Martin Schreiber.

Christopher Baruth


Director Praises Museum's Inspirational Architecture at Friends Program

“No . . . but maybe yes” was how Milwaukee Art Museum Director David Gordon answered his own question, and the title of his lecture—“Is There a Conflict Between Being Both an Icon and an Art Museum?”—at the Friends of the Golda Meir Library Annual Program on May 17.

Gordon, hired in 2002 to lead the museum, recounted his enraptured first view of the Santiago Calatrava-designed expansion (2001) as he looked down Wisconsin Avenue on the morning of his job interview.

He called the Quadracci Pavilion "a world-class building" and said that it has become a "symbol of hope and aspiration" as well as a powerful sign of "Milwaukee's renaissance."

Some people, he conceded, have criticized the flamboyant addition as merely sculptural, a building that does not actually hold the Milwaukee Art Museum's collection.

He said another potential conflict between architecture and nominal function is that the spectacular glass-walled 90-foot-high reception hall is freely accessed by the community and often used for events ancillary to traditional museum offerings.

Gordon defended that policy: "We have a theatrical building; let's have some theater in it."

He thanked the Friends of the Library for the invitation to speak and noted the "great success" of the recent exhibit "The American West, 1871-1874: Photographs from the American Geographical Society Library," a collaboration between the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Libraries.

Gordon announced that a second collaborative show, of polar exploration photographs held by the Libraries, will be mounted in Fall 2007.

Also at the program, the Friends held their first silent auction, with proceeds benefiting the UWM Libraries. Among the items offered were Persian paintings, a poster by renowned children's book illustrator Nancy Ekholm Burkert, books, and map reproductions. Donors included Bob and Sandy Meldman, Deborah and Dennis Conta, Tom and Patricia Van Alyea, and Martine Meyer.

At the Friends Annual Business Meeting, which preceded the lecture, the Friends re-elected Patricia Van Alyea as President, and Deborah Gardner Conta, Secretary. Martine Meyer and Stanley Miller II were re-elected to four-year terms on the Board.

Outgoing Board members Thomas Bliffert and Governor Martin Schreiber were honored with certificates of appreciation and thanked for their service. They each were given emeritus status on the Board for 2006-07.


Celebrating UWM and Its Past

An exhibit celebrating UWM's 50th anniversary with archival photographs, publications, and other items is on display through the fall semester in the West Wing lobby of the Golda Meir Library. The objects are mostly drawn from the UWM Libraries Archives collections and represent UWM's history as well as that of its predecessor institutions, the Wisconsin State Normal School (founded 1885), the Milwaukee State Teachers College (1927), and the Wisconsin State College, Milwaukee (1951).


Recent Donations

Thank you to the following donors who gave gifts-in-kind-books, maps, videos, and other library material-from February 1, 2006 to June 30, 2006:

Joseph H.Alstadt
Steven Baruch
Claudia Bodine
Roy Butter
William Chester and Priscilla Chester
Deborah and Dennis Conta
Rose Daitsman
Tim Ericson
Bruce Fetter
Wayne Fischer
Ted Friedlander
David Fulwiler
Dennis Gensch
Harold Glick
Donald F. Goerke
Mary Ann Greenbaum
Howard Handelman
Lynn Hartwig
Richard F. Hough
Bonnie Hyslop
Janet Jesmok
Robert Johnson
Joseph Jukuialis
Julie Kinzelman
Jared Koldoff
Priscilla Kucik
Dale Larson
Mordecai Lee
Jane Leske
Michael Lisowski
Nahum Mandel
Drew Matott
Robert and Sandy Meldman
Jeffrey Merrick
Martine Meyer
Michael Mikos
Lawrence Moburg
Vaclav Panocha
Carol Pociecha-Palm
Ann Roubal
Steve Rude
Anne-Marie Schmitz
Ruth Schnell
Allen Schultz
Don Schwamb
Joan Seiger
Melba Stockhausen
Sally Tolan
Pat and Tom Van Alyea
Bessie Vance
John Waldmer
Phyllis Wax
Doreena P. Wilson
Ruth Zubrevsky and Len Zubrevsky

Broward County Libraries Division
Institute of Musicology, Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts Library
Japanese Literature Publishing Project, ACE Japan
Milwaukee Press Club
Polish Center of Wisconsin, Polanki Library
Robert Burns Club of Milwaukee
Slovenian Consulate (Zvone Zigon, Consul General)
UWM Secretary of the University

If you wish to donate books or related materials, please contact Janet Padway, Collections Manager, at 414-229-6458. Please note that the Libraries reserve the right to decline donations that do not fall within our collecting scope or that duplicate existing holdings.


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