Faculty/Staff Circulation Policies

You must present your UWM ID at any Circulation desk in the library in order to check out library materials from the general collection. Each student is responsible for all material borrowed on his/her ID. Only the person identified on it may use the ID card. Borrowing privileges are not transferable. Report lost or stolen IDs immediately to the ID office, Mellencamp 274, and to the Main Circulation Desk of the Libraries. Each student must maintain his/her current address on PAWS.

The following policies apply to items circulated from the general collection of the library.  Please contact the Music Library or Media and Reserve Library for information on those polices.

Loan Periods

  • Fall and Spring Semester - Academic Year or end of contract
  • Summer Session - Summer Loan
  • Periodicals may circulate for two days (no renewals).

You may have a total of 200 items charged to your card.


Books may be renewed if they have not been requested by another patron. There is no limit on the number of times a book may be renewed as long as no other user requests it. The user may renew books through the online catalog by calling up his or her personal record and indicating which items should be renewed. After clicking on the "Renew Items" button, the user should verify the new date, and report any problems to the Main Circulation Desk as soon as possible. Books from the general collection may also be brought to any Circulation Desk except for the Reserve Service desk and renewed in person. Periodicals may not be renewed.


No service charge is made during the three day grace period following the actual due date which has been stamped on the item. Books have three days of grace; periodicals have only one day of grace before overdue fines are charged. As a courtesy reminder only, an overdue notice is sent on the day after an item is due. Failure to receive this reminder is not an excuse for voiding overdue service charges.

Faculty/Staff will receive all Overdue Notices via their UWM E-mail account

Fines/Lost Books

Charges for individual books are: $1.00 on the fourth day past due, with each additional day another $.25. Overdue periodicals will incure a $.50 fine on the second day past due, with each additional day another $.25. After overdue items are returned, you will be mailed a Fines and Fees Notice. The charges may be paid in person at the Payments window of the Main Circulation Desk, located in the Daniel M. Soref Learning Commons on the 1st floor in the west wing of the UWM Libraries. Operating hours are Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm. At any other time that the Main Circulation desk is staffed, you may ask a UWM Libraries employee about making a drop-box payment. These payments must be made with exact cash, check or money order. You may also mail in your payment to:

UWM Libraries
Main Circulation Desk - Library fines
P.O. Box 604
Milwaukee, WI 53201

Checks should be made payable to "UW-Milwaukee".

Any material not returned or renewed within 60 days of the date due will be considered LOST. After 60 days, a bill of $75 for each book and $135 for each bound periodical will be issued for replacement and processing of the material.


Fines and fees totalling $25.00 or more which remain unpaid for 60 days or more may be sent to a Collection agency.

Placing Recalls

If you need a book that is checked out to another user, please complete the recall request forms on PantherCat, the UWM Libraries' online catalog. When the item has been returned, a notice will be sent to the person who requested the recall. Recalled books will be held at the Main Circulation Desk for ten days.

Requesting the book from another UW system library may be quicker than recalling the book from a patron at our library. See UW System Borrowing for more information.

Recall Fines

All circulating materials are subject to recall by another user. However, the faculty/staff member is guaranteed a 28-day loan during the academic year and a 14-day loan during the summer. When a recall is issued, the original due date is cancelled and a new due date is established.

Items that are overdue and that have been recalled are subject to immediate recall fines, starting from the original due date. Recall fines are $1.00 a day.

Failure to receive or act upon a recall notice (due to travel, sabbatical, illness or problems with mail delivery, for example) does not excuse the faculty/staff member from paying recall fines.

Returning Books

Checked out materials may be returned to any Circulation desk in the building. There are two book drops located at the Main Circulation Desk itself, as well as two outside book drops. One outside book drop is located near the entrance to the west wing of the library and the other resides near the bus shelter on Hartford Avenue. The two outside book drops are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Materials checked out from the Media and Reserve Library should be returned there. No checked-out library materials should be returned to the in-house use bins located within the library. These are only for books used within the library. It will be the library user's responsibility to pay any overdue charges for materials returned to these bins.

You may request a receipt for returned books at the time that you return the items.

Damaged Materials

You are responsible for all material checked out on your ID and should point out noticeable damage before checking out any material. Library materials that are returned damaged will be assessed a service charge based on the cost of repairing the damaged item. If the item cannot be repaired, a replacement charge will apply. Charges will vary and payment is the responsibility of the faculty/staff member.

Missing Books

If the online catalog shows that an item has not been checked out but the item cannot be located, you may request that the Main Circulation Desk conduct a search for it. After the item has been located, you will be notified. Books will be held at the Main Circulation Desk for ten days.

Books listed on the online catalog as "In Process" may be requested for rush cataloging. Please request this service at the Ask a Librarian Arch or through the online catalog link "In Process Request".

Proxy Patrons

Faculty/Staff members at UWM may select one or more individuals to be their proxy at the UWM Libraries. These individuals may borrow and request materials in your name. When an item is checked out by proxy, it shows up directly on your personal record - not the proxy's. You will be responsible for all materials checked out in your name by a proxy. It will also be your responsibility to supply the UWM libraries with end-dates after which an individual is no longer your proxy. Requesting that someone become your proxy and updating their end-date can both be done by filling out a request on this web form.

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