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Title Composer Lyricist Date
M-O-T-H-E-RMorse, TheodoreJohnson, Howard1915
Ma Little BanjoDichmont, WilliamRutherford, Arthur1917
Mabel PolkaHartley, Harry 1912
Madame PompadourJohanning, Paul F. 1914
MadcapSmith, Seymour 1891
Magic Fire SceneWagner / Brassin 1886
Magic MomentsBacharach, Burt F.David, Hal1957
MagnificatVaughan Williams, R. 1932
Magyar DanceRenard, Pierre 1910
Mah Lindy LouStrickland, Lily 1920
Maiden's Prayer, TheBadarzewska, Thecla 1933
Maiden's Wish, TheF. Chopin / F. Liszt 1879
Make A Joyful NoiseMacDermid, James G. 1921
Make A MiracleLoesser, Frank 1949
Make-BelieveKern, JeromeHammerstein, Oscar1927
Man With The Whiskers, TheDe Leath, Vaughn 1936
Managua, NicaraguaFields, IrvingGamse, Albert1946
Manhattan Beach MarchSousa, John Philip 1893
March Of ProgressWilliams, Frederick 1935
March Of The Men Of Harlech, TheThomas, John 19-?
March Of The Teddy BearsFearis, J. S. 1907
MarianinaFerri, Nicolas 19-?
MarieBerlin, Irving 1928
Marie, Marie!Di Capua, EduardoRusso, Vincenzo1911
Marietta's SongKorngold, E. W.Schott, Paul1920
MarionIngham/McConnellF.Kienzle / C.Smith1920
Mary LouLyman/Waggner/R'son 1926
Mary's Little SonDemarest, Victoria B 1941
MasqueradeLoeb, John JacobWebster, Paul F.1932
Masquerade Is Over, TheWrubel, AllieMagidson, Herb1938
Master Calleth, TheFichthorn, Claude L. 1926
MayFrantz, HaroldLeonard, Elizabeth J1954
May Bells RingingSeiwert, Henry 1908
May-Day CarolTaylor, Deems, arr. 1948
May-NightPalmgren, Selim 1916
MazurkaMoszkowski, Moritz 19-?
Mazurka In B FlatChopin, Frederic 1913
Me TooWoods/Tobias/Sherm. 1926
Mean To MeR.Turk / F.E.Ahlert 1929
Meet Me In DreamlandLeyton, Blair 1909
Melody In FRubenstein/Glickman 1935
Melody Of LoveEngelmann, H.Glazer, Tom1954
Melody Of Love, TheLehar, FranzH.Smith / R. Smith1911
Melody Of My Dream, Theanon. 1916
Melody TimeBenjamin / Weiss 1948
Menuet From Don GiovanniMozart, W. A. 19-?
Message Of The Violet, TheLuders, GustavPixley, Frank1902
Mia PiccirellaGomes, A. C. 19-?
MichelleLennon / McCartney 1965
Mighty Lak' A RoseNevin, EthelbertStanton, Frank L.1901
Mignon- Gavotte GracieuseSattelmair, Eugen 1907
Military March In DSchubert / Dietrich 1898
Military WaltzLogan, Frederic K. 1917
Minuet In GBeethoven, Ludwig v. 1918
Mirth And GayetyKern, Carl Wilhelm 1908
MiserereVerdi, G. 1904
MississippiGrofe, Ferdie 1936
Mister DooleySchwartz, JeanJerome, William1902
Mockin' Bird HillHorton, Vaughn 1949
Mon Coeur S'Ouvre A Ta VoixSaint-Saens, Camille 1911
Mona LisaLivingston / Evans 1949
Monastery BellsWely, Lefebure 19-?
Moon RiverMancini, HenryMercer, Johnny1961
MoonglowHudson/DeLange/Mills 1934
Moonlight And RosesLemare/Black/Moret 1925
Moonlight And ShadowsRobin / Hollander 1936
Moonlight GamblerSpringer, PhilipHilliard, Bob1956
Morceau En Forme D'EtudeWollenhaupt, H. A. 1879
MoreOliviero / OrtolaniCiorciolini, M.1963
More Than You KnowYoumans, VincentW. Rose / E. Eliscu1946
MorningSpeaks, OleyStanton, Frank L.1931
Morning Has BrokenStevens, CatFarjeon, Eleanor1972
Moscow Laughs (Selections)Dunayevsky, I. 1934
Mother MachreeC. Olcott / E.R.BallYoung, Rida Johnson1910
Mother O' MineRichardson, HarryHughes, Joseph H.1914
Mother!Fredericks, AlDavis, Collin1910
Mother, At Your Feet Is KneelingS. C., Sister 1949
Moto PerpetuoMac Dowell, E. A. 1894
Mountain Belle SchottischeKinkel, C. 1911
Mountain FleeceKern, Carl Wilhelm 1908
Music Among The PinesWyman, A. P. 1908
Music Of The UnionGrobe, Charles 1908
Mutterherz, DasKron, Louis 19-?
My Axe Of SteelHavens, C. A.Bingham, C. D.1894
My Baby's ArmsTierney, HarryMcCarthy, Joseph1919
My Beautiful LadyCaryll, IvanMcLellan, C. M. S.1911
My Blue HeavenDonaldson, WalterWhiting, George1927
My BuddyDonaldson, WalterKahn, Gus1922
My Cherie AmourWonder/Cosby/Moy 1973
My DarlingMyers, RichardHeyman, Edward1932
My Dreams Are Getting Better All...Mizzy, VicCurtis, Mann1944
My Heart At Thy Sweet VoiceSaint-Saens, Camille 1934
My Heart Cries For YouC.Sigman / P. Faith 1950
My Heart Ever FaithfulBach / A. Lavignac 1893
My Heaven On EarthPokrass / BakerTobias, Charlie1937
My HeroStraus, OscarStange, Stanislaus1909
My Jesus Is My Lasting JoyBuxtehude/Allwardt/DAllwardt / Dickinson1944
My LaddieAkst, HarryRogers, Howard E.1919
My Little Dream GirlFriedland, AnatolGilbert, L. Wolfe1915
My Little Gypsy WandaLevenson / Garton 1918
My Little HousePierce, SenecaAdams, Katharine1918
My Little Nest Of Heavenly BlueLehar, FranzWillner / Reichert1932
My Little Welsh HomeWilliams, W.S.Gwynn 1921
My Lord And MasterRodgers, RichardHammerstein, Oscar1951
My Man's Gone NowGershwin, GeorgeHeyward, Du Bose1935
My Master Hath A GardenThiman, Eric H.anon.1927
My Master Hath A GardenThompson, Randallanon.1938
My Missouri HomeLittle Jack Little 1930
My Own IonaA.Friedland/C.MorganGilbert, L. Wolfe1916
My Redeemer And My LordBuck, DudleyLongfellow, H. W.1930
My Shepherd Will Supply My NeedThomson, VirgilWatts, Isaac1959
My SinDe Sylva/Brown/Hend. 1929
My Soul Doth MagnifySandresky, M. V. 1959
My Soul Doth Magnify The LordSaxton, Stanley E. 1947
My Sweet AdairGilbert / Friedland 1915
My TaskAshford, E. L.M.L.Ray/Rev. Pickup1913
My Wild Irish RoseOlcott, Chauncey 1899
MyfanwyJ.Parry / L. Tusler 1989
Nadia's ThemeDe Vorzon/Botkin 1973
Navy Air Corps, TheMader/Skarda/Huffer 1943
Near YouCraig, FrancisGoell, Kermit1947
Nearer My God To TheeZeiler, H. 1904
Neath The Southern MoonHerbert, VictorYoung, Rida Johnson1910
Never In A Million YearsGordon, M./Revel, H. 1937
New Christmas Morning,Hallelujah, AMacGimsey, Robert 1948
NightSimons, SeymourDavis, Benny1922
Night And DayPorter, Cole 1944
Night In Spring, AGodowsky, Leopold 1915
Night SongScott, CyrilWatson, Rosamund M1915
NinaPergolesi, G. B. 1904
Ninety And Nine, TheCampion, EdwardClephane, Elizabeth1917
No Lullaby Need Mary SingClokey, Joseph W.Temple, Anna1957
No Night ThereDanks, H. P.Clements, John R.1899
No Wonder I'm HappyDavis, B./Askt, H. 1927
Nobody Does It BetterHamlisch, MarvinSager, Carole Bayer1977
Nobody's Darlin' But MineDavis, Jimmie 1935
NocturneBorodin, A. 1923
NocturneCurran, Pearl G. 1923
Nocturne Op.15, No.2Chopin, F. 1915
NolaArndt, Felix 1942
Non DestarmiGounod, CharlesSolito / Millard1867
Non Nobis, DomineQuilter, RogerKipling, Rudyard1961
None But The Lonely HeartTchaikovsky, P. I.Von Goethe, J.W.1902
Norwood MarchHart, Maude Anita 1910
Notturno, Op.37, No.1Chopin, Fr. 1911
NovelletteMacDowell, E. A. 1894
Now Is The HourKaihan/Scott/Stewart 1946
Now Will I Praise The LordDietterich, Philip R 1970
Nuttate 'e Sentimento!Capolongo, G.Cassese, A.19-?
O Divine Redeemer!Gounod, Charles 19-?
O Eyes That Are WearyBrackett, Frank H. 1899
O For A Closer Walk With GodThiman, Eric H.Cowper, William1958
O God Of LightSowerby, Leo 1934
O Holy NightAdam, Adolphe 1908
O Jesus, Lord Of Mercy GreatSowerby, Leo 1934
O Little Town Of BethlehemTooke, Grace FrenchBrooks, Phillips1934
O Little Town Of Bethlehem!Dressler, Louis R.Brooks, Phillips1921
O Lola, Bianca Come FiorMascagni, Pietro 1893
O Lord Most HolyFranck, Cesar 1908
O Love Divine!Nevin, George B.Holmes, Oliver W.1904
O May My Walk Be Close With GodJohnson, HerbertSherwin, Ch., Mrs.1902
O Mio Babbino CaroPuccini, G.Forzano, Gioachino1919
O Perfect LoveBurleigh, H. T.Blomfield, D. F.1914
O Sing Unto The LordWhikehart, Lewis E. 1959
O Sing Unto The Lord A New SongGore, Richard T. 1948
O Sleep, Why Dost Thou Leave Me?Handel, George F.Congreve, William1932
O Sole Mio!Di Capua, EdwardHauck, Lulu May1923
O'er The Billowy SeaSmith, EarlNowlin, Dave1918
Of The Rose And YouKern, Carl WilhelmWolf, Benjamin J.1912
Offertory For Christmas SeasonBarrett, Reginald 1897
Ofra Grande PolkaGottschalk, L. M. 1908
Oh Promise MeDe Koven, R.Scott, Clement1917
Oh! FrenchyConrad, ConEhrlich, Sam1943
Oh! Had I Jubal's LyreHandel, G. F. 19-?
Oh! How I Wish I Could SleepWendling, PeteLewis, S./Young, J.1943
Oh! What A Pal Was MaryWendling, PeteLeslie, E./Kalmar, B1919
Oh! Where Do Fairies Hide Their...Busch, CarlBayly, Thomas H.1922
Oh, But I Do!Schwartz, ArthurRobin, Leo1946
Oh, Didn't It RainBurleigh, H. T. 1919
Oh, Pray For PeaceBrahe, May H.Taylor, Helen1939
OklahomaRodgers, RichardHammerstein, Oscar1943
Old Black JoeFoster / Lewis 1923
Old Fashioned RosesWeasner, H. C.Craig, Laura Gerauld1927
Old Mill Stream, TheMoulton, Victor 1911
Old Mother HubbardHutchinson, Victor H 1929
Old Mother, TheGrieg, EdvardVinje, A. O.19-?
Old Oaken Bucket, TheDurkee, C. W. 1909
Old PalVan Alstyne, EgbertKahn, Gus1924
Old Pal (Why Don't You Answer Me?)Jerome, M. K.Lewis, S./Young, J.1920
Old Piano Roll Blues, TheCoben, Cy 1950
Old Road, TheScott, John PrindleDarow, Reginald V.1920
Old Time Wedding DayCox, Lytton 1921
Omnipotence, TheSchubert, Franz 1887
On A HillBeach, H.H.A., Mrs. 1929
On Hearing The First Cuckoo In...Delius, Frederick 1952
On My Shepherd I RelyBach, J. S.Diack, J. Michael1927
On The Road To Home Sweet HomeVan Alstyne, EgbertKahn, Gus1917
On The Street Where You LiveLoewe, FrederickLerner, Alan Jay1956
On This Day, O Beautiful MotherLambillotte, Louis 1947
On Wings Of SongMendelssohn, F. 1914
One AloneRomberg, SigmundHarbach/Hammerstein1926
One Hand, One HeartBernstein, LeonardSondheim, Stephen1942
One Rose That's Left My Heart, TheLyon, D./McIntire, L 1936
One Sweetly Solemn ThoughtAmbrose, R. S.Cary, Phoebe1917
Only A RoseDowning, Lulu JonesWhedon, James P.1910
Only A RoseFriml, RudolfHooker, Brian1930
Only YouTaylor, E. PhilipE.K.R.1918
Open Road, Open Sky!Strauss/RonellRonell, Ann1940
Open The Gates Of The TempleKnapp, J.F., Mrs.Crosby, Fanny1935
Ou Va La Jeune IndoueDelibes, L. 1883
Our Blest RedeemerTimmings, William T. 1931
Our King Has ComeNeidlinger, W. H. 1919
Our Lady Sat Within Her BowerLovelace, Austin C.(trad.)1943
Our Penthouse On Third AvenueFain, SammyBrown, Lew1937
Out Of My DreamsRodgers, RichardHammerstein, Oscar1943
Out Of The DepthsHovhaness, Alan 1958
Out Of The DepthsRogers, James H. 1932
Out Of The Dusk To YouLee, DorothyLamb, Arthur J.1922
Out Of The EastRosey, JoeHavez, Jean1918
Out Of The ShadowsBlaufuss, Walter E.Kahn, Gus1922
Out Where The West BeginsPhilleo, EstelleChapman, Arthur1920
Over The RainbowArlen, HaroldHarburg, E. Y.1939
Over The Sea WavesDellafield, Henry 1913
Over The Stone(trad. Welsh) 19-?
Over ThereCohan, George M.Delamarre, Louis1917

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