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TITLE                              COMPOSER            LYRICIST            DATE
A Tazza 'e Cafe!                   Fassone, V.         Capaldo, G.         1918
Abdul The Bulbul Ameer             Smock, Jim, arr.                        1935
Abide With Me                      Jerome, Frederick   Lyte, H. F.         1908
Ach! Te Oczy!                      Balucinski, T. G.                       1920
Acquaint Now Thyself With Him      Head, Michael                           1960
Across The Ocean                   Wenrich, Percy                          1909
Adelai                             Calleja, Joseph S.  Abbott, George      1921
Adonis Galop                       Streabbog, L.                           1902
Advance Of The Regulars, The       Jackson, C. Shirley                     1911
After All                          Webster, Howard     Kerr, G. H.         1900
After The War is Over              Andrieu, Harry      Pourmon / Woodruff  1917
After We Kiss                      Britt / Fiorito                         1927
After Wild Flowers                 Streabbog, R.                           19-?
Afterwards                         Mullen, John W.     Lemon, Mary Mark    19-?
Agnus Dei                          Bizet, Georges                          19-?
Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Life          Herbert, Victor     Young, Rida Johnson 1910
Ah, Fors'e Lui Che L'Anima         Verdi, Giuseppe     Piave, Francesco M. 1942
Ah, Jesus Lord, Thy Love To Me     Johnson, David, arr.Gerhardt / Wesley   1967
Air from "Comus"                   Arne, Dr.           Milton              1931
Alabama Lullaby                    De Voll, Cal                            1919
Alcoholic Blues, The               Von Tilzer, Albert  Laska, Edward       1919
Alita                              Losey, F. H.                            1915
All I Do Is Dream of You           Brown, Nacio Herb   Freed, Arthur       1934
All In Love Is Fair                Wonder, Stevie                          1974
All Through The Night              (trad. Welsh)                           19-?
Allegheny Moon                     Hoffman / Manning                       1956
Alleluia                           Fryxell, Regina H.  Lyte, H. F.         1956
Alleluia                           Rorem, Ned                              1977
Alleluja                           Mozart, W. A.                           1929
Alley Cat                          Bjorn, Frank                            1962
Aloha Land                         Herzer, Wallie                          1916
Aloha Oe                           Liliuokalani, H.M.Q.                    1915
Alouette                           Balakirev, M.                           19-?
Alpine Hut                         Lange, Gustav                           19-?
Alpler, Der                        Abt, Franz                              19-?
Als Die Alte Mutter                Dvorak, Anton                           19-?
America First                      Rolfe, Walter                           1921
Among My Souvenirs                 Nicholls, Horatio   Leslie, Edgar       1927
An Der Weser                       Pressel, Gustav                         1908
And He'd Say Oo-La La! Wee-Wee     Ruby, H / Jessel, G.                    1919
And Jesus Said: It Is Finished     Antes, John                             1963
And So, Goodbye                    Charles, Ernest                         1938
Andante Cantabile                  Tschaikowsky, P.                        1891
Andante Con Variazioni             Haydn, Joseph                           1899
Andantino                          Lemare, Edwin H.                        1892
Andromeda Waltz                    Adrian, J.                              1902
Angel Voices                       Phillips, Ella Nora                     1908
Angie Baby                         O'Day, Alan                             1974
Answer, The                        Terry, Robert H.    T. A. W.            1921
Answer?                            Robyn, Alfred G.                        1912
Apres Un Reve                      Faure, Gabriel      Bussine, Romain     1939
April In Paris                     Duke, Vernon        Harburg, E. Y.      1932
April Showers                      Silvers, Louis      De Sylva, B. G.     1921
Arcadian Lullaby, An               Krogmann, C. W.                         1909
Arioso from Pagliacci              Leoncavallo, R.                         1906
Arise, Shine, For Thy Light Is ComeMacDermid, James G.                     1936
Around The World                   Young, Victor       Adamson, Harold     1956
Ash Grove, The                     Thomas, John                            19-?
At Dawning                         Cadman, Charles W.  Eberhart, Nell R.   1906
At Sundown                         Butler, Leonard                         1923
At Sundown                         Donaldson, Walter                       1927
At The Circus                      Conrade, Mary S.                        1910
At The Well                        Hageman, Richard    Tagore, Rabindranath1919
At The Yiddish Wedding Jubilee     McCarthy/Glogau/A.P.                    1914
Au Matin                           Godard, Benjamin    Preston, John A.    19-?
Auf Wiedersehen                    Romberg, Sigmund    Reynolds, Herbert   1915
Austrian Song                      Pacher, J. A.                           19-?
Ave Maria                          Gounod, Charles                         1914
Ave Maria                          Mascheroni, Angelo                      1892
Ave Maria                          Massenet, J.                            1894
Ave Maria                          Rosewig, A. H.                          1926
Ave Maria                          Schubert, Franz                         1941
Ay-Ay-Ay                           (trad. Creole)                          1921
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TITLE                              COMPOSER            LYRICIST            DATE
Baby Elephant Walk                 Mancini, Henry                          1962
Baby Fingers On My Cheek           White, C. A.        Scott, Frank N.     1885
Back From Over There               Selas, John P.      Treis, Jack         1918
Ballad Of The Alamo                Tiomkin, Dimitri    Webster, Paul F.    1960
Ballatella from Pagliacci          Leoncavallo, R.                         1906
Ballin' The Jack                   Smith, Chris        Burris, Jim         1940
Bam Bam Bamy Shore                 Henderson, Ray      Dixon, Mort         1925
Barcarolle                         Fearis, John S.                         1925
Barcarolle                         Offenbach / Lazarus                     19-?
Barcarolle                         Silver, Alfred, arr.                    1912
Barney Google                      Rose / Conrad                           1923
Beatiful Isle Of Somewhere         Fearis, John S.     Pounds, Jessie Brown1924
Beatitudes, The                    Malotte, Albert Hay                     1938
Beatitudes, The                    Spier, Harry R.                         1942
Because                            D'Hardelot, Guy     Teschemacher, E.    1902
Before The Crucifix                La Forge, Frank                         1912
Beggar, The                        Snyder, Ted         Kahal / Wheeler     1927
Begin The Beguine                  Porter, Cole                            1944
Behold, What Manner Of Love        Humphreys, Don                          1941
Bell In The Valley, The            Wenzel, Hermann                         1909
Bell Of Bells                      Rabe, Dick                              1915
Bells Of Aberdovey, The            (trad. Welsh)                           19-?
Beloved, Let Us Love One Another   Head, Michael                           1964
Ben Hur Chariot Race March         Paull, E. T.                            1894
Beneath Venetian Skies             Rose, Vincent       Lewis / Young       1927
Berceaux, Les                      Faure, Gabriel      Prudhomme, Sully    1908
Berceuse from "Jocelyn"            Godard, Benjamin                        1918
Beside Still Waters                Hamblen, Bernard                        1925
Bess You Is My Woman               Gershwin, George    Heyward / Gershwin  1935
Big Yellow Taxi                    Mitchell, Joni                          1970
Bird's Song, The                   Vaughan Williams, R.                    1952
Birds Of A Feather                 McGowan / Moran                         1921
Bis Du Bei Mir                     Bach, J. S.         anon.               1943
Bless The Lord, O My Soul          Jordan, Alice                           1970
Bless This House                   Brahe, May H.                           1948
Bless This House                   Brahe, May H.       Taylor, Helen       1932
Blest Are The Pure In Heart        Huhn, Bruno         Keble, John, Rev.   1934
Blossom Time (Selection)           Romberg, Sigmund                        1921
Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind       Arne, Thomas A.     Shakespeare         1926
Blue Hawaii                        Robin, L. / Rainger                     1963
Blue Shadows On The Trail          Daniel, Eliot       Lange, Johnny       1948
Bluebird, The                      Kummer, Clare                           1916
Bob-o-link Schottische             Becht, Julius                           1909
Body And Soul                      Green, John W.      Heyman/Sour/Eyton   1930
Both Sides Now                     Mitchell, Joni                          1973
Bow Wow Blues                      Friend / Osborne                        1922
Boy Scouts March, The              Herman, Ella V.                         1911
Brazil                             Barroso, Ary                            1942
Bridge Over Troubled Water         Simon, Paul                             1970
British Waterside                  Grainger, Percy A.                      1921
Broken-Hearted Blues               Klickmann / Bargy   Ringle, Dave        1922
Brown Bird Singing, A              Wood, Haydn         Barrie, Royden      1922
Bugail Aberdyfi                    Lewis, Idris        Ceiriog             1943
Bumble Boogie                      Fina, Jack                              1946
By The Sea                         Posca, George                           1907
By The Waters Of Minnetonka        Lieurance, Thurlow                      1915
By Waters Of Babylon               Bach, J. S.                             1967
Byebye Land                        Roat, Charles E.                        1916
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TITLE                              COMPOSER            LYRICIST            DATE
C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S                  Arnold, Eddy        Carson, Jenny Lou   1949
Cabaletta                          Lack, Theodore                          1909
California Here I Come             Jolson/DeSylva/Meyer                    1924
Call Me Darling                    Reisfeld/Fryberg/R.M                    1931
Call me Back, Pal O' Mine          Dixon, Harold       Perricone, Lawrence 1921
Callest Thou Thus, Oh Master       Mietzke, George A.  Burnside, Helen M.  1891
Calling Aloha To Me                Van Alstyne / Arnold                    1931
Calon Lan                          Hughes, John        James, Daniel       19-?
Calvary                            Rodney, Paul        Vaughan, Henry      1900
Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man          Kern, Jerome        Hammerstein, O.     1927
Canadian Capers                    Chandler/White/Cohen                    1915
Canadian Sunset                    Heywood, Eddie      Gimbel, Norman      1956
Candle Glow                        Forster, Kenneth                        1935
Cannon Ball                        Eddy / Hazlewood                        1958
Cantique De Noel                   Adam, Adolphe                           1935
Caprice                            Cooper, William                         1907
Caprice                            Saint-Saens / Gluck                     19-?
Captaine Of De Marguerite, De      O'Hara, Geoffrey    Amsbary, Wallace B. 1924
Caribbean Blue                     Olson, Lynn Freeman                     1972
Carissima                          Penn, Arthur A.                         1907
Carmena                            Wilson, H. Lane     Walton, Ellis       19-?
Caro Mio Ben                       Giordani                                1878
Caro Nome                          Verdi, Giuseppe                         1909
Carol Of The Drum                  Davis, Katherine K.                     1959
Carolina Lullaby                   Panella, Louis      Hirsch, Walter      1921
Carolina Sunshine                  Schmidt, Erwin R.   Hirsch, Walter      1919
Carry Me Back To Old Virginny      Bland, James                            1906
Cast Your Fate To The Wind         Guaraldi, Vince                         1963
Cast Your Fate To The Wind         Guaraldi, Vince     Werber, Carel       1962
Casta Diva                         Bellini, Vincenzo                       1939
Castle Of Dreams                   Tierney, Harry      McCarthy, Joseph    1919
Cavalleria Rusticana               Mascagni, P.                            19-?
Cedar Brook Waltz                  Perry, Philip B.                        1909
Celebrated Air                     Bach, J. S.                             1912
Centurama                          Hickey, Joe                             1946
Chanson Provencale                 Dell'Acqua, Eva     Van der Elst, F.    1897
Chansonette D'Amour                Von Blon, Franz                         1907
Chant Polonais (My Delights)       Chopin / Liszt                          1905
Chanttanooga Choo Choo             Warren, Harry       Gordon, Mack        1967
Charge Of The Uhlans               Bohm, C.                                1912
Charleston                         Mack / Johnson                          1923
Che Faro Senza Euridice            Von Gluck, C. W.                        19-?
Chief Corner Stone, The            Zimmerman, Hermes                       1919
Children Of The U.S.A.             Keith, Lester W.    Maynard, Averil     1931
Children's Marching Song, The      Arnold, Malcolm, arr                    1958
Chim Chim Cher-ee                  Sherman / Sherman                       1963
Chinatown, My Chinatown            Schwartz, Jean      Jerome, William     1910
Chinese Lullaby                    Bowers, Robert Hood                     1919
Chinese Lullaby                    Lester, William     Martens, Frederick H1916
Ching Chong                        Roberts, Lee S.     Callahan, J. Will   1917
Christ Went Up Into The Hills      Hageman, Richard    Adams, Katherine    1924
Christmas Bells                    Karoly, H.                              1920
Christmas Eve                      Hageman, Richard    Kilmer, Joyce       1937
Christmas Pastorale                Harker, F. F.                           1910
Christmas Pipes of County Clare    Gaul, Harvey                            1926
Christmas Postlude                 Best, William T.                        1927
Christmas Tree, The                Gade, Niels W.                          1889
Christopher R.Is Saying His PrayersFraser-Simson, H.   Milne, A. A.        1924
Church's One Foundation, The       Emurian, Henri      Stone, Rev. Samuel J1866
Cielito Lindo                      Petty, L., arr.                         1924
Cindy, Oh Cindy                    Barron / Long                           1956
Ciribiribin                        Pestalozza, A.      Thaler, Rudolf      1909
Clair De Lune                      Szulc, Joseph       Verlaine, Paul      19-?
Clavelitos                         Valverde, J.                            1911
Clayton's Grand March              Blake, Charles D.                       1936
Climbing Up The Golden Stairs      Manoloff, Nick, arr.                    1935
Cling To The Cross                 Protheroe, Daniel   Menai, Huw          1922
Co-Ed March - Two Step             Zamecnik, J. S.     Shannon, J. R.      1914
Colorado                           Hirsch / Dellon                         1924
Colour My World                    Pankow, James                           1970
Come All Ye Who Weary              Elmore / Reed                           1949
Come Back Home                     Solman, Alfred      Sterling, Andrew B. 1917
Come Let Us Dance                  Zamecnik, J. S.     Bainbridge, K.      1926
Come To Me                         Beethoven / Aslanoff                    1933
Come To Me                         De Sylva/Brown/Hend.                    1931
Come, Ye Blessed                   Scott, John Prindle                     1917
Comin' Home To You                 Rolfe, Walter       Cutler, Effie       1925
Concert Fur Oboe                   Handel, G. F.                           19-?
Concert Polonaise                  Engelmann, H.                           1907
Concerto (In The Italian Style)    Bach, J. S.                             19-?
Consider The Lilies                Scott, John Prindle                     1949
Convent Bells                      Bollman, Henry                          1909
Cordova From "Songs Of Spain"      Albeniz, Isaac                          1924
Corn Flower Waltzes                Coote, C., Jr.                          1906
Coronation March from "Le Prophete"Meyerbeer, G.                           1898
Cottage In God's Garden, A         Jacobs-Bond, Carrie                     1917
Cottonfield Dance                  Rosenfeld, Monroe H.                    1892
Counting The Goats                 (trad. Welsh)                           19-?
Cowboy's Lament, The               Fox, Oscar J., arr.                     1923
Cricket                            Cochran, M. H.                          1900
Cricket Dance, The                 Dellafield, Henry                       1912
Crown Of The Year, The             Martin, Easthope    Taylor, Helen       1914
Crucifix                           Faure, J.           Volker, J. A.       1904
Cuban Moon                         Spencer, Norman     McKiernan, Joe      1920
Cucaracha, La                      Manoloff, Nick, arr.                    1935
Cuckoo Waltz                       Carter / Reichner                       1948
Cuckoo Waltz                       Jonasson, J. E.     Edwards / Leonard   1948
Cupid's Dance                      Wenrich, Percy                          1922
Cupid's Valsette                   Dellafield, Henry                       1914
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TITLE                              COMPOSER            LYRICIST            DATE
D'un Cahier d'Esquisses            Debussy, Claude                         1935
Dainty Little Maiden               Cowdell, Ellen      Tennyson, Alfred, L.1908
Daisies                            Hawley, C. B.       Sherman, Frank D.   1898
Dance Of The Crickets              Fieldhouse, Alfred                      1904
Dance Of The Daisies               La Farge, Earl                          1904
Dance Of The Demon                 Holst, Eduard                           1921
Dancing On The Lawn                Wheeler, J. W.                          1902
Dancing Spirits                    Bohm, C.                                1908
Dancing Time In Kerry              Hampson, Harold     Wale, Henry T.      1923
Dancing Waves                      Pieczonka, Albert                       1916
Dangerous Blues                    Brown, Billie       Brown, Anna Welker  1921
Danny Boy                          Weatherly, F., arr. Weatherly, Fred E.  1913
Danse D'Etoiles                    Godard, Charles                         1906
Danse Ecossaise                    Baker, Frederick T.                     1905
Danse Espagnole                    Ascher, Joseph                          19-?
Danse Hongroise                    Du Val, Paul                            1926
Dardanella                         Bernard, F./Black, JFisher, Fred        1919
Dark Eyes                          Manoloff, Nick                          1935
Darktown Strutter's Ball, The      Brooks, Shelton                         1917
Dashing Spray                      Wyman, A. P.                            1904
David Of The White Rock            (trad. Welsh)       Ceriog              19-?
Days Of Wine And Roses             Mancini, Henry      Mercer, Johnny      1962
De Ol' Ark's A-Moverin'            Guion, David W.                         1918
Dear College Chums                 Clauder, Joseph     Harris, Charles K.  1888
Dear Heart                         Test, Marguerite L.                     1923
Dear Little Boy Of Mine            Ball, Ernest R.     Brennan, J. Keirn   1918
Dear Old Pal Of Mine               Rice, Gitz, Lieut.  Robe, Harold        1918
Debussy, Claude                    En Bateau                               1906
Deep In My Heart, Dear             Romberg, Sigmund    Donnelly, Dorothy   1924
Deep In The Heart Of Texas         Swander, Don        Hershey, June       1941
Deep Purple                        De Rose, Peter      Parish, Mitchell    1939
Deine Blauen Augen                 Bohm, C.                                1915
Deux Alouettes, Les                Leschetizky, Th.                        19-?
Deux Arabesques                    Debussy, Claude                         19-?
Diane                              Rapee, E./Pollack, L                    1927
Did You Ever See A Dream Walking   Revel, Harry        Gordon, Mack        1933
Did You Mean It?                   Baker/Silvers/Lyman                     1927
Did Your Mother Come From Ireland  Kennedy, J./Carr, M.                    1936
Dirnd'l, Wie Ist Mir So Wohl       Simon, Ernst                            19-?
Dixie Bungalow                     Meyer, George W.    Rose, B. / Bryan, A.1925
Doll Dance                         Brown, Nacio Herb                       1926
Dolly Prim                         Stafford, Pearl                         1905
Don't Ask Me Why                   Stolz, Robert       Reisch/R'son/Young  1931
Don't Blame Me                     McHugh, Jimmy       Fields, Dorothy     19-?
Don't Let The Stars Get In Your EyeWillet, Slim                            1952
Dost Thou Know That Fair Land      Thomas, Ambroise                        1908
Dove, The                          (trad. Welsh)                           19-?
Down Where The Sun Goes Down       Jones, I. / Buck, V.                    1928
Dream Of The Shepherdess           Labitzky, Aug.                          19-?
Dream Sweetheart                   Green, Bud                              1932
Dream Tryst                        Cadman, Charles W.  Eberhart, Nelle R.  1919
Dreamer, The                       Schwartz, Arthur    Loesser, Frank      1943
Dreams                             Diederich, Adolph                       1889
Dreamy Slumber Time                Hawthorne, D. H.    Weasner, H. C.      1926
Drifting And Dreaming              Alstyne/Schmidt/Cur.Gillespie, Haven    1925
Drum-Major, The                    Newton, Ernest      Weatherly, Fred. E. 1907
Duna                               McGill, Josephine   Pickthall, Marjorie 1914
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TITLE                              COMPOSER            LYRICIST            DATE
Earth Is The Lord's, The           Williams, T. D.                         1912
Easter Parade                      Berlin, Irving                          1933
Easter With The Penn. Moravians    Gaul, Harvey                            1928
Ebb Tide                           Robin / Rainger                         1937
Egyptian Dance                     Friml, Rudolf                           1908
Eleanor Rigby                      Lennon / McCartney                      1966
Elen Fwyn                          Hughes / Morris     Hiraddug            19-?
Elmer's Tune                       Albrecht/Gallop/D.J.                    1941
Endless Love                       Richie, Lionel                          1981
Entreat Me Not To Leave Thee       Gore, Richard T.                        1959
Entreat Me Not To Leave Thee       Gounod, Charles                         19-?
Ere The Moon Begins To Rise        Manney, Charles F.  Aldrich, Thomas B.  1906
Evening Chimes                     Heins, Carl                             1907
Evening Hymn, An                   Purcell, Henry                          1952
Evening Prayer, An                 Gabriel, Charles H. Battersby, C. M.    1913
Evening Star                       Wagner / Liszt                          19-?
Evergreen                          Streisand, Barbra   Williams, Paul      1976
Everything Is Beautiful            Stevens, Ray                            1970
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TITLE                              COMPOSER            LYRICIST            DATE
Face To Face                       Johnson, Herbert                        1917
Fairest Gwen                       (trad. Welsh)                           19-?
Fairy Barque, The                  Smallwood, W.                           19-?
Fairy Blossoms                     Geibel, A.                              1908
Fairy Slumbers Reverie             Adamson, G. M.                          1904
Falling In Love With Love          Rodgers, Richard    Hart, Lorenz        1938
Falling Leaves                     Muller, Julius E.                       1908
Falling Waters                     Truax, J. L.                            1906
Fanfare Militaire                  Kern, Carl Wilhelm                      1908
Far-Away Bells, The                Gordon, Westell     Furber, Douglas     1926
Fascination                        Marchetti, F. D.    Manning, Dick       1954
Fear Not Ye, O Israel!             Buck, Dudley                            1917
Feather Your Nest                  Kendis/Brockman/HJ.                     1920
Fermin                             Lara, Agustin, arr. de Lara, Maria T.   1942
Fiesta Time                        Eckstein, Maxwell                       1946
Filles De Cadix, Les               Delibes, Leo                            1938
First Commandment, The             Clifford, Beatrice                      1919
First Psalm                        Bone / Fenton                           1949
First Pupil's Concerto (for violin)Seitz, Friedrich                        1909
First Time Ever I Saw Your Face    MacColl, Ewan                           1972
First Time I Saw You, The          Shilkret, Nathaniel Wrubel, Allie       1937
Fischermadchen Auf Helgoland, Die  Barth-Erlensteg, W.                     1912
Flag Day March                     Fearis, J. S.                           1904
Flag Of Freedom                    King, Stanford                          1942
Flat Foot Floogee, The             Gaillard/Stewart/B.G                    1938
Flee As A Bird                     Dana, S.M.B., Mrs.                      1905
Flower Dance, The                  Davison, Corey                          1910
Floweret, Forget Me Not            Giese, Theodor                          1909
For All We Know                    Karlin, Fred        Wilson / James      1971
For Dixie And Uncle Sam            Ball, Ernest R.     Brennan, J. Keirn   1916
For Every Smile You Gave Me ...    Bennet, Leo         McKeon, Joseph H.   1915
For Heaven's Sake                  Frey, Hugo          Bryan, Alfred       1926
Four Leaf Clover                   Brownell, Leila M.  Higginson, Ella     1897
Four-Leaf Clover Waltz             Spencer, Harold                         1909
Freddy The Rabbit                  Kresa, Helmy        Ross, Lanny         1948
Fresh Paint                        Gaul, Harvey B.     anon.               1923
Friends                            Johnstone, Tom A.   Johnson, Will B.    1921
Friends That Are True, The         Barnes, Thomas      Latta, E. R.        1885
Frisky                             Kaufman, Mel. B.                        1919
Fur Elise (Albumblatt)             Beethoven, L. van                       1943
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TITLE                              COMPOSER            LYRICIST            DATE
Gal In Calico, A                   Schwartz, Arthur    Robin, Leo          1946
Garden Of Your Heart, The          Dorel, Francis      Teschemacher, Ed.   1915
Gehst Hintri                       Fink, Ferdinand     Lung, Fritz         19-?
General Grant's Grand March        Mack, E.                                19-?
Gentle Mary                        McFeeters, R., arr. Locker, Martha D.   1947
Gesu Bambino                       Yon, Pietro A.      Martens, Frederick H1919
Get Out And Get Under The Moon     Shay, Larry         Tobias / Jerome     1928
Ghost Pipes                        Lieurance, Thurlow  Roos, Charles O.    1923
Gigi                               Loewe, Frederick    Lerner, Alan Jay    1957
Give A Man A Horse He Can Ride     O'Hara, Geoffrey    Thomson, James      1917
Give Us This Day                   Day, Bobby          Kaye, Buddy         1956
Gleam Of Sunshine                  Klickmann, Henri                        1912
Glow-Worm, The                     Lincke, Paul                            1907
Go, Rough Riders, Go!              Bresler, Jerome                         1931
God Bless America                  Berlin, Irving                          1939
God Is My Strength                 Hamblen, Bernard                        1936
God Of Love My Shepherd Is, The    Thiman, Eric H.     Herbert, George     1926
God Shall Wipe Away All Tears      Harker, F. F.                           1910
God That Madest Earth And Heaven   Candlyn, T. F. H.                       1920
God, My Shepherd, Walks Beside Me  Bach, J.S./DickinsonDickinson, Helen A. 1962
Goin' Home                         Dvorak, Anton       Fisher, William Arms1922
Golden Dream March                 Berthier, E.                            1868
Golliwogg's Cake-Walk              Debussy, Claude                         19-?
Golondrina, La                     Sarradel, N.                            1935
Good Bye                           Jenkins, Gordon                         1935
Good Bye!                          Tosti, F. Paolo     Whyte-Melville, G.J.1926
Good Morning Everybody             The Old Dutch Girl                      1930
Good News (Selection)              De Sylva/Brown/R.H.                     1927
Good Shepherd, The                 Van de Water, B.                        1892
Goodbye America                    O'Keefe, James                          1918
Goodbye Germany                    McConnell, J. Edwin McConnell, J./L.    1918
Goody-Goody                        Mercer / Malneck                        1936
Goofus                             King, W./Harold, W. Kahn, Gus           1930
Grasshopper Hop, The               Spencer, Harold                         1913
Grateful, O Lord, Am I!            Roma, Caro          Gardner, William H. 1920
Gray Days                          Johnson, Noel       Sullivan, Archibald 1909
Great Awakening, The               Kramer, A. Walter   Johnstone, Gordon   1921
Greatest Of These Is Love, The     Bitgood, Roberta                        1936
Green Cathedral, The               Hahn, Carl          Johnstone, Gordon   1921
Green Leaves Of Summer, The        Tiomkin, Dimitri    Webster, Paul F.    1960
Green Pastures                     Sanderson, Wilfrid  Taylor, Helen       1931
Guardmount, The                    Eilenberg, Richard                      1897
Gute Nacht Mein Holdes Susses M.   Meyer-Helmund, Erik                     1895
Gypsiana                           Brown, Al. W.                           1919
Gypsy Jan                          Herbert, Victor     Smith, Harry B.     1898
Gypsy Love Song                    Herbert, Victor     Smith, Harry B.     1898
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TITLE                              COMPOSER            LYRICIST            DATE
Ha, Ha Hawaiian Blues              Neumann / Arthur                        1924
Halleluja!                         Hummel, Ferdinand                       1922
Happy Days Are Here Again          Ager, Milton        Yellen, Jack        1929
Harbor Lights                      Kennedy / Williams                      1937
Hard Trials                        Burleigh, H. T., arr                    1919
Hark, Hark My Soul                 Shelley, Harry Rowe                     1931
Haven Of Rest, The                 Mack, Eugene                            1911
Hawaiian Butterfly                 Baskette / Santly   Little, George A.   1917
Hawaiian Dreams                    Marple, Herbert B.  Carter, Sidney      1917
Hawaiian Lullaby                   Bridges, Ethel      Terriss, Dorothy    1919
Hawaiian Sunset                    Kaye, Sammy         Kaye, Sammy & Billy 1941
Hawaiian Wedding Song, The         King, Charles E.                        1926
He                                 Richards, Jack      Mullan, Richard     1954
He Met Her On The Stairs           Levey, Sivori                           1913
He Shall Give His Angels Charge    Scott, John Prindle                     1918
He That Dwelleth In The Secret ... Mac Dermid, James G                     1935
He Touched Me                      Gaither, William J.                     1963
He'd Have To Get Under - Get Out...Abrahams, Maurice   Clarke, G./Leslie, E1913
Hear Me Lord                       Youse, Glad Robinson                    1942
Hear Me, Ye Winds And Waves!       A.L., arr.          Marzials, Theodore  1922
Hear My Cry, O Lord!               Wooler, Alfred                          1908
Hear Thou My Prayer                Hamblen, Bernard                        1923
Heart Of Jesus, Hear               J., St., Sister/C.R.                    1949
Heart That's Free, A.              Robyn, Alfred G.    Railey, Thomas T.   1936
Heart Worships, The                Holst, Gustav       Buckton, Alice M.   1910
Hearts And Flowers                 Tobani, Theodore M.                     1893
Hearts And Flowers                 Tobani, Theodore M.                     1909
Heather Rose                       Lange, Gustav                           1906
Heav'n, Heav'n                     Burleigh, H. T., arr                    1921
Heaven And Earth Rejoice And Sing  Banks, Charles O.   Banks, Edecha P.    1944
Heavenward                         Vilbre, G./Kinkel, C                    1908
Heinze                             Van Alstyne, Egbert Williams, Harry     1909
Hejre Kati                         Hubay, Jeno                             1893
Hell's Bells                       Kassel, Art                             1932
Hello Beautiful                    Donaldson, Walter                       1931
Hello Bluebird                     Friend, Cliff                           1926
Henry's Made A Lady Out Of Lizzie  O'Keefe, Walter                         1928
Here Comes Santa Claus             Autry / Haldeman                        1948
Hey Jude                           Lennon / McCartney                      1968
Hi Ho The Merrio                   Conrad, Con         Brown, L./Davis, B. 1926
Hiawatha's Melody Of Love          Meyer, George W.    Bryan / Mehlinger   1920
Hide And Seek                      Schytte, Ludwig                         1918
High School March                  Spencer, Harold                         1909
Hilarity                           Lichner, Heinrich                       1917
Hindustan                          Wallace / Weeks                         1918
His Lullaby                        Jacobs-Bond, Carrie Healy, Robert       1907
Hold Thou My Hand                  Briggs, C. S.                           1904
Holiday For Strings                Rose, David         Gallop, Sam         1943
Holy City, The                     Adams, Stephen      Weatherly, F. E.    1942
Holy Night, The                    Vail, George M.                         1922
Home                               Evans, W. Trevor    Mynyddog            1914
Home Again Blues                   Berlin, I./Akst, H.                     1921
Home Coming March, The             Paull, E. T.                            1908
Home On The Range                  Wallis, Chester                         1933
Homing                             Del Riego, Teresa   Salmon, Arthur L.   1917
Honeysuckle Waltz                  Streabbog, L.                           19-?
Honolulu                           Warren, Harry       Kahn, Gus           1939
Hosanna!                           Granier, Jules      Didiee, Julien      1901
How Beautiful Upon The Mountains   Harker, F. F.                           1938
How Deep Is The Ocean              Berlin, Irving                          1932
How Great Thou Art                 Manna Music, arr.   Boberg, Carl        1955
How I Hate To Leave You            Walker, Barclay                         1911
How Long Wilt Thou Forget Me, O L. Lekberg, Sven                           1947
How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings       Liddle, S.                              1936
Huckleberry Finn                   Hess/Hewis/Young                        1917
Hula Lou                           Charles, M./King, W.Yellen, Jack        1924
Humoresque                         Dvorak / Smock, J.  Castillo, Jerry     1935
Hungarian Dance No.5               Brahms, Johannes                        19-?
Hunter's Loud Halloo!, The         O'Hara, Geoffery    Henry, T. E. B.     1924
Hyja My Pretty Nile Queen          O'Keefe, James C.                       1918
Hymn Of The Last Supper            Demarest, Victoria B                    1927
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TITLE                              COMPOSER            LYRICIST            DATE
I Attempt From Love's Sickness To..Purcell, Henry                          1926
I Believe In Miracles              Wendling / Meyer    Lewis, Sam M.       1934
I Cain't Say No                    Rodgers, Richard    Hammerstein, Oscar  1943
I Don't Want To Get Well           Jentes, Harry       Johnson / Pease     1917
I Gathered A Rose                  Lee, Dorothy                            19-?
I Get The Blues When It Rains      Stoddard, Harry     Klauber, Marcy      1928
I Heard A Forest Praying           De Rose, Peter      Lewis, Sam M.       1937
I Heard A Piper Piping             Bax, Arnold                             1922
I Know You                         Friedman, Leo       Helfert, George     1916
I Love A Piano                     Berlin, Irving                          1915
I Love Life                        Mana-Zucca          Cassel, Irwin M.    1923
I Love Thee                        Grieg, Edvard                           1914
I Love You                         Porter, Cole                            1943
I Love You So!                     Lehar / Higgs       Ross, Adrian        1907
I Love You Truly                   Jacobs-Bond / Wallis                    1938
I Said My Pajamas                  Pola, E. / Wyle, G.                     1950
I Shall Meet You                   Sanderson, Wilfrid  Chesham, E. M.      1918
I Sing As A Bird                   Rees, J.L.                              19-?
I Sought The Lord                  Stevenson, Fred.                        1916
I Talked To God Last Night         Guion, David W.     Bratton, John W.    1940
I Think You're Absolutely WonderfulCarroll, Harry      McCarthy, Joe       1918
I Want To Be Ready                 Burleigh, H.T., arr.                    1917
I Was The Tree                     O'Hara, Geoffrey    Twohig, Daniel S.   1937
I Will Go In The Strength ...Lord  Herbst / McCorkle                       1963
I Wonder What's Become Of Sally?   Ager, Milton        Yellen, Jack        1924
I Wonder, I Wonder, I Wonder       Hutchins, Daryl                         1947
I Write The Songs                  Johnston, Bruce                         1975
I'd Climb The Highest Mountain...  Brown / Clare                           1926
I'd Love To Fall Asleep And Wake...Ahlert, Fred E.     Lewis, S. / Young, J1920
I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom..Von Tilzer, Albert  Fleeson, Neville    1920
I'll Follow My Secret Heart        Coward, Noel                            1934
I'll Walk With God                 Brodszky, Nicholas  Webster, Paul F.    1954
I'm An Indian Too                  Berlin, Irving                          1946
I'm Coming Back To You Maybe       Lewis / Golden                          1921
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles        Kenbrovin / Kellette                    1919
I'm Glad I Can Make You Cry        McCarron / Morgan                       1918
I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right...   Rodger, Richard     Hammerstein, Oscar  1949
I'm In Heaven When I'm In Your ArmsDe Rose, Peter      Roden / Coslow      1919
I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf CloverWoods, Harry        Dixon, Mort         1927
I'm Waiting For Tomorrow To Come   Hawelka / Prival    Davis, Frank        1919
I've A Shooting-Box In Scotland    Riggs / Porter                          1916
Ich Liebe Dich                     Fisher / Broones                        1929
Idilio                             Lack / Semper                           19-?
Idle Days In Summertime            Hopcyn, William                         19-?
If                                 Gates, David                            1971
If I Came Back To You              Edwards, Gus        Cobb, Will D.       1913
If I Could Tell You                Firestone, Idabelle Marshall, Madeleine 1942
If I Were Just Your Rose           Dodge, John Wilson  Dodge, May Hewes    1916
If You Believe                     Di Minno / Powell                       1953
If You Could Read My Mind          Lightfoot, Gordon                       1970
Illinois (By Thy Rivers Gently ...)Johnson / Luboff    Chamberlin / Stracke1966
In A Canoe                         Stein, Jules Kay    Fogarty, J. Paul    1930
In A Little Hula Heaven            Robin / Rainger                         1937
In A Little Spanish Town           Wayne, Mabel        Lewis / Young       1926
In Blinky, Winky, Chinky Chinatown Schwartz, Jean      Jerome, William     1915
In Bluebird Land                   Short, Albert E.    Williams, W. R.     1921
In Der Christnacht                 Gruber, Franz       Mohr, Joseph        1905
In Der Heimat Gibt's Ein WiedersehnWenzel, Hermann                         1914
In Der Nacht                       Gilbert, Jean                           1913
In Dreamville                      La Rue, Edgar                           1915
In My Bouquet Of Memories          Akst, Harry         Lewis / Young       1928
In My Father's House Are Many ...  MacDermid, James G.                     1927
In My Merry Oldsmobile             Edwards, Gus        Bryan, Vincent      1910
In The Cathedral                   Lemare / Sawyer                         1923
In The Chapel In The Moonlight     Hill, Billy                             1936
In The End Of The Sabbath          Speaks, Oley                            1918
In The Garden Of Tomorrow          Deppen, Jessie L.   Graffe, George, Jr. 1924
In The Gloaming                    Harrison, Annie F.  Orred, Meta         1935
In The Heart Of The Hills          Lee, Dorothy        Kerr, Harry D.      1926
In The Lonely Midnight             Emurian, Henri      Williams, Theodore C19-?
In The Long, Long, Long Ago        O'Hara, Geoffrey    Johnstone, Gordon   1924
In The Merry Month Of May          Merkel, G.                              1909
In The Mission Of St. Augustine    Chiarelli, Jack                         1953
In The Valley Of The Moon          Branen, Jeff                            1913
Indian Cradle Song                 Cadman, Charles W.                      1923
Indian Love Call                   Friml, Rudolf       Harbach/Hammerstein 1924
Indian Love Call                   Friml, Rudolf       Harbach/Hammerstein 1924
Indian Summer                      Herbert, Victor     Dubin, Al           1951
Indiana                            Hanley, James F.    Macdonald, Ballard  1917
Invictus                           Huhn, Bruno         Henley, William E.  1938
Ireland Must Be Heaven, For My...  McCarthy/J'son/Fisch                    1916
Irish Love Song                    Lang, Margaret R.                       1898
Island In The Sun                  Belafonte/Burgess                       1956
Isle Of Capri                      Grosz, Will         Kennedy, Jimmy      1934
Isn't She Lovely                   Wonder, Stevie                          1976
It All Depends On You              De Sylva/Brown/Hend.                    1926
It Might As Well Be Spring         Rodgers, Richard    Hammerstein, Oscar  1945
It Was For Me                      Frisby, H. Le Roy                       1932
It's A Long, Long Way To The U.S.A.Von Tilzer, Harry   Trainor, Val        1917
It's A Long, Long Way To Tipperary Judge / Williams                        1912
It's Time For Every Boy...A SoldierTierney, Harry      Bryan, Alfred       1917
Italian Street Song                Herbert, Victor     Young, Rida Johnson 1921
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TITLE                              COMPOSER            LYRICIST            DATE
Jalousie                           Gade, Jacob         Bloom / Ortega      1945
Jasmine Door, The                  Scott, Alicia       Weatherly, Fred E.  1909
Je Suis Titania (From Mignon)      Thomas, Ambroise                        1915
Jean Et Jeanette                   Lange, Gustav                           19-?
Jesu, Dir Sei Preis                Bach, J. S.                             1936
Jesus, Shepherd, Be Thou Near Me   Bach, J. S.         Anderson, Gwendolyn 1952
Jesus, Stand Beside Them           Lovelace, Austin C. Tiplady, Thomas     1961
Jolly Little Players               Maylath, H.                             1901
Josephine                          King / Bivens       Kahn, Gus           1937
Joy Of The Morning                 Ware, Harriet       Markham, Edwin      1906
Joy Upon Thy Bright Cheek Dances   (trad. Welsh)                           19-?
Juba                               Dett, Nathaniel                         1913
June In January                    Robin / Rainger                         1934
June-Bugs Dance, The               Holst, Eduard                           1888
Just A Cottage Small               Hanley, James F.    De Sylva, B. G.     1925
Just A Dream                       Clanton / Matassa                       1958
Just A Faded Flower                Weasner, H. C.                          1921
Just A Gigolo                      Casucci, Leonello   Brammer, Julius     1930
Just A Gleam Of Heaven In Her Eyes Harris, Charles K.                      1904
Just A Mother With A Baby In A ... Wilson, John F.                         1968
Just A Year Ago                    Gumble, Albert      Williams, Harry     1911
Just A-Wearyin' For You            Jacobs-Bond, Carrie Stanton, Frank      1901
Just For This                      Mitchell, Humphrey  Fabbri, Cora        1918
Just For To-Day                    Abbot, Jane Bingham Partridge, Sibyl F. 1894
Just Like Washington Crossed The...Meyer, George W.    Johnson, Howard     1918
Just The Way You Are               Joel, Billy                             1977
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TITLE                              COMPOSER            LYRICIST            DATE
Kangaroo Galop                     Anthony, Bert R.                        1911
Kavatine                           Raff, J.                                19-?
Keep Step March                    Kimball, F. R.                          1919
Keep The Home-Fires Burning        Novello, Ivor       Ford, Lena Guilbert 1915
Kentucky Babe                      Geibel, Adam        Buck, Richard Henry 1924
Kiss Me                            Felix, Hugo         Caldwell, Anne      1916
Kiss Me Again                      Herbert, Victor     Blossom, Henry      1915
Kiss Me With Your Eyes             Eldred, Raymond B.  Gillespie, Haven    1929
Kiss Of Spring                     Rolfe / Hildreth    Maynard, Averil     1931
Kiss Waltz, The                    Burke, Joe          Dubin, Al           1930
Kissing Dance, The                 Barclay / Legrand   Stillman, Al        1955
Kleines Kindelein, Ein             Tunder / Seiffert                       19-?
Knight Of Bethlehem, The           Thomson, D. C.      Maughan, H. N.      1926
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TITLE                              COMPOSER            LYRICIST            DATE
La Ci Darem La Mano                Mozart, W. A.                           19-?
Lady Of The Amber Wheat            Dittenhaver, Sarah LColeman, Elliott    1944
Lamb Of God! Thou Shalt Remain...  Grimm / Latrobe     Von Zinzerndorf, C.R1966
Lamb, The                          Luck, Maude Haben   Blake, William      1921
Lambkins                           Wentzell, William   Miller, Francesca F.1929
Land Of My Sunset Dreams           Hall, Wendell Woods                     1924
Landscape                          Gott, Rudolph                           1903
Larghetto                          Mozart / Wilhelmj                       19-?
Last Round-Up, The                 Hill, Billy                             1933
Laughing On The Outside            Wayne, Bernie       Raleigh, Ben        1946
Laughing Song, The                 Auber / Seguin                          1859
Lay Down Your Arms                 Land / Gerhard      Roberts, Paddy      1956
Lazy Lou'siana Moon                Donaldson, Walter                       1930
Lead Thou Me On                    Stults, R. M.       Roberts, Marion     1924
Leave Me With A Smile              Koehler / Burtnett                      1921
Lelia Bell                         Stafford, Pearl                         1905
Let It Be                          Lennon / McCartney                      1970
Let Me Call You Sweetheart         Whitson / Friedman                      1929
Let My Song Fill Your Heart        Charles, Ernest                         1936
Let Not The Wise Man Glory In His..MacDermid, James G.                     1952
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled     Speaks, Oley                            1919
Let Nothing Disturb Thee           Diamond, David      St.Teresa/Longfellow1946
Let The Rest Of The World Go By    Ball, Ernest R.     Brennen, J. Keirn   1919
Let There Be Peace On Earth        Miller / Jackson                        1956
Letter That Never Reached Home     Gottler, Archie     Leslie / Grossman   1916
Liebesfreud                        Kreisler, Fritz                         1910
Liebestraume                       Liszt, Franz                            1904
Lilacs                             Rachmaninoff, S.                        1910
Lily Of The Valley                 Smith, Sydney                           1922
Linda                              De Rose, Peter      Tobias / Trent      1931
Linden Lea                         Vaugan Williams, R. Barnes, W.          1939
Little "Lordeen"                   Baldwin, Ralph L.   Raymond, M. Charles 1958
Little Birdies                     Peccia, A. Buzzi    Lord Tennyson       1916
Little Bit Of Heaven, A            Ball, Ernest R.     Brennan, J. Keirn   1914
Little Gipsy                       Lenzberg, Julius                        1900
Little Green Apples                Russell, Bobby                          1968
Little Grey Home In The West       Lohr, Hermann       Eardley-Wilmot, D.  1911
Little Grey Mother, The            De Costa, Harry     Grossman, Bernard   1915
Little Love, A Little Kiss, A      Silesu, Lao         Fysher / Ross       1912
Little Mother                      Rapee / Pollack                         1928
Little Old Church In The Valley    Kahn/Arnold/Alstyne                     1931
Little Saucepan, The               (trad. Welsh)                           19-?
Lo! Here The Gentle Lark           Bishop, Henry R.    Shakespeare, William19-?
Loch Lomond                        Lawson, Malcolm, arr                    19-?
Lonely For You                     Tillman, Edwin                          1925
Lonely Gondolier, A                Magine, Frank       Hirsch, Walter      1931
Lonesome - That's All              Roberts / Bradley                       1918
Lonesome And Blue                  Tillman, Edwin                          1923
Look For The Silver Lining         Kern, Jerome        De Sylva, Bud       1920
Looking At The World Thru Rose ... Malie / Steiger                         1926
Lookout Mountain                   Mohr, Halsey K.     Goodwin, Joe        1917
Lord Is In His Holy Temple, The    Higdon, Isabel                          1931
Lord Is My Light, The              Allitsen, Frances                       1897
Lord Is My Shepherd, The           Liddle, Samuel                          1929
Lord Is My Shepherd, The           Smart, Henry                            1926
Lord's Prayer, The                 Malotte, Albert Hay                     1935
Lord's Prayer, The                 Strals / Sands                          1973
Lord, In Thee Do I Trust           Buxtehude/Dickinson Dickinson/Allwardt  1950
Loreley, The                       Silcher, Friedrich                      19-?
Lorraine                           Fisher, Fred        Bryan, Alfred       1917
Lost Chord, The                    Sullivan, Arthur    Procter, Adelaide A.19-?
Louise                             Whiting, Richard A. Robin, Leo          1929
Love                               Brown, Allanson G. YEddy, Mary Baker    1946
Love (Your Spell Is Everywhere)    Goulding, Edmund    Janis, Elsie        1929
Love And Flowers                   Aldrich, F.                             1908
Love And Kisses                    Mengel, Albert      Wilcox, Ella Wheeler1906
Love Can Be Dreamed                Strauss / Ronell                        1940
Love In The Southland              Canfield, Frances P.Canfield, H. S.     1904
Love Letters In The Sand           Coots, J. Fred      Kenny, N / Kenny, C.1931
Love Me                            Aivaz, T.           Lenoir, Jean        1929
Love Nest, The                     Hirsch, Louis A.    Harbach, Otto       1920
Love Walked In                     Gershwin, George    Gershwin, Ira       1938
Love Ye The Lord                   Handel / Kiehl                          1900
Love's Old Sweet Song              Molloy, J. L.       Bingham, G. Clifton 1935
Love's Sorrow                      Shelley, Harry Rowe                     1888
Love's Sweet Echo                  Drumheller, Charles                     1921
Love, Let Me Look In Thy Dear Eyes Miessner, W. Otto                       1930
Love, What Are You Doing To My...  Barczi, Tibor       Lewis, Sam M.       1936
Loveliest Immanuel                 Antes / McCorkle    Anes, John          1963
Loveliest Night Of The Year, The   Rosas / Aaronson    Webster, Paul F.    1951
Lullaby                            (trad. Welsh)                           19-?
Lullaby Of The Leaves              Petkere, Bernice    Young, Joe          1932
Lustige Wittwe, Die                Lehar / Danmark                         1907
Lustspiel Ouverture                Bela, Keler                             19-?
Lute Caroll, A                     Caldwell, Mary E.   Herrick, Robert     1964
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TITLE                              COMPOSER            LYRICIST            DATE
M-O-T-H-E-R                        Morse, Theodore     Johnson, Howard     1915
Ma Little Banjo                    Dichmont, William   Rutherford, Arthur  1917
Mabel Polka                        Hartley, Harry                          1912
Madame Pompadour                   Johanning, Paul F.                      1914
Madcap                             Smith, Seymour                          1891
Magic Fire Scene                   Wagner / Brassin                        1886
Magic Moments                      Bacharach, Burt F.  David, Hal          1957
Magnificat                         Vaughan Williams, R.                    1932
Magyar Dance                       Renard, Pierre                          1910
Mah Lindy Lou                      Strickland, Lily                        1920
Maiden's Prayer, The               Badarzewska, Thecla                     1933
Maiden's Wish, The                 F. Chopin / F. Liszt                    1879
Make A Joyful Noise                MacDermid, James G.                     1921
Make A Miracle                     Loesser, Frank                          1949
Make-Believe                       Kern, Jerome        Hammerstein, Oscar  1927
Man With The Whiskers, The         De Leath, Vaughn                        1936
Managua, Nicaragua                 Fields, Irving      Gamse, Albert       1946
Manhattan Beach March              Sousa, John Philip                      1893
March Of Progress                  Williams, Frederick                     1935
March Of The Men Of Harlech, The   Thomas, John                            19-?
March Of The Teddy Bears           Fearis, J. S.                           1907
Marianina                          Ferri, Nicolas                          19-?
Marie                              Berlin, Irving                          1928
Marie, Marie!                      Di Capua, Eduardo   Russo, Vincenzo     1911
Marietta's Song                    Korngold, E. W.     Schott, Paul        1920
Marion                             Ingham/McConnell    F.Kienzle / C.Smith 1920
Mary Lou                           Lyman/Waggner/R'son                     1926
Mary's Little Son                  Demarest, Victoria B                    1941
Masquerade                         Loeb, John Jacob    Webster, Paul F.    1932
Masquerade Is Over, The            Wrubel, Allie       Magidson, Herb      1938
Master Calleth, The                Fichthorn, Claude L.                    1926
May                                Frantz, Harold      Leonard, Elizabeth J1954
May Bells Ringing                  Seiwert, Henry                          1908
May-Day Carol                      Taylor, Deems, arr.                     1948
May-Night                          Palmgren, Selim                         1916
Mazurka                            Moszkowski, Moritz                      19-?
Mazurka In B Flat                  Chopin, Frederic                        1913
Me Too                             Woods/Tobias/Sherm.                     1926
Mean To Me                         R.Turk / F.E.Ahlert                     1929
Meet Me In Dreamland               Leyton, Blair                           1909
Melody In F                        Rubenstein/Glickman                     1935
Melody Of Love                     Engelmann, H.       Glazer, Tom         1954
Melody Of Love, The                Lehar, Franz        H.Smith / R. Smith  1911
Melody Of My Dream, The            anon.                                   1916
Melody Time                        Benjamin / Weiss                        1948
Menuet From Don Giovanni           Mozart, W. A.                           19-?
Message Of The Violet, The         Luders, Gustav      Pixley, Frank       1902
Mia Piccirella                     Gomes, A. C.                            19-?
Michelle                           Lennon / McCartney                      1965
Mighty Lak' A Rose                 Nevin, Ethelbert    Stanton, Frank L.   1901
Mignon- Gavotte Gracieuse          Sattelmair, Eugen                       1907
Military March In D                Schubert / Dietrich                     1898
Military Waltz                     Logan, Frederic K.                      1917
Minuet In G                        Beethoven, Ludwig v.                    1918
Mirth And Gayety                   Kern, Carl Wilhelm                      1908
Miserere                           Verdi, G.                               1904
Mississippi                        Grofe, Ferdie                           1936
Mister Dooley                      Schwartz, Jean      Jerome, William     1902
Mockin' Bird Hill                  Horton, Vaughn                          1949
Mon Coeur S'Ouvre A Ta Voix        Saint-Saens, Camille                    1911
Mona Lisa                          Livingston / Evans                      1949
Monastery Bells                    Wely, Lefebure                          19-?
Moon River                         Mancini, Henry      Mercer, Johnny      1961
Moonglow                           Hudson/DeLange/Mills                    1934
Moonlight And Roses                Lemare/Black/Moret                      1925
Moonlight And Shadows              Robin / Hollander                       1936
Moonlight Gambler                  Springer, Philip    Hilliard, Bob       1956
Morceau En Forme D'Etude           Wollenhaupt, H. A.                      1879
More                               Oliviero / Ortolani Ciorciolini, M.     1963
More Than You Know                 Youmans, Vincent    W. Rose / E. Eliscu 1946
Morning                            Speaks, Oley        Stanton, Frank L.   1931
Morning Has Broken                 Stevens, Cat        Farjeon, Eleanor    1972
Moscow Laughs (Selections)         Dunayevsky, I.                          1934
Mother Machree                     C. Olcott / E.R.BallYoung, Rida Johnson 1910
Mother O' Mine                     Richardson, Harry   Hughes, Joseph H.   1914
Mother!                            Fredericks, Al      Davis, Collin       1910
Mother, At Your Feet Is Kneeling   S. C., Sister                           1949
Moto Perpetuo                      Mac Dowell, E. A.                       1894
Mountain Belle Schottische         Kinkel, C.                              1911
Mountain Fleece                    Kern, Carl Wilhelm                      1908
Music Among The Pines              Wyman, A. P.                            1908
Music Of The Union                 Grobe, Charles                          1908
Mutterherz, Das                    Kron, Louis                             19-?
My Axe Of Steel                    Havens, C. A.       Bingham, C. D.      1894
My Baby's Arms                     Tierney, Harry      McCarthy, Joseph    1919
My Beautiful Lady                  Caryll, Ivan        McLellan, C. M. S.  1911
My Blue Heaven                     Donaldson, Walter   Whiting, George     1927
My Buddy                           Donaldson, Walter   Kahn, Gus           1922
My Cherie Amour                    Wonder/Cosby/Moy                        1973
My Darling                         Myers, Richard      Heyman, Edward      1932
My Dreams Are Getting Better All...Mizzy, Vic          Curtis, Mann        1944
My Heart At Thy Sweet Voice        Saint-Saens, Camille                    1934
My Heart Cries For You             C.Sigman / P. Faith                     1950
My Heart Ever Faithful             Bach / A. Lavignac                      1893
My Heaven On Earth                 Pokrass / Baker     Tobias, Charlie     1937
My Hero                            Straus, Oscar       Stange, Stanislaus  1909
My Jesus Is My Lasting Joy         Buxtehude/Allwardt/DAllwardt / Dickinson1944
My Laddie                          Akst, Harry         Rogers, Howard E.   1919
My Little Dream Girl               Friedland, Anatol   Gilbert, L. Wolfe   1915
My Little Gypsy Wanda              Levenson / Garton                       1918
My Little House                    Pierce, Seneca      Adams, Katharine    1918
My Little Nest Of Heavenly Blue    Lehar, Franz        Willner / Reichert  1932
My Little Welsh Home               Williams, W.S.Gwynn                     1921
My Lord And Master                 Rodgers, Richard    Hammerstein, Oscar  1951
My Man's Gone Now                  Gershwin, George    Heyward, Du Bose    1935
My Master Hath A Garden            Thiman, Eric H.     anon.               1927
My Master Hath A Garden            Thompson, Randall   anon.               1938
My Missouri Home                   Little Jack Little                      1930
My Own Iona                        A.Friedland/C.MorganGilbert, L. Wolfe   1916
My Redeemer And My Lord            Buck, Dudley        Longfellow, H. W.   1930
My Shepherd Will Supply My Need    Thomson, Virgil     Watts, Isaac        1959
My Sin                             De Sylva/Brown/Hend.                    1929
My Soul Doth Magnify               Sandresky, M. V.                        1959
My Soul Doth Magnify The Lord      Saxton, Stanley E.                      1947
My Sweet Adair                     Gilbert / Friedland                     1915
My Task                            Ashford, E. L.      M.L.Ray/Rev. Pickup 1913
My Wild Irish Rose                 Olcott, Chauncey                        1899
Myfanwy                            J.Parry / L. Tusler                     1989
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TITLE                              COMPOSER            LYRICIST            DATE
Nadia's Theme                      De Vorzon/Botkin                        1973
Navy Air Corps, The                Mader/Skarda/Huffer                     1943
Near You                           Craig, Francis      Goell, Kermit       1947
Nearer My God To Thee              Zeiler, H.                              1904
Neath The Southern Moon            Herbert, Victor     Young, Rida Johnson 1910
Never In A Million Years           Gordon, M./Revel, H.                    1937
New Christmas Morning,Hallelujah, AMacGimsey, Robert                       1948
Night                              Simons, Seymour     Davis, Benny        1922
Night And Day                      Porter, Cole                            1944
Night In Spring, A                 Godowsky, Leopold                       1915
Night Song                         Scott, Cyril        Watson, Rosamund M  1915
Nina                               Pergolesi, G. B.                        1904
Ninety And Nine, The               Campion, Edward     Clephane, Elizabeth 1917
No Lullaby Need Mary Sing          Clokey, Joseph W.   Temple, Anna        1957
No Night There                     Danks, H. P.        Clements, John R.   1899
No Wonder I'm Happy                Davis, B./Askt, H.                      1927
Nobody Does It Better              Hamlisch, Marvin    Sager, Carole Bayer 1977
Nobody's Darlin' But Mine          Davis, Jimmie                           1935
Nocturne                           Borodin, A.                             1923
Nocturne                           Curran, Pearl G.                        1923
Nocturne Op.15, No.2               Chopin, F.                              1915
Nola                               Arndt, Felix                            1942
Non Destarmi                       Gounod, Charles     Solito / Millard    1867
Non Nobis, Domine                  Quilter, Roger      Kipling, Rudyard    1961
None But The Lonely Heart          Tchaikovsky, P. I.  Von Goethe, J.W.    1902
Norwood March                      Hart, Maude Anita                       1910
Notturno, Op.37, No.1              Chopin, Fr.                             1911
Novellette                         MacDowell, E. A.                        1894
Now Is The Hour                    Kaihan/Scott/Stewart                    1946
Now Will I Praise The Lord         Dietterich, Philip R                    1970
Nuttate 'e Sentimento!             Capolongo, G.       Cassese, A.         19-?
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TITLE                              COMPOSER            LYRICIST            DATE
O Divine Redeemer!                 Gounod, Charles                         19-?
O Eyes That Are Weary              Brackett, Frank H.                      1899
O For A Closer Walk With God       Thiman, Eric H.     Cowper, William     1958
O God Of Light                     Sowerby, Leo                            1934
O Holy Night                       Adam, Adolphe                           1908
O Jesus, Lord Of Mercy Great       Sowerby, Leo                            1934
O Little Town Of Bethlehem         Tooke, Grace French Brooks, Phillips    1934
O Little Town Of Bethlehem!        Dressler, Louis R.  Brooks, Phillips    1921
O Lola, Bianca Come Fior           Mascagni, Pietro                        1893
O Lord Most Holy                   Franck, Cesar                           1908
O Love Divine!                     Nevin, George B.    Holmes, Oliver W.   1904
O May My Walk Be Close With God    Johnson, Herbert    Sherwin, Ch., Mrs.  1902
O Mio Babbino Caro                 Puccini, G.         Forzano, Gioachino  1919
O Perfect Love                     Burleigh, H. T.     Blomfield, D. F.    1914
O Sing Unto The Lord               Whikehart, Lewis E.                     1959
O Sing Unto The Lord A New Song    Gore, Richard T.                        1948
O Sleep, Why Dost Thou Leave Me?   Handel, George F.   Congreve, William   1932
O Sole Mio!                        Di Capua, Edward    Hauck, Lulu May     1923
O'er The Billowy Sea               Smith, Earl         Nowlin, Dave        1918
Of The Rose And You                Kern, Carl Wilhelm  Wolf, Benjamin J.   1912
Offertory For Christmas Season     Barrett, Reginald                       1897
Ofra Grande Polka                  Gottschalk, L. M.                       1908
Oh Promise Me                      De Koven, R.        Scott, Clement      1917
Oh! Frenchy                        Conrad, Con         Ehrlich, Sam        1943
Oh! Had I Jubal's Lyre             Handel, G. F.                           19-?
Oh! How I Wish I Could Sleep       Wendling, Pete      Lewis, S./Young, J. 1943
Oh! What A Pal Was Mary            Wendling, Pete      Leslie, E./Kalmar, B1919
Oh! Where Do Fairies Hide Their... Busch, Carl         Bayly, Thomas H.    1922
Oh, But I Do!                      Schwartz, Arthur    Robin, Leo          1946
Oh, Didn't It Rain                 Burleigh, H. T.                         1919
Oh, Pray For Peace                 Brahe, May H.       Taylor, Helen       1939
Oklahoma                           Rodgers, Richard    Hammerstein, Oscar  1943
Old Black Joe                      Foster / Lewis                          1923
Old Fashioned Roses                Weasner, H. C.      Craig, Laura Gerauld1927
Old Mill Stream, The               Moulton, Victor                         1911
Old Mother Hubbard                 Hutchinson, Victor H                    1929
Old Mother, The                    Grieg, Edvard       Vinje, A. O.        19-?
Old Oaken Bucket, The              Durkee, C. W.                           1909
Old Pal                            Van Alstyne, Egbert Kahn, Gus           1924
Old Pal (Why Don't You Answer Me?) Jerome, M. K.       Lewis, S./Young, J. 1920
Old Piano Roll Blues, The          Coben, Cy                               1950
Old Road, The                      Scott, John Prindle Darow, Reginald V.  1920
Old Time Wedding Day               Cox, Lytton                             1921
Omnipotence, The                   Schubert, Franz                         1887
On A Hill                          Beach, H.H.A., Mrs.                     1929
On Hearing The First Cuckoo In...  Delius, Frederick                       1952
On My Shepherd I Rely              Bach, J. S.         Diack, J. Michael   1927
On The Road To Home Sweet Home     Van Alstyne, Egbert Kahn, Gus           1917
On The Street Where You Live       Loewe, Frederick    Lerner, Alan Jay    1956
On This Day, O Beautiful Mother    Lambillotte, Louis                      1947
On Wings Of Song                   Mendelssohn, F.                         1914
One Alone                          Romberg, Sigmund    Harbach/Hammerstein 1926
One Hand, One Heart                Bernstein, Leonard  Sondheim, Stephen   1942
One Rose That's Left My Heart, The Lyon, D./McIntire, L                    1936
One Sweetly Solemn Thought         Ambrose, R. S.      Cary, Phoebe        1917
Only A Rose                        Downing, Lulu Jones Whedon, James P.    1910
Only A Rose                        Friml, Rudolf       Hooker, Brian       1930
Only You                           Taylor, E. Philip   E.K.R.              1918
Open Road, Open Sky!               Strauss/Ronell      Ronell, Ann         1940
Open The Gates Of The Temple       Knapp, J.F., Mrs.   Crosby, Fanny       1935
Ou Va La Jeune Indoue              Delibes, L.                             1883
Our Blest Redeemer                 Timmings, William T.                    1931
Our King Has Come                  Neidlinger, W. H.                       1919
Our Lady Sat Within Her Bower      Lovelace, Austin C. (trad.)             1943
Our Penthouse On Third Avenue      Fain, Sammy         Brown, Lew          1937
Out Of My Dreams                   Rodgers, Richard    Hammerstein, Oscar  1943
Out Of The Depths                  Hovhaness, Alan                         1958
Out Of The Depths                  Rogers, James H.                        1932
Out Of The Dusk To You             Lee, Dorothy        Lamb, Arthur J.     1922
Out Of The East                    Rosey, Joe          Havez, Jean         1918
Out Of The Shadows                 Blaufuss, Walter E. Kahn, Gus           1922
Out Where The West Begins          Philleo, Estelle    Chapman, Arthur     1920
Over The Rainbow                   Arlen, Harold       Harburg, E. Y.      1939
Over The Sea Waves                 Dellafield, Henry                       1913
Over The Stone                     (trad. Welsh)                           19-?
Over There                         Cohan, George M.    Delamarre, Louis    1917
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TITLE                              COMPOSER            LYRICIST            DATE
Pagan Love Song                    Brown, Nacio Herb   Freed, Arthur       1929
Pagan Moon                         Dubin/Bryan/Burke                       1931
Painting The Clouds With Sunshine  Burke, Joe          Dubin, Al           1929
Pallida Mimosa                     Lama, Gaetano       Bovio, Libero       1921
Palms, The                         Faure, J.                               1896
Paloma, La                         Yradier, C.         Castillo, Jerry     1935
Paradise                           Brown, Nacio Herb   Brown, N.H./Clifford1931
Pardon De Ploermel, Le             Meyerbeer, G.                           1893
Pardon My Southern Accent          Malneck, Matt       Mercer, Johnny      1934
Pasture, The                       Naginski, Charles   Frost, Robert       1940
Patricia                           Prado, Perez                            1958
Pearly Dewdrop, The                Birbeck, S. McIntire                    1923
Peg O' My Heart                    Fisher, Fred        Bryan, Alfred       1947
Penny Lane                         Lennon / McCartney                      1967
Perfect Day, A                     Jacobs-Bond, Carrie                     1910
Petruska                           Rose, B./Fisher, F.                     1926
Phantasie From Carmen              Bizet / Singer                          19-?
Phantasie Und Fuge                 Reger, Max                              1928
Phantom Legions, The               Ward-Stephens       Johnstone, Gordon   1922
Philosophy                         Emmell, David       anon.               1904
Picking Cherries                   Spencer, Harold                         1910
Pilgrim's Song                     Tschaikowsky, P.                        1899
Pilgrims' Chorus                   Wagner / Hildreth                       1931
Pilot, The                         Protheroe, Daniel   Noyes, Alfred       1917
Pink Panther, The                  Mancini, Henry                          1964
Piper, A                           Head, Michael       O'Sullivan, Seumas  1923
Pirate Dreams                      Huerter, Charles    Garnett, Louise A.  1917
Pixies' Good Night Song, The       Brown, A. L.                            1906
Polec Motylku                      Balucinskiego, T. G.                    1936
Polish Child's Morning Prayer      Gaul, Harvey, arr.  Przyblski, Ferenc   1945
Pony Express                       Chagy, John                             1960
Posing For Venus                   Caryll, Ivan        McLellan, C. M. S.  1911
Poupee Valsante                    Poldini, Eduard                         1903
Powder Your Face With Sunshine     Lombardo/Rochinski                      1948
Praise Ye The Lord                 Bantock, Granville                      1924
Praise Ye The Name Of The Lord     Tschesnokoff, P.                        1916
Prayer                             Guion, David W.     Hagedorn, Hermann   1946
Prayer                             La Forge, Frank                         1942
Prayer  ("Lord, Almighty God")     Tchaikovsky, P. I.  Maikov, A.          1942
Prayer For Communion               Lovelace, Austin C. Lemmon, Kathleen    1949
Prayer Of The Norwegian Child      Kountz, Richard     Trojorgson, Olaf    1928
Prayer Of The Slavic Children      Golde, Walter       Bristol, Margaret   1942
Prayer Perfect, The                Speaks, Oley        Riley, James W.     1930
Prayer Perfect, The                Stenson, Ervine J.  Riley, James W.     1926
Prayer, A  ("O Jesus, Son Of God") Saint-Saens, CamilleDickinson, Helen A. 1929
Prelude And Fugue In D Major       Bach, J. S.                             1926
Premier Polka, The                 Llewellyn, Edward                       1907
Pretty Baby                        Jackson/Van Alstyne Kahn, Gus           1916
Prince Imperial Galop              Coote, Charles                          1907
Princess Of My Heart, The          Freeborn, Cass.     O'Hara / Costello   1917
Princess Of The Falling Waters     Tillman/Conley/Rich.                    1926
Prisoner's Song, The               Massey, Guy                             1924
Psalm 139                          McAfee, Don                             1973
Publican, The                      Van De Water, B.                        1891
Pucker Up And Whistle              Franklyn / Vincent                      1921
Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet        Wenrich, Percy      Murphy, Stanley     1909
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TITLE                              COMPOSER            LYRICIST            DATE
Queen Of The Fairies               Smith, Sydney                           19-?
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TITLE                              COMPOSER            LYRICIST            DATE
Ramona                             Wayne, Mabel        Gilbert, L. Wolfe   1927
Red Sails In The Sunset            Williams, Hugh      Kennedy, Jimmy      1925
Repasz Band March & Two Step       Sweeley, Charles C.                     19-?
Repent Ye                          Scott, John Prindle                     1917
Resurrection, The                  Curran, Pearl G.                        1924
Resurrection, The                  Shelley, Harry Rowe                     1887
Rhapsodie                          Eckstein, Maxwell                       1943
Rita, My Marguerita                Hollaender, Victor  Hough, Will M.      1912
River Shannon                      Russel, James I.                        1912
Robin's Return, The                Fisher, Leander                         1912
Rock And Rye Polka                 Wellington, Larry   Colby, Richard      1940
Rock Me In A Cradle Of Kalua       Wendling, Pete      Bryan, Al           1931
Rocky Mountain High                Taylor,M./Denver, J.                    1972
Rolling In His Little Rolling ChairMohr, Halsey K.     Goodwin/MacDonald   1917
Romance                            Rombert, Sigmund    Harbach/Hammerstein 1926
Romany Life                        Herbert, Victor     Smith, Harry B.     1898
Romanze                            Svendsen, Johan S.                      19-?
Ronde D'Amour                      Westerhout, Niccolo                     1895
Rondo                              Mozart, W. A.                           19-?
Rondo Capriccioso                  Mendelssohn, F.                         1938
Rondo I                            Mozart, W. A.                           1896
Rosary, The                        Nevin, Ethelbert    Rogers, Robert C.   1898
Rose-Fay                           Heins, Carl                             1908
Roses Of Picardy                   Wood, Haydn         Weatherly, Fred E.  1916
Rosy Ruffles And Prudy Plain       Wansborough, Harold Cox, Lytton         1931
Row, Row, Row Your Boat            Zepp, Arthur, arr.                      1947
Rumba                              Weybright, June                         1941
Russian Rag                        Cobb, George L                          1918
Russian Romance                    Friml, Rudolf                           1907
Rustle Of Spring                   Sinding, Christian                      1916
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TITLE                              COMPOSER            LYRICIST            DATE
Sabbath Chimes                     Klickmann, F. Henri                     1913
Sail Along, Silv'ry Moon           Wenrich, Percy      Tobias, Harry       1942
Sailors' March                     Koelling, Carl                          1907
Saint Louis Blues                  Handy, W. C.                            1942
Saint Paul Waltz                   Vaas, A. J.                             1908
Sally Won't You Come Back?         Stamper, Dave       Buck, Gene          1921
Salve Regina                       Dana, C. Henshaw                        1918
Santa Lucia Luntana                Mario, E. A.                            1919
Satan Takes a Holiday              Clinton, Larry                          1937
Saviour, Hear Us When We Pray      Strickland, Lily                        1922
Say-- You Haven't Sacrificed At AllLawton/Dulmage                          1918
Scarf Dance                        Chaminade, C.                           1898
Scherzo                            Kaun, Hugo                              1905
Seasons                            Fox / Newmark                           1980
Second Mazurka                     Godard, Benjamin                        1884
Secret Love                        Fain, Sammy         Webster, Paul F.    1953
Secret, Le                         Gautier, Leonard                        1888
Send In The Clowns                 Sondheim, Stephen                       1973
September Song                     Weill, Kurt         Anderson, Maxwell   1938
Serenade                           Rachmaninoff, S.                        19-?
Serenade                           Schubert, Franz     Rellstab, Ludwig    1904
Serenade For A Wealthy Widow       Foresythe, Reginald Fields/McHugh       1934
Serenade Joyful                    Gabriel-Marie                           1896
Sevilla                            Albeniz, I.                             1937
Sevillana                          Massenet, J.        Ruelle, Jules       1895
Shadow March                       Del Riego, Teresa   Stevenson, Robert L.1910
Shadow Of Your Smile, The          Webster / Mandel                        1965
Shanghai Honeymoon                 Shockley/H'man/Mel.                     1926
She's A Corn-fed Indiana Girl      Frey/Kilfeather/Olse                    1926
She's Still My Baby                Raskin, Willie      Coslow/Little       1926
She's The Daughter Of Mother Mach. Ball, Ernest R.     Nenarb, Jeff T.     1915
Sheep And Goat                     Guion, David W.                         1922
Sheep May Safely Graze             Bach, J.S.                              1942
Shepherd's Dream                   Heins, Carl                             1908
Shepherd's Evening Song, The       Baldwin, J. M.                          1901
Shepherd, Show Me How To Go        MacDermid, James G. Eddy, Mary Baker    1929
Shepherds And The Inn, The         Gaul, Harvey, arr.                      1946
Shepherds Sing, The                Young, Stuart       Herbert, George     1928
Shifting, Whispering Sands, The    Hadler, Mary M.     Gilbert, V. C.      1950
Shuffle Off To Buffalo             Warren, Harry       Dubin, Al           1932
Si J'Etais Roi                     Adam, Adolphe                           19-?
Siboney                            Lecuona, Ernesto    Morse, Dolly        1929
Silent Night!                      Gruber, Franz       Mohr, Joseph        1916
Silent Worship                     Handel/Somervell                        1928
Silver Bells Schottische           Bennett, E. K.                          1905
Silver Threads Among The Gold      Danks, H. P.        Rexford, Eben E.    1901
Simple Aveu                        Thome, F.                               1915
Simple Melody, A                   Berlin, Irving                          1914
Sing Me To Sleep                   Greene, Edwin       Bingham, Clifton    1910
Sing To Me                         Akst, Harry         Eliscu, Edward      1933
Singin' In The Rain                Brown, Nacio Herb   Freed, Arthur       1929
Singing To You                     Kerr, U. S.         Faulkes, Bryceson   1921
Sleepy Lagoon                      Coates, Eric        Lawrence, Jack      1947
Sleepy Time Gal                    Lorenzo/Whiting     Alden, J./Egan, R.  1925
Sleepy Valley                      Hanley, James F.    Sterling, Andrew B. 1929
Slumber Boat, The                  Gaynor, Jessie L.   Riley, Alice C. D.  1898
Slumber, O Holy Jesu               Wood, Dale                              1965
Smilin' Through                    Penn, Arthur A.                         1918
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes            Kern, Jerome        Harbach, Otto       1933
Sneaky Shuffles                    Lodge, Henry                            1910
Snuggled On Your Shoulder          Lombardo, Carmen    Young, Joe          1932
Solvejgs Lied                      Grieg, Edvard                           1921
Some Day                           Friml, Rudolf       Hooker, Brian       1930
Some Little Bird                   G'Spie/McPhail/VnAl.                    1920
Some Of These Days                 Brooks, Shelton                         1937
Somebody's Knocking At Your Door   Dett, Nathaniel                         1919
Someday                            Hodges, Jimmie                          1944
Something To Remember You By       Schwartz, Arthur    Dietz, Howard       1930
Sometime                           Fiorito, Ted        Kahn, Gus           1925
Somewhere A Voice Is Calling       Tate, Arthur F.     Newton, Eileen      1911
Sonata In C Major                  Scarlatti, Domenico                     19-?
Sonate Fur Violine Und Klavier     Korngold, Erich W.                      19-?
Sonatine                           Schytte, Ludwig                         1893
Song Is Ended, The                 Berlin, Irving                          1927
Song Of Consecration, A            Kennedy, Dion W.    Wesley, Charles     1922
Song Of India, A                   Rimsky-Korsakov, N. Castillo, Jerry     1935
Song Of Love                       Schubert/Berte/Romb.Donnelly, Dorothy   1921
Song Of Sleep, A                   Somerset, Lord Henry                    19-?
Song Of The Adventurer Bold        Vanderpool, F.W.    Switzer, Maurice    1907
Song Of The Islands                King, Charles E.                        1917
Song Of The Seven Lambs            Warner, Richard     Warner, Katherine R.1959
Song Of The Soul                   Breil, Joseph Carl  Locke, Edward       1909
Song Of The Vagabonds              Friml, Rudolf       Hooker, Brian       1930
Song Of The Volga Boatmen          Manoloff, Nick, arr.                    1932
Song Without Words                 Streabbog, L.                           1916
Songs My Mother Taught Me          Dvorak/Rolfe                            1942
Sonny Boy                          Jolson/Sylva/Brown/H                    1928
Sorority                           Roat, Charles E.                        1908
Sound Off                          Duckworth, Willie L.                    1951
Southern Beauties                  Johnson, Charles L.                     1907
Sparrow In The Tree Top            Merrill, Bob                            1951
Spirit Flower, A                   Campell-Tipton      Stanton, B. Martin  1936
Spray Of Gold                      Braunbach, Helena                       1905
Spring In My Heart                 Strauss, Johann     Freed, Ralph        1939
Springtime                         Mack, Eugene                            1910
Star Of The Sea                    Kennedy, A.                             1939
Star You Wished Upon Last Night    McHugh, Jimmy       Kaye, Buddy         1956
Starlight Waltz                    Brainard, C. S.                         1913
Stars Brightly Shining             Bronte, Emil        Henley, Lewis       1915
Stars In My Eyes                   Kreisler, Fritz     Fields, Dorothy     1936
Step By Step                       Streabbog, R.                           1904
Stephanie                          Czibulka, Alphonse                      1915
Still, Still With Thee             Jacobsen, Heinrich  Stowe, Harriet B.   1911
Stille Grusse                      Esser, Rudolf                           1897
Stranger Of Galilee, The           Morris, C.H., Mrs.                      1928
Strangers In The Streets           Chase, David A.     Mencer, Curtis      1970
Such A Day                         Olias, Lotar        Cochran, Dorcas     1955
Sugartime                          Phillips/Echols                         1956
Sul Y Blodau                       William, Owen       Wyn, Eifion         1921
Summertime                         Gershwin, George    Heyward, Du Bose    1935
Summertime Sweethearts             Snyder, Ted         Kahal/Wheeler       1927
Sunbonnet Sally And Overall Jim    Johnson, Frederick GCox, Lytton         1924
Sunday Morning Chimes              Klickmann, F. Henri                     1914
Sunrise                            Provaznik, Anton                        1915
Sunrise And You                    Penn, Arthur A.                         1918
Sunrise Serenade                   Carle, Frankie      Lawrence, Jack      1939
Sunset                             Read, Edward M.                         1902
Sunset                             Torjussen, Trygve                       1921
Sunshine And Shadow                Ford, Abbie A.                          1905
Sunshine Of Your Smile, The        Ray, Lilian         Cooke, Leonard      1915
Surrey With The Fringe On Top, The Rodgers, Richard    Hammerstein, Oscar  1943
Sweet Bunch Of Daisies             Owen, Anita                             1908
Sweet Kiss Polka                   Kinkel, Charles                         1908
Sweet Little Jesus Boy             Mac Gimsey, Robert                      1934
Sweet Miss Mary                    Neidlinger, W. H.   Stanton, Frank L.   1914
Sweet Remembrance                  Wilkes, Robert W.                       1912
Sweet Sue-- Just You               Young, Victor       Harris, Will J.     1928
Sweet Thing                        Williams/Kahn/Verges                    1926
Sweet Was The Song The Virgin...   Johnson, D.N., arr. Ballet, William     1969
Sweetest Story Every Told, The     Stults, R. M.                           1920
Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi, The       Vernor, F. Dudleigh Stokes, Byron D.    1912
Sweethearts                        Herbert, Victor     Wright/Forrest      1938
Sweethearts On Parade              Lombardo, Carmen    Newman, Charles     1928
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot           Guion, David W., arr                    1918
Sylvia                             Speaks, Oley                            1931
Symphony                           Alstone             Tabet/Bernstein     1946
Syncopate                          Johnstone, Tom      Cook, Phil          1922
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TITLE                              COMPOSER            LYRICIST            DATE
Takin' Miss Mary To The Ball       Brown, Nacio Herb   Heyman, Edward      1948
Tango In The Sky, The              Mohr, Halsey K.                         1914
Tea For Two                        Youmans, V/Caesar, I                    1924
Tea For Two Cha Cha                Youmans/Caesar/Gall.                    1958
Teach Me To Pray                   Jewitt, Jessie Mae  Graff, George, Jr.  1910
Teach Me, O Lord                   Hamblen, Bernard                        1925
Teddy Bear                         Mann, K./Lowe, B.                       1957
Teddy Bears' Picnic, The           Bratton, John W.    Kennedy, Jimmy      1947
Teddy Trombone                     Fillmore, Henry                         1918
Tell Me Little Gypsy               Berlin, Irving                          1920
Tell Me Why You Smile, Mona Lisa?  Stolz, Robert       Reisch,W./Egan, R.  1932
Tenderly                           Gross, Walter       Lawrence, Jack      1947
Thais                              Massenet, J.                            1894
That Feeling In The Moonlight      Cavanaugh/Stock/Sch.                    1944
That Little Bit Of Heaven          anon.                                   1919
That Night In Araby                Snyder,T./Rose, B.                      1926
That Sweet Story Of Old            West, John A.       Luke, Jemima        1924
That's An Irish Lullaby            Shannon, J. R.                          1913
There Is A Green Hill Far Away     Gounod, Charles     Alexander, C.F, Mrs.19-?
There Is No Death!                 O'Hara, Geoffrey    Johnstone, Gordon   1919
There Were Shepherds               Scott, John Prindle                     1917
There's A Girl In The Heart Of MD  Carroll, Harry      MacDonald, Ballard  1913
There's A Home In Wyomin'          Hill, B./De Rose, P.                    1933
There's A Long, Long Trail         Elliot, Zo          King, Stoddard      1914
There's A Lump Of Sugar Down in ...Gumble, Albert      Bryan, A./Yellen, J.1918
There's A Mother Old And Gray...   Diamond, George H.                      1911
There's A New Star In Heaven ...   Brennan/McHugh/Mills                    1926
There's A Voice That I Enshrine    Rossini, Gioachimo                      1900
There's Yes! Yes! In Your Eyes     Santly, Joseph H.   Friend, Cliff       1924
They Were All Out Of Step But Jim  Berlin, Irving                          1918
They're In The Trenches            Levy, Jule Jerome                       1918
They're On Their Way To Germany    Mohr, Halsey K.                         1917
Things I Want, The                 Kern, Jerome        Hammerstein, Oscar  1937
This Can't Be Love                 Rodgers, Richard    Hart, Lorenz        1938
This Is The Mrs.                   Brown / Henderson                       1931
This Is The Year                   Ochsner / Verne                         1951
Thou Art My Strength               Sowerby, Leo                            1934
Thou Charming Bird                 David, Felicien-C.                      1888
Thou Wilt Keep Him In Perfect PeaceSpeaks, Oley                            1941
Thou Wilt Keep Him In Perfect PeaceThiman, Eric H.                         1946
Though I Take The Wings Of Morning Beach, H.H.A., Mrs. Spencer, Robert N.  1941
Three For Jack                     Squire, W. H.       Weatherly, Fred. E. 1904
Three Wise Monkeys                 Sawyer, Henry S.    Whitson, Alice L.   1923
Through The Years                  Youmans, Vincent    Heyman, Edward      1931
Throw Another Log On The Fire      Tobias/Scholl/Mench.                    1933
Throw Me A Rose                    Kalman, Emmerich    Wodehouse/Reynolds  1916
Tickle Toe, The                    Hirsch, Louis A.    Harbach, Otto       1918
Time On My Hands                   Youmans, Vincent    Adamson / Gordon    1930
Ting-A-Ling                        Little, Jack        Britt, Addy         1926
Tip Toe Through The Tulips With Me Burke, Joe          Dubin, Al           1929
Tis Me, O Lord                     Burleigh, H. T.                         1918
Tis Raining                        Grunn, Homer                            1929
Tis Snowing                        Bemberg, H.                             1899
To Each His Own                    Livingston / Evans                      1946
To Morfydd                         Farwell, Arthur                         1903
To The Queen Of Heaven             Dunhill, Thomas F.                      1926
To The Spring                      Torjussen, Trygve                       1913
To The Sun                         Curran, Pearl G.                        1920
To Us A Little Child Is Born       Tunder / Gore                           1959
Toast To Mu Phi Epsilon            Ashford, Wilma S.                       19-?
Together                           DeSylva/Brown/Hend.                     1928
Tommy, Lad!                        Margetson, E. J.    Teschemacher, Ed.   1907
Tomorrow                           Turk,R./Robinson, J.                    1922
Tonight You Belong To Me           Rose, B./David, L.                      1926
Torna A Surriento                  Curtis, Ernesto de  Curtis, G.B. de     1909
Trees                              Rasbach, Oscar      Kilmer, Joyce       1922
Trepak (Russian Festival Dance)    Nevin, Mark                             1944
Trovatore, Il                      Dorn, E.                                1933
Trumpeter, The                     Dix, J. Airlie      Barron, J. Francis  1906
Trust In The Lord                  Davis, Katherine K.                     1946
Tulip Time                         Stamper, Dave       Buck, Gene          1919
Tulip, The                         Cook, H. A. Vander                      1911
Tumbled In                         Glynn, G.           Couture, E.         1921
Turkestan                          Stern, Jack         Jones, Bobby        1919
Twas The Night Before Christmas    Darby, Ken                              1942
Twenty-Third Psalm, The            Malotte, Albert Hay                     1937
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Variations Nevin, Mark                             1951
Two Guitars                        Manloff, Nick, arr.                     1935
Two Larks                          Leschetizky, Th.                        19-?
Two Loves                          Scotto, Vincent     Koger,G./Varna,H.   1931
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TITLE                              COMPOSER            LYRICIST            DATE
Uila                               Kopp, Rudolph G.                        1925
Unchained Melody                   North, Alex         Zaret, Hy           1955
Uncle Sam's Great Army             Woodford, G. R.     Mitchell, Albert J. 1944
Undertaker Man, The                Smith, Chris                            1911
University Rag                     Knippenberg, Ruth   Knippenberg, Adelyn 1912
Unwaith Etto'n Nghymru Anwyl       Williams, E. D.                         1917
Uocchie Celeste!                   DeCrescenzo, V.                         19-?
Upstairs And Down                  Donaldson, Walter   Lewis, S./Young, J. 1919
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TITLE                              COMPOSER            LYRICIST            DATE
Valse                              Levitzki, Mischa                        1922
Valse De Chopin                    Marx, Joseph                            1910
Values (Another Hour With Thee)    Vanderpool, F. W.   Rittenhouse, Jessie 1918
Variations On Three Blind Mice     Thompson, John                          1937
Vas Villst Du Haben?               Monaco, James V.    Bryan, Al           1932
Vedic Hymns                        Holst, Gustav                           1920
Venetian Nights                    Asmus, Fred, Jr.                        1915
Verzeihe                           Hage, Arthur                            19-?
Vesti La Giubba                    Leoncavallo, R.                         1906
Victors, The                       Elbel, Louis                            1899
Vilia                              Lehar, Franz        Ross, Adrian        1907
Villanelle                         Dell'Acqua, Eva     Van Der Elst, F.    1893
Virgin By The Manger, The          Franck, Cesar                           1937
Virgin's Slumber Song, The         Reger, Max          Boelitz, Martin     1940
Voi Che Sapete                     Mozart, W. A.                           1936
Voice Of The Flower, The           Kern, Carl Wilhelm  Barrett, Wilson     1904
Voice Of The Lilies                Schuler, Lillian R.                     1920
Voices Of The Sky                  Matthews, H. A.                         1913
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TITLE                              COMPOSER            LYRICIST            DATE
Wabash Blues                       Meinken, Fred       Ringle, Dave        1921
Waiting                            Croke, Leonard T.   Rigby, Reginald     1917
Wal, I Swan!                       Burt, Benjamin H.                       1907
Waldandacht                        Abt, Franz                              1897
Walking With Susie                 Conrad/Mitchell/Gott                    1929
Waltz You Saved For Me, The        King, W./Flindt, E. Kahn, Gus           1930
Wanda Mazurka                      Boscovitz, F.                           1896
Wandering Sprite                   Engelbrecht, J. C.                      1909
Warblings Of The Birds             Kimball, Frank R.                       1908
Warrior's Song                     Heller, Stephen                         1945
Watching The Wheat                 Thomas, John, arr.                      19-?
Watchman, Tell Us Of The Night     Hovhaness, Alan     Bowring, John       1964
Water Mill, The                    Vaughan Williams, R.Shove, Fredegond    1925
We Just Couldn't Say Good-Bye      Woods, Harry                            1932
We'll Keep A Welcome               Jones, Mai          Joshua,L./Harper,J. 1949
We've Only Just Begun              Nichols, Roger      Williams, Paul      1972
Wedding Prayer                     Dunlap, Fern Glasgow                    1947
Wedding Song                       Schuetz, Heinrich                       19-?
Wedding Song                       Verdi, Ralph C., Rev                    1973
Wedding Song (There Is Love)                                               19-?
Welcome Home Sweet Home            Karle, E. Richard                       1919
Welsh National Anthem              J.                  James, Evan         19-?
Wenn Die Elisabeth                 Katscher, Robert    Farkas/Herczeg/Kats.1930
What A Perfect Combination         Ruby, H./Akst, H.   Kalmar / Caesar     1932
What Do You Want To Make Those...  McCarthy/J'son/Mon.                     1916
What From Vengeance Yet ...        Donizetti, Gaetano                      19-?
What Kind Of An American Are You?  Tilzer, Alvert Von  Brown / McCarron    1917
Whatever Will Be, Will Be          Livingston / Evans                      1961
When Adam Was Created              Bock, Fred, arr.                        1971
When Alexander Takes His Ragtime...Bryan/Hess/Leslie                       1918
When Children Play                 Fenner, Beatrice                        1938
When Day Is Done                   Katscher, Robert    De Sylva, B. G.     1926
When I Bring To You Colour'd Toys  Carpenter, John A.  Tagore, Rabindranath1942
When I Have Sung My Songs          Charles, Ernest                         1934
When I Think Upon The Maidens      Head, Michael       Ashbrooke, Philip   1920
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling        Ball, Ernest R.     Olcott, C./Graff, G.1912
When It's Harvest Time             Kisco/Tobias/Moret                      1930
When Kisses Mean Good-Bye          Weasner, H. C.      Volz, Phil.         1927
When Mother Sang, "Hush A-Bye, O"  Weasner, H. C.                          1925
When Mother Wields The Shingle     Young, Victor, arr.                     1924
When Old Bill Bailey Plays The...  McCarron / Vincent                      1915
When Our Boys Come Marching Home   Winkel, Sym                             1917
When The Bell In The Lighthouse... Solman, Alfred      Lamb, Arthur J.     1921
When The Organ Played At Twilight  Campbell / Connelly Wallace, Raymond    1929
When You And I Were Young, Maggie  Butterfield, J. A.  Johnson, George W.  1909
When You Love                      Roderick, George H. Barnes, Russel      1921
When You Sang "Hush-A-Bye Baby"... Olman, A./Logan, F. Glick, Jesse G. M.  1918
When You Try To Forget             Asmus, Fred, Jr.    Bankey, Jack        1926
When You're Away!                  Herbert, Victor     Blossom, Henry      1914
When Your Hair Has Turned To SilverDe Rose, Peter      Tobias, Charlie     1930
Where Do We Go From Here?          Johnson / Wenrich                       1917
Where It's Peach-Jam Makin' Time   Brockman / Vincent                      1918
Where My Caravan Has Rested        Lohr, Hermann       Teschemacher, Ed.   1917
Where Or When                      Rodgers, Richard    Hart, Lorenz        1937
Where The Shy Little Violets Grow  Kahn, G./Warren, H.                     1928
Where'er You Walk                  Handel, G. F.                           19-?
Whiffenpoof Song, The              M.M. / G.P. / T.G.  Hart, Moss          1944
While Shepherds Watched Their...   Belcher, Supply     Tate, Nahum         1964
Whisper That You Will Be Mine      Cheiffetz, Hymon    Cheiffetz / Brewster1927
Whispering                         Schonberger, John   Schonberger, Malvin 1920
Who Knows?                         Ball, Ernest R.     Dunbar, Paul L.     1909
Who Walks In When I Walk Out?      Hoffman/Goodhart/Fr.                    1933
Who'll Buy My Violets?             Padilla, Jose       Goetz, E. Ray       1923
Who'll Take My Place               Fazioli, Billy      Klages, Raymond     1922
Whose Honey Are You?               Coots, J. Fred      Gillespie, Haven    1935
Why Art Thou Cast Down             Cowan, Denis                            1943
Why Do I Love You?                 Kern, Jerome        Hammerstein, Oscar  1927
Will O' The Wisp                   Jungmann, A.                            1908
Will O' The Wisp                   Spross, Charles G.  Benjamin, Torrence  1909
Will You Remember                  Romberg, Sigmund    Young, Rida Johnson 1944
Windmills Of Your Mind, The        Legrand, Michel     Bergman, M. & A.    1968
Winter Memories                    Bertrand-Brown                          1921
With A Hey And A Hi And A Ho Ho Ho Mizzy, Vic          Curtis, Mann        1947
With A Song In My Heart            Rodgers, Richard    Hart, Lorenz        1929
With My Guitar And You             Snyder, Ted         Harris, M./Heyman, E1930
Without A Song                     Youmans, Vincent    Rose, W./Eliscu, E. 1929
Wondrous Star                      Heyser, E. K.                           1926
Woodland Waltz                     Metcalf, I. N.      Root, Frank K.      1908
World Is Waiting For Sunrise, The  Seitz, Ernest       Lockhart, Eugene    1923
Would You Forget Me?               English, Granville  Reynolds, Elizabeth 1919
Wreck Of The "Julie Plante", The   O'Hara, Geoffrey    Drummond, W. H.     1920
Wren, The                          Benedict, J.        Rosier, F. W.       1881
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TITLE                              COMPOSER            LYRICIST            DATE
Year Ago, A                        Lloyd, Robert       Patterson, Josephine1903
Year's At The Spring, The          Beach, H.H.A., Mrs. Browning, Robert    1928
Yellow Bird                        Luboff/Keith/Bergman                    1958
Yes Sir, That's My Baby            Donaldson, Walter   Kahn, Gus           1925
Yesterday                          Lennon / McCartney                      1965
Yesterdays                         Kern, Jerome        Harbach, Otto       1931
You Are Love                       Kern, Jerome        Hammerstein, Oscar  1928
You Light Up My Life               Brooks, Joe                             1977
You Won't Be Satisfied             James, F./Stock, L.                     1945
You're A Dangerous Girl            Monaco, Jimmie V.   Clarke, Grant       1916
You're A Real Sweetheart           Friend, Cliff       Caesar, Irving      1928
You've Got A Friend                King, Carole                            1971
Your Absence Makes Me Lonely       Olman, Abe          Lee, Marvin         1915
Your Eyes Have Told Me So          Blaufuss, Walter    Kahn, G./Van Alstyne1919
Your Little Smile                  Neumann, Peter P.                       1924
Your Tiny Hand Is Frozen!          Puccini, G.                             1909

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