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Title Composer Lyricist Date
Takin' Miss Mary To The BallBrown, Nacio HerbHeyman, Edward1948
Tango In The Sky, TheMohr, Halsey K. 1914
Tea For TwoYoumans, V/Caesar, I 1924
Tea For Two Cha ChaYoumans/Caesar/Gall. 1958
Teach Me To PrayJewitt, Jessie MaeGraff, George, Jr.1910
Teach Me, O LordHamblen, Bernard 1925
Teddy BearMann, K./Lowe, B. 1957
Teddy Bears' Picnic, TheBratton, John W.Kennedy, Jimmy1947
Teddy TromboneFillmore, Henry 1918
Tell Me Little GypsyBerlin, Irving 1920
Tell Me Why You Smile, Mona Lisa?Stolz, RobertReisch,W./Egan, R.1932
TenderlyGross, WalterLawrence, Jack1947
ThaisMassenet, J. 1894
That Feeling In The MoonlightCavanaugh/Stock/Sch. 1944
That Little Bit Of Heavenanon. 1919
That Night In ArabySnyder,T./Rose, B. 1926
That Sweet Story Of OldWest, John A.Luke, Jemima1924
That's An Irish LullabyShannon, J. R. 1913
There Is A Green Hill Far AwayGounod, CharlesAlexander, C.F, Mrs.19-?
There Is No Death!O'Hara, GeoffreyJohnstone, Gordon1919
There Were ShepherdsScott, John Prindle 1917
There's A Girl In The Heart Of MDCarroll, HarryMacDonald, Ballard1913
There's A Home In Wyomin'Hill, B./De Rose, P. 1933
There's A Long, Long TrailElliot, ZoKing, Stoddard1914
There's A Lump Of Sugar Down in ...Gumble, AlbertBryan, A./Yellen, J.1918
There's A Mother Old And Gray...Diamond, George H. 1911
There's A New Star In Heaven ...Brennan/McHugh/Mills 1926
There's A Voice That I EnshrineRossini, Gioachimo 1900
There's Yes! Yes! In Your EyesSantly, Joseph H.Friend, Cliff1924
They Were All Out Of Step But JimBerlin, Irving 1918
They're In The TrenchesLevy, Jule Jerome 1918
They're On Their Way To GermanyMohr, Halsey K. 1917
Things I Want, TheKern, JeromeHammerstein, Oscar1937
This Can't Be LoveRodgers, RichardHart, Lorenz1938
This Is The Mrs.Brown / Henderson 1931
This Is The YearOchsner / Verne 1951
Thou Art My StrengthSowerby, Leo 1934
Thou Charming BirdDavid, Felicien-C. 1888
Thou Wilt Keep Him In Perfect PeaceSpeaks, Oley 1941
Thou Wilt Keep Him In Perfect PeaceThiman, Eric H. 1946
Though I Take The Wings Of MorningBeach, H.H.A., Mrs.Spencer, Robert N.1941
Three For JackSquire, W. H.Weatherly, Fred. E.1904
Three Wise MonkeysSawyer, Henry S.Whitson, Alice L.1923
Through The YearsYoumans, VincentHeyman, Edward1931
Throw Another Log On The FireTobias/Scholl/Mench. 1933
Throw Me A RoseKalman, EmmerichWodehouse/Reynolds1916
Tickle Toe, TheHirsch, Louis A.Harbach, Otto1918
Time On My HandsYoumans, VincentAdamson / Gordon1930
Ting-A-LingLittle, JackBritt, Addy1926
Tip Toe Through The Tulips With MeBurke, JoeDubin, Al1929
Tis Me, O LordBurleigh, H. T. 1918
Tis RainingGrunn, Homer 1929
Tis SnowingBemberg, H. 1899
To Each His OwnLivingston / Evans 1946
To MorfyddFarwell, Arthur 1903
To The Queen Of HeavenDunhill, Thomas F. 1926
To The SpringTorjussen, Trygve 1913
To The SunCurran, Pearl G. 1920
To Us A Little Child Is BornTunder / Gore 1959
Toast To Mu Phi EpsilonAshford, Wilma S. 19-?
TogetherDeSylva/Brown/Hend. 1928
Tommy, Lad!Margetson, E. J.Teschemacher, Ed.1907
TomorrowTurk,R./Robinson, J. 1922
Tonight You Belong To MeRose, B./David, L. 1926
Torna A SurrientoCurtis, Ernesto deCurtis, G.B. de1909
TreesRasbach, OscarKilmer, Joyce1922
Trepak (Russian Festival Dance)Nevin, Mark 1944
Trovatore, IlDorn, E. 1933
Trumpeter, TheDix, J. AirlieBarron, J. Francis1906
Trust In The LordDavis, Katherine K. 1946
Tulip TimeStamper, DaveBuck, Gene1919
Tulip, TheCook, H. A. Vander 1911
Tumbled InGlynn, G.Couture, E.1921
TurkestanStern, JackJones, Bobby1919
Twas The Night Before ChristmasDarby, Ken 1942
Twenty-Third Psalm, TheMalotte, Albert Hay 1937
Twinkle, Twinkle Little VariationsNevin, Mark 1951
Two GuitarsManloff, Nick, arr. 1935
Two LarksLeschetizky, Th. 19-?
Two LovesScotto, VincentKoger,G./Varna,H.1931
UilaKopp, Rudolph G. 1925
Unchained MelodyNorth, AlexZaret, Hy1955
Uncle Sam's Great ArmyWoodford, G. R.Mitchell, Albert J.1944
Undertaker Man, TheSmith, Chris 1911
University RagKnippenberg, RuthKnippenberg, Adelyn1912
Unwaith Etto'n Nghymru AnwylWilliams, E. D. 1917
Uocchie Celeste!DeCrescenzo, V. 19-?
Upstairs And DownDonaldson, WalterLewis, S./Young, J.1919
ValseLevitzki, Mischa 1922
Valse De ChopinMarx, Joseph 1910
Values (Another Hour With Thee)Vanderpool, F. W.Rittenhouse, Jessie1918
Variations On Three Blind MiceThompson, John 1937
Vas Villst Du Haben?Monaco, James V.Bryan, Al1932
Vedic HymnsHolst, Gustav 1920
Venetian NightsAsmus, Fred, Jr. 1915
VerzeiheHage, Arthur 19-?
Vesti La GiubbaLeoncavallo, R. 1906
Victors, TheElbel, Louis 1899
ViliaLehar, FranzRoss, Adrian1907
VillanelleDell'Acqua, EvaVan Der Elst, F.1893
Virgin By The Manger, TheFranck, Cesar 1937
Virgin's Slumber Song, TheReger, MaxBoelitz, Martin1940
Voi Che SapeteMozart, W. A. 1936
Voice Of The Flower, TheKern, Carl WilhelmBarrett, Wilson1904
Voice Of The LiliesSchuler, Lillian R. 1920
Voices Of The SkyMatthews, H. A. 1913
Wabash BluesMeinken, FredRingle, Dave1921
WaitingCroke, Leonard T.Rigby, Reginald1917
Wal, I Swan!Burt, Benjamin H. 1907
WaldandachtAbt, Franz 1897
Walking With SusieConrad/Mitchell/Gott 1929
Waltz You Saved For Me, TheKing, W./Flindt, E.Kahn, Gus1930
Wanda MazurkaBoscovitz, F. 1896
Wandering SpriteEngelbrecht, J. C. 1909
Warblings Of The BirdsKimball, Frank R. 1908
Warroir's SongHellen, Stephen 1945
Watching The WheatThomas, John, arr. 19-?
Watchman, Tell Us Of The NightHovhaness, AlanBowring, John1964
Water Mill, TheVaughan Williams, R.Shove, Fredegond1925
We Just Couldn't Say Good-ByeWoods, Harry 1932
We'll Keep A WelcomeJones, MaiJoshua,L./Harper,J.1949
We've Only Just BegunNichols, RogerWilliams, Paul1972
Wedding PrayerDunlap, Fern Glasgow 1947
Wedding SongSchuetz, Heinrich 19-?
Wedding SongVerdi, Ralph C., Rev 1973
Wedding Song (There Is Love)  19-?
Welcome Home Sweet HomeKarle, E. Richard 1919
Welsh National AnthemJ.James, Evan19-?
Wenn Die ElisabethKatscher, RobertFarkas/Herczeg/Kats.1930
What A Perfect CombinationRuby, H./Akst, H.Kalmar / Caesar1932
What Do You Want To Make Those...McCarthy/J'son/Mon. 1916
What From Vengeance Yet ...Donizetti, Gaetano 19-?
What Kind Of An American Are You?Tilzer, Alvert VonBrown / McCarron1917
Whatever Will Be, Will BeLivingston / Evans 1961
When Adam Was CreatedBock, Fred, arr. 1971
When Alexander Takes His Ragtime...Bryan/Hess/Leslie 1918
When Children PlayFenner, Beatrice 1938
When Day Is DoneKatscher, RobertDe Sylva, B. G.1926
When I Bring To You Colour'd ToysCarpenter, John A.Tagore, Rabindranath1942
When I Have Sung My SongsCharles, Ernest 1934
When I Think Upon The MaidensHead, MichaelAshbrooke, Philip1920
When Irish Eyes Are SmilingBall, Ernest R.Olcott, C./Graff, G.1912
When It's Harvest TimeKisco/Tobias/Moret 1930
When Kisses Mean Good-ByeWeasner, H. C.Volz, Phil.1927
When Mother Sang, "Hush A-Bye, O"Weasner, H. C. 1925
When Mother Wields The ShingleYoung, Victor, arr. 1924
When Old Bill Bailey Plays The...McCarron / Vincent 1915
When Our Boys Come Marching HomeWinkel, Sym 1917
When The Bell In The Lighthouse...Solman, AlfredLamb, Arthur J.1921
When The Organ Played At TwilightCampbell / ConnellyWallace, Raymond1929
When You And I Were Young, MaggieButterfield, J. A.Johnson, George W.1909
When You LoveRoderick, George H.Barnes, Russel1921
When You Sang "Hush-A-Bye Baby"...Olman, A./Logan, F.Glick, Jesse G. M.1918
When You Try To ForgetAsmus, Fred, Jr.Bankey, Jack1926
When You're Away!Herbert, VictorBlossom, Henry1914
When Your Hair Has Turned To SilverDe Rose, PeterTobias, Charlie1930
Where Do We Go From Here?Johnson / Wenrich 1917
Where It's Peach-Jam Makin' TimeBrockman / Vincent 1918
Where My Caravan Has RestedLohr, HermannTeschemacher, Ed.1917
Where Or WhenRodgers, RichardHart, Lorenz1937
Where The Shy Little Violets GrowKahn, G./Warren, H. 1928
Where'er You WalkHandel, G. F. 19-?
Whiffenpoof Song, TheM.M. / G.P. / T.G.Hart, Moss1944
While Shepherds Watched Their...Belcher, SupplyTate, Nahum1964
Whisper That You Will Be MineCheiffetz, HymonCheiffetz / Brewster1927
WhisperingSchonberger, JohnSchonberger, Malvin1920
Who Knows?Ball, Ernest R.Dunbar, Paul L.1909
Who Walks In When I Walk Out?Hoffman/Goodhart/Fr. 1933
Who'll Buy My Violets?Padilla, JoseGoetz, E. Ray1923
Who'll Take My PlaceFazioli, BillyKlages, Raymond1922
Whose Honey Are You?Coots, J. FredGillespie, Haven1935
Why Art Thou Cast DownCowan, Denis 1943
Why Do I Love You?Kern, JeromeHammerstein, Oscar1927
Will O' The WispJungmann, A. 1908
Will O' The WispSpross, Charles G.Benjamin, Torrence1909
Will You RememberRomberg, SigmundYoung, Rida Johnson1944
Windmills Of Your Mind, TheLegrand, MichelBergman, M. & A.1968
Winter MemoriesBertrand-Brown 1921
With A Hey And A Hi And A Ho Ho HoMizzy, VicCurtis, Mann1947
With A Song In My HeartRodgers, RichardHart, Lorenz1929
With My Guitar And YouSnyder, TedHarris, M./Heyman, E1930
Without A SongYoumans, VincentRose, W./Eliscu, E.1929
Wondrous StarHeyser, E. K. 1926
Woodland WaltzMetcalf, I. N.Root, Frank K.1908
World Is Waiting For Sunrise, TheSeitz, ErnestLockhart, Eugene1923
Would You Forget Me?English, GranvilleReynolds, Elizabeth1919
Wreck Of The "Julie Plante", TheO'Hara, GeoffreyDrummond, W. H.1920
Wren, TheBenedict, J.Rosier, F. W.1881
Year Ago, ALloyd, RobertPatterson, Josephine1903
Year's At The Spring, TheBeach, H.H.A., Mrs.Browning, Robert1928
Yellow BirdLuboff/Keith/Bergman 1958
Yes Sir, That's My BabyDonaldson, WalterKahn, Gus1925
YesterdayLennon / McCartney 1965
YesterdaysKern, JeromeHarbach, Otto1931
You Are LoveKern, JeromeHammerstein, Oscar1928
You Light Up My LifeBrooks, Joe 1977
You Won't Be SatisfiedJames, F./Stock, L. 1945
You're A Dangerous GirlMonaco, Jimmie V.Clarke, Grant1916
You're A Real SweetheartFriend, CliffCaesar, Irving1928
You've Got A FriendKing, Carole 1971
Your Absence Makes Me LonelyOlman, AbeLee, Marvin1915
Your Eyes Have Told Me SoBlaufuss, WalterKahn, G./Van Alstyne1919
Your Little SmileNeumann, Peter P. 1924
Your Tiny Hand Is Frozen!Puccini, G. 1909

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