New Directions for Woodwind. Bruno Bartolozzi, 2nd ed., Oxford UniversityPress, 1982.
MT 339 .B29 1980 - tape OXF 101

Lots of material on extended techniques like multiphonics for all instruments in the family.Very little  on traditional writting. The tape helps clarify the examples.

Treatise on Instrumentation. Hector Berlioz, revised by Richard Strauss. Kalmus, 1948
MT 70 .B482 1948

Offers sound fundamental understanding on the nature of and arrangement of orchestral instruments.

The Modern Trombone: A Definition of its Idioms. Stuart Dempster, U. of California Press, 1979.
ML 945 .D45 Accompanying LP: UCA 71679

Many of the late 20th century developments, with examples, bibliography, and discography.

Grapes: Practical Notation for Clusters and Special Effects for Piano and Other Keyboards William Y. Elias, 2nd ed., Pendragon, 1984.
MT 35 .E53 1984

The title tells it all. This has very specific information for specific sounds.

The Avant-Garde Flute. Thomas Howell, U. of California Press, 1974.
ML 935 .H795 A9

This includes both traditional & non-tradtional techniques, special effects, incl. bibliography.

Writing for the Pedal Harp: A Standardized Manual for Composers and Harpists. Ruth K. Inglefield and Lou Anne Neill, U. of California Press, 1985.
MT 540 .I53 1985

Covers traditional and non-traditional writing techniques. Includes catalog of notations, also includes a bibliography.

The Technique of Orchestration. Kent Kennan & Donald Grantham, 4th ed., Prentice Hall, 1990.
MT 70 .K37 1990

Emphesizes capabilities/limitations of instruments, includes extended techniques, scoring for unusual ensembles, bibliography and suggested listening.

Orchestration Theory: A Bibliography. James E. Perone, Greenwood Press, 1996.
(RMU) ML 128 .166 P47 1996

A comprehensive bibliography covering various styles and practices.

Orchestration. Walter Piston, W.W. Norton, 1955.
MT 70 .P56

Still a fantastic reference book for uncovering details on how to write for orchestral instruments.

Music Scoring for TV and Motion Pictures. Marlin Skiles, Tab Books, 1976.
MT 70 .S6

This concentrates on the special considerations/limitations specific to scoring for film & TV.

The Contemporary Contrabass. Bertram Turetzky, U. of California Press, 2nd ed., 1989.
MT 320 .T87 1989.

Comprehensive on new techniques for writing for contrabass, incl. bibliography.

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