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The Electronic Musicians Dictionary. Craig Anderson, Amsco Publishing, 1988.
(RMU) ML 102 .E4 A5 1988

Concise definitions of terms related to all areas of electro-acoustic music and the applied engineering elements, cross referenced.

Experiments in Musical Intelligence. David Cope, A-R Editions, 1996.
MT 56 .C67 1996

The author discusses his EMI project: pattern matching, natural language processing, etc. There is an accompanying CD-ROM in Media Services (ground floor, East wing - next to reserves)

A Dictionary of Electronic and Computer Music Technology. Richard Dobson, Oxford U. Press,     1992.
(RMU) ML 102 .E4 D63x 1992.

Offers longer discussions rather than short, specific definitions. The entries may include historical context as well as a variety of applications for the given topic.

Analog Electronic Music Techniques: In Tape, Electronic, and Voltage Controlled Studios. Joel Naumann and James D. Wagoner, Schirmer, 1985.
MT 723 .N38 1985

Broad overview of the electronic music studio, including topics such as tape manipulation, AM/FM synthesis, and  special considerations for composing in the electronic medium, includes bibliography.

Synthesizer Performance and Real Time Techniques. Jeff Pressing, A-R Editions, 1992.
ML 1092 .P68 1992.

Considers digital synthesizers from the performers view, how to achieve specific results in performance.

MIDI: A Comprehensive Introduction. Joseph Rothstein, A-R Editions, 1995.
MT 723 .R68 1995

General intro to MIDI concepts and applications, how MIDI works, capabilities and how to build a MIDI studio

Opcode Systems

Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the US (SEAMUS)

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