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Music Theory

Music Theory Tutorials/Lessons

Music Theory Online | Music Theory Lessons | Music Theory Help
  • One minute videos dealing with intervals, scales, chords, suspensions, and modulations
teoría - Music Theory Web - Espacio dedicado a la teoría musical
  • Lessons dealing with intervals, scales, chords, harmonic functions, form, and fundamentals
Dolmetsch Online - Music Theory Introduction
  • Interface is difficult to understand
  • Lessons dealing with Music History, Music Theory, Instrumentation, and Form Analysis
  • includes citations and links
MUSIC LESSONS II Theory Reference
  • the fundamentals through neapolitan chords
Ricci Adams'
  • the fundamentals through neapolitan chords

Ear Training

Good Ear - Online Ear Training Site
  • Interface is difficult to understand
  • Basic intervals, chords, scales, jazz chords
Ricci Adams'
  • Intervals, scales and chords
teoría - Music Theory Web - Espacio dedicado a la teoría musical
  • Rhythm, notes, intervals, scales, key signatures, chords, harmonic functions and jazz
Big Ears
  • Intervals from the perfect unison to the perfect eleventh

Set Theory Resources

Set Theory Primer
  • includes glossaries and definitions
A Brief Introduction to Pitch-Class Set Analysis
  • basics in set theory
All About Musical Set Theory
  • "All About Set Theory" - Welcome
  • tutorials on 20th century music theory
  • includes set theory tools, such as, matrix generators

Music Theory Texts

List and annotations derived from the Music Theory department's "Review Texts for Theory Placement Exam" document

Benward, Bruce and Marilyn Saker. Music in Theory and Practice Vols. I & II.
"Good, concise presentation of an entire core theory sequence in two volumes. Optional workbooks and CDs. Texts include exercises without answers. Sparse prose may make self-instruction difficult."
Clough, John. Scales, Intervals, Keys, and Triads.
"'...applies the procedures of programmed instruction to the basic elements of music theory, prepares the beginner - studying with or without a teacher - for more advanced work and enables the advanced student to review the fundamentals of music theory.'"
Harder, Paul O. and Greg A. Steinke. Basic Materials in Music Theory: a Programmed Course.
"Classic, self-paced, auto-instructional introduction to music fundamentals allows users to work independently through a programmed format. Not very inclusive. Chapter topics range only from the basic materials of music to triads. Programmed text consisting entirely of brief statements and questions. Answer for each question is given on the other half of the page so feedback is immediate."
Kostka, Stefan and Dorothy Payne. Tonal Harmony, with an Introduction to Twentieth-Century Music.
"Excellent, single-volume text covering an entire core theory sequence. However, it's primarily vertical approach to harmony lacks the more contrapuntal approach favored by many recent texts. Optional workbook and CDs. Text includes many exercises that parallel the exercises in the workbook but also includes answers in an appendix."
Lynn, Theodore A. Introductory Musicianship: a Workbook.
"Text/workbook emphasizing the fundamental skills of reading and writing music. Many examples, both in the text and on the accompanying CD-ROM, along with worksheet exercises reinforce each major concept covered in the book."
Ottman, Robert W. Elementary Harmony: Theory and Practice and Advanced Harmony: Theory and Practice.
"Two texts, each with its own optional workbook and audio CD, ultimately covering an entire core theory sequence. Traditional in approach and rather limited in scope. Slowly introduces each diatonic harmony in turn within a primarily vertical context."
Ottman, Robert W. and Frank Mainous. Rudiments of Music.
"Combined text/workbook intended for beginners in music theory covering traditional elements of music up to an elementary presentation of chords and their progressions. Answers for many exercises are given in Appendix E (in the newest edition)."
Schachter, Carl and Edward Aldwell. Harmony and Voice Leading.
"A comprehensive volume spanning the entire theory sequence, begins with coverage of basic concepts and moves into advanced dissonance and chromaticism. It emphasizes the linear aspects of music as much as the harmonic, and introduces large-scale progressions--linear and harmonic--at an early stage. Long recognized as not a particularly easy textbook to work through."
Steinke, Greg A. Harmonic Materials in Tonal Music: A Programmed Course Parts I & II.
"Auto-instructional text in programmed format whereby the text consists entirely of brief statements and questions. Answer for each question is given on the other half of the page providing immediate feedback. The two texts, Parts I and II, cover the entire theory sequence. Includes audio CDs."