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NOTE: Musical Theatre DVDs are found in the Media & Reserve Library (located basement of the West wing of the Golda Meir Library). A similar list of DVDs held by the Media Library can be found here: Musical Theater

The UWM Music Library is located on the second floor east wing of the Golda Meir Library.

Title Call Number
1776 (Broadway cast)C-Disc Z JAA 1267
25th Annual Putnam County Spelling BeeC-Disc Z IAA 1481
Aida (Elton John/Tim Rice)C-Disc Z JAA 1248
Altar BoyzC-Disc Z JAA 1307
American idiotC-Disc Z NAA 1019
AnnieC-Disc Z BAA 1077
Annie get your gunC-Disc Z NAA 1735
Annie get your gunC-Disc Z NAA 1736
Anything GoesC-Disc Z JAA 1255
Anything GoesC-Disc Z NAA 1146
Anything GoesC-Disc Z NAA 1738
AssassinsC-Disc Z GAA 1429
Avenue QC-Disc Z GAA 1401
BabyC-Disc Z JAA 1239
BarnumC-Disc Z JAA 1296
Bat BoyC-Disc Z IAA 1425
Best Little Whorehouse in TexasC-Disc Z JAA 1247
Big RiverC-Disc Z EAA 1118
Bklyn (live)C-Disc Z JAA 1244
The book of MormonC-Disc Z NAA 1115
Boy from OzC-Disc Z GAA 1405
CabaretC-Disc COL 3040
Call me madamC-Disc Z NAA 1739
CamelotC-Disc Z BAA 1076
CamelotC-Disc Z NAA 1740
CandideC-Disc NWR 340-2
CatsC-Disc Z JAA 1291
ChicagoC-Disc Z JAA 1048
Chitty Chitty Bang BangC-Disc Z JAA 1240
Chorus LineC-Disc Z BAA 1079
Civil WarC-Disc Z HAA 1100
CompanyC-Disc Z BAA 1074
ContactC-Disc Z JAA 1059
Dessa RoseC-Disc Z JAA 1270
Dirty Rotten ScoundrelsC-Disc Z IAA 1406
DreamgirlsC-Disc Z JAA 1292
Evita (London Cast)C-Disc Z LAA 1253
Evita (American Premiere Recording)C-Disc Z IAA 1421
Fiorello!C-Disc Z JAA 1263
FixC-Disc Z JAA 1285
Flower Drum SongC-Disc Z BAA 1073
Full MontyC-Disc Z JAA 1241
Girl CrazyC-Disc Z BAA 1083
GodspellC-Disc Z JAA 1283
Grand HotelC-Disc Z JAA 1261
Grey GardensC-Disc Z JAA 1233
Gypsy (original Broadway cast)C-Disc Z BAA 1082
Gypsy (new Broadway cast)C-Disc Z GAA 1047
HairC-Disc Z IAA 1457
HairsprayC-Disc Z GAA 1120
Harlem Song (George C. Wolfe)C-Disc Z GAA 1443
Hedwig and the Angry InchC-Disc Z JAA 1246
How to Succeed in Business Without Really TryingC-Disc Z JAA 1288
How to Succeed in Business Without Really TryingC-Disc Z NAA 1142
I Love my WifeC-Disc Z JAA 1295
In the HeightsC-Disc Z KAA 1097
Into the WoodsC-Disc Z JAA 1284
Jekyll & HydeC-Disc Z CAA 1795
Jersey BoysC-Disc Z JAA 1297
Jesus Christ SuperstarC-Disc Z CAA 1199
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor DreamcoatC-Disc Z JAA 1293
Just SoC-Disc Z KAA 1007
King and IC-Disc Z IAA 1534
Kiss Me, KateC-Disc Z BAA 1072
Kiss of the Spider WomanC-Disc Z JAA 1259
Last 5 YearsC-Disc Z JAA 1266
Light in the PiazzaC-Disc Z IAA 1469
Les MiserablesC-Disc REL 88561 10272
Lion KingC-Disc Z IAA 1424
Little Mermaid (Disney)C-Disc Z KAA 1116
Little Night MusicC-Disc Z BAA 1078
Little Night MusicC-Disc Z MAA 1165
Little WomenC-Disc Z JAA 1243
Mack the KnifeC-Disc Z NAA 1741
MameC-Disc Z BAA 1071
Mamma Mia!C-Disc Z JAA 1271
Man of La ManchaC-Disc Z LAA 1258
Man of No ImportanceC-Disc Z JAA 1249
Miss SpectacularC-Disc Z JAA 1250
Movin' OutC-Disc Z JAA 1262
Music ManC-Disc Z HAA 1020
Music ManC-Disc Z NAA 1742
My Fair LadyC-Disc Z BAA 1081
Mystery of Edwin DroodC-Disc Z JAA 1258
No, No, NanetteC-Disc Z BAA 1085
Oh, Kay!C-Disc Z BAA 1088
On the TownC-Disc Z BAA 1087
Pajama GameC-Disc Z JAA 1287
Pal JoeyC-Disc Z JAA 1286
Phantom of the Opera (Songs from)C-Disc Z JAA 1257
Phantom of the Opera (Songs from)C-Disc Z NAA 1743
Prince and the PauperC-Disc Z JAA 1268
ProducersC-Disc Z JAA 1265
Promises, promisesC-Disc Z MAA 1148
Rent (Best of)C-Disc Z JAA 1061
RexC-Disc Z JAA 1260
RinkC-Disc Z JAA 1274
Seven Brides for Seven BrothersC-Disc Z JAA 1289
Show BoatC-Disc Z HAA 1028
Sitting PrettyC-Disc NWR 80387-2
Sound of Music (original Broadway cast)C-Disc Z BAA 1084
Sound of MusicC-Disc RCA 12005
South PacificC-Disc Z LAA 1186
South Pacific (original soundtrack recording)C-Disc Z LAA 1239
SpamalotC-Disc Z IAA 1462
Spring AwakeningC-Disc Z JAA 1298
Sweeney ToddC-Disc Z LAA 1125
Sweet CharityC-Disc Z BAA 1086
TenderloinC-Disc Z JAA 1294
Thoroughly modern MillieC-Disc Z JAA 1264
Threepenny OperaC-Disc Z KAA 1042
Tick, tick-- Boom!C-Disc Z JAA 1245
Tip-ToesC-Disc Z DAA 1039
Unsinkable Molly BrownC-Disc Z CAA 1796
UrinetownC-Disc Z IAA 1426
Wedding SingerC-Disc Z JAA 1054
West Side Story (Original Boadway Cast)C-Disc Z BAA 1080
West Side storyC-Disc Z IAA 1533
WickedC-Disc Z GAA 1422
Wonderful TownC-Disc Z GAA 1431
Working [Located in the Media Library]AUD-0430-1
Young FrankensteinC-Disc Z KAA 1115
You're a Grand Old RagC-Disc Z KAA 1054