Music Library Staff

Audio E-reserve Procedure Manual

Digitizing Scores

Digitizing scores is done in conjunction with Reserve Library personnel, who are involved at two separate points in the work flow: initial copying and subsequent scanning. They are stationed on the first floor of the east wing behind the reserve desk.


  1. locate desired scores in music library
  2. check out to the Music Library Record (Voyager)
    and prepare for coypying and
  3. delivered to e-reserve
    copied by e-reserve (photocopied? scanned, then printed?)
  4. original scores and hard copy returned to music library
  5. music library sorts hard copies, clips together, labels
  6. copies are delivered to e-reserve
    e-reserve scans the copies creates a .pdf file
  7. copies are returned to library
  8. Check online (.pdf files are now located on the R:/ drive)
  9. resolve any issues

(Scores are being scanned twice. Can this process can be streamlined?)


1. Pull the scores to be scanned from the shelf and check them out to the Music Library record.
You can find this record by typing “Music” as a last name in a patron search (in Voyager Circulation).
2. Place a 3x3 sticky note on each score with the page numbers of the piece(s) needed.
If you need more than one piece from a score, list the pages separately (the people who do the copying will group pages the way you write them down – make different page groupings for different files – if pp. 2-6 is a piece and 7-9 is another keep them separated; that is, don’t write pp. 2-9 these two pieces would then will come back as one set of pages paper clipped together that you will have to separate later).
3. Take them down stairs to e-reserve to be copied (scores are copied to make scanning easier).
4. They will be returned to the music library when finished
5. Sort and write file names on the first page of each score
Check that pages are clipped together correctly. Watch for upside down pages!

File Naming:
you don’t have to write the .pdf (why not?)
try to keep the names short
names need to be specific to the piece so it can be found again if needed

6. Return them to e-reserve for scanning
7. Once scanned they will be returned
8. Check to see that files show up on web page (404 errors means file missing - link could also be incorrect). Double check for missing pages, upside down pages or pages that need to be turned on their sides.
9. Work with the folks in e-reserve to get any problem files fixed.