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Audio E-reserve Procedure Manual

Classical Music Library

  • Classical Music Library (static URLs)

    1. Search/Browse for the piece (examples are from a simple keyword search)


    1. From the Search Results, select one result (choose the specific recording you want to link to) Click on the [treble clef WORK] icon.

    Clicking the button next to “View static URLs” will give you the URLs to link to individual tracks AND (when applicable) a full track listing for a multi-movement piece. A new page will open with details about this recording. Click on the Embed/Link [small globe/chain link] icon.
    Copy the static URL (Permalink)
    Example of a static URL from Classical Music Library:
    From Classical Music Library FAQ page: “To locate a Static URL on the Classical Music Library click on the Static URL icons (a small globe) next to each work or track or in the upper right part of your screen. Copy and paste the URLs provided.”