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Audio E-reserve Procedure Manual

Online Scores

You'll find scores on IMSLP or other sources. If you can't find what you need, you'll have to digitize a print copy and upload it to the Madison Server.

    Getting Started
    Much of the material covered in music classes is published before 1923 so most scores are public domain in the US (i.e. not covered by copyright) and therefore free for use. There are many web sites that specialize in providing digitized copies of these scores but they don't always have everything we need. Of course, classes focusing on more contemporary music (classical or otherwise) cannot be covered by public domain scores. So we do at times need to digitize some copyrighted materials from our collection.

  • General note: Copyright law is generally pretty complicated. It gets even worse when looking at materials on the World Wide Web because copyright laws vary from country to country. A public domain score placed on a Canadian server may not be public domain in the US. ASK QUESTIONS!


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