Music Library Staff

Audio E-reserve Procedure Manual

Faculty Requests

The music library handles music e-reserves as a courtesy to the music department, as Reserve Services is not able to accommodate requests for audio files.

Audio e-reserve items are usually requested by music faculty members via a written request (maybe with a standard form), email, or in person. Depending on your level of access, this portion of the process might be handled by the music librarian, who will then turn the request over to you.

Audio e-res requests usually come out of Rebecca's meetings with faculty members (i.e. the music faculty retreat, individual meetings with professors) or referrals from E-reserve.

Sometimes requests are made by a professor's graduate teaching assistant. Professors sometimes realize that it's a good idea to have a list made for their students but don't really understand the technology themselves so they personally don't use it (in or out of class).

We prefer to receive requests by e-mail (in text, or as an attached document). Allowing us to copy and paste text from requests directly into the course webpage. This speeds up the process considerably and helps us avoid transcription errors. (Note that a strategically placed one-character transcription error in the name of a piece of classical music could cause us to place the wrong piece on reserve - like "Mahler Symphony No. 1" vs. "Mahler Symphony No. 7").

Just like the regular electronic reserve department, requests are generally received en masse a few weeks before through a few weeks after the beginning of each semester and requests are processed in the order that they are received.

Your will need to:

1. Notify the Reserve Services Library of the request.

2. Process the request. This means locating, gathering, or creating items, and assembling them as playlists.

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