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Audio E-reserve Procedure Manual

Processing Requests

Your goal for this step is to make a list of exact filenames and locations (URL) for each item.

When a member of the music faculty submits a request, the requested materials will be either specific or approximate (see examples below). If it’s not specific, you’ll have to choose one.

Determine if requested item is available via streaming audio through Naxos or Classical Music Library, or if it's already on the Madison Server. This is often true for faculty who have previously taught the same course.

If it is, obtain the static URL for the item. Quick 'n' easy.

If it isn’t available on Naxos or CML, you’ll need to find the recording in our library, convert it to mp3, and upload it to the Madison server. This can be time consuming, but it's not difficult. Follow the instructions for each task.

When you're finished, you'll have a a list of exact filenames and locations (URL) for each item, and you're ready to write some code.

examples of specific or approximate requests

    • specific: Bellini: I Puritani, Crediasi misera performed by Luciano Pavarotti on the album Luciano Pavarotti: Rare Gems (released in 1998 LaserLight 14 308)
    • approximate: Bellini: I Puritani, Crediasi misera (Performers not specified, no particular recording specified)
    • specific: Brahms: Ballade, Op 10 No 1, edited by Karl Klauser, published by Schirmer, 1896 edition
    • approximate: Brahms, Ballade, Op 10 No 1 (editor and publisher not specified)

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