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Audio E-reserve Procedure Manual


Notifying Reserves Library

Library worker notifies Reserve Services Librarian in the Media and Reserve Library and supplies Instructor and Course Number.

As of this writing (12/12/2012): Reserve Services Librarian: Kathy Bowes, 414-229-3698,

The Reserve Services Librarian creates a dummy file on the R:\ drive. Panthercat will link to this location when the materials are in place and the page is activated. If the instructor has used e-reserve for this course in the past, the existing page will be used; if its a new course, a new page is created.

Music Library staff sends notice to Kathy Bowes that a request has been made so that Kathy can set up the list in voyager and create a "dummy web page" for the class.
Notice is sent by e-mail to Kathy Bowes that a list has been requested. Please use your UWM email address so it's clear to e-res that it's coming from us. Correspondence goes something like this:

We have received an audio e-res list request for:
Brauner, Mitchell, MUSIC102: American Popular Music
Music Library Staff

From the course title, course number and professor name provided Kathy can set up a "dummy web page" (that has no content) that allows her to set up a listing in Voyager and link the listing to its course.
Why a "dummy web page":
Requests are generally received en masse a few weeks before through a few weeks after the beginning of each semester, when reserve services is busiest, so it is imperative that Kathy not have to wait for Music Library staff to finish web pages to link the page in the system. With a "dummy web page" the course can be set up and linked in voyager right away. When we are finished assembling the course content locally* it can be copied to the live "dummy" page.

For those of you who are interested, the "dummy web page" exists on the R:/ drive.

Sending the finished web page to e-res

Information needed:

  • Prof Name
  • Course # and  Name
    (copy/paste this info from the web page you've made - which is originally copied from the schedule-o classes)
  • where on the H drive she needs to go to get it


Make sure to ID the course (with at least the #), prof last name and "audio e-reserve" in the Subject of the e-mail


Subject:  MUSIC680: Special Topics in Music, Compositional Algorithms: Audio E-Reserve

Hello Kathy,
HTML for Chris Burns’ MUSIC680: Special Topics in Music, Compositional Algorithms: Audio E-
Reserve is ready and can be found here:

H:\Departments\Public Services\Music Library\Reserve Lists\Burns\Burns680\fall07_CompAl


Summary of reserves services librarian’s involvement:
receives notification of faculty request from library staff
sets up “dummy” page—this is located on the R:\ drive?
receives notification html file has been created
edits (or replaces) dummy page accordingly

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