Music Library Staff

Audio E-reserve Procedure Manual


Playlist Overview

As you find media files, you may find it handy to keep a list of exact file names and/or locations so you can refer to it when you begin writing/editing the source code.



Making play lists from Madison server mp3s
There are two kinds of playlists:
1.  list of works grouped into a unit of study

2. a multi-movement work with each movement listed separately

Trouble Shooting Madison server problems
1. Check for spelling errors
1. The vast majority of the time the problem is spelling discrepancies:

  • File names in the .html or .xml files must match what's on the server
  • Technically words/names in file names don't have to be spelled correctly they just have to be spelled the same as they are on the server
  • Check for spaces after/before filenames, or spaces after/before underscores.
    • Note that although spaces are meaningless place holders to us they are ascii characters. So to the computer they are no different than letters/numbers/symbols.

2. Mailing List? (Does this step indicate one should notify the music librarian, or consult the music librarian to determine the cause?)
2. The Madison server may be down for maintenance. There's a mailing list for these types of things. Rebecca's on this list.
3. Playlist files (.xml) can be a particular pain.

  • Check to see if some things have loaded but others have not.
    • Are you seeing the titles/authors/timings listed in the player but not able to get the audio to play? The .xml has loaded but a file name is probably misspelling in the .xml.