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Audio E-reserve Procedure Manual

Upload new files to the Madison Server

Navigate to the Madison Server and log-in.

On the right side of the page, under Tools, click Account Login. Then, enter the appropriate credentials.

Account Login

User name:

You'll need to get the user name and password from the music librarian.

After you log in, you'll see the Streaming Media home page.

Streaming Media home screen

Expand the folder (UWM-lib) in the left column to see the file tree.

Madison UWM-lib folder

Navigate to the specific reserve folder (usually FACULTY MEMBER's last name)
Ex: Uwm-lib\flash\music_library\reserves\FACULTY

Click upload from Menu bar opens Uploading of Multiple Files dialog pop-up.

Madison upload

Select Simple tab if not already selected

Use browse to locate files you've created (mp3 or pdf)> opens a local finder window

Select files and click open (NOTE: multiple files may be uploaded simultaneously)--finder window closes

In the Uploading of Multiple Files dialog pop-up, click Upload button

Watch for n files uploaded successfully (appears above file manager window)

Best Practice: To clear the browse field, click Reset before closing pop-up

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