Music Library Refernce Questions

Reference Questions

In what year did Billy Joel release him album Piano Man? What resource was used to locate this information?
1973. The answer can be found in most music biographical reference sources. Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Music and Musicians is the most obvious choice. A monograophic biography of Billy Joel or an Internet search will also work.
There is an article about jazz performer Stan Getz that discusses his winning a Grammy award in 1963. The author of the article is L. Feather. Provide the full bibliographic citation for this article. What resource was used to locate this information?
L. Feather "Jazz Samba: the Other Side of the Record" Down Beat 30 (august 29, 1963): 12-13. Music Index print version (online only goes back to 1979)
A friend tells you that you should read the article "Madonna Goes to Camp" that he read in the early 1990s. He can't remember anthing else about this article. Exactly where is this artcle located? Where did you find this information? Why did you select this resource?
Corliss, Richard. "Madonna Goes to Camp." Time 142, issue 17 (October 25, 1993): 73. Academic Search would get you there right away. Time is a magazine not a journal. It's kind of a music related question so you might try Music index first with no luck.


Find an article on the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico.
What is a Theremin?
What is a "Scotch Snap"?
How do I cite a web page for a term paper?
What is the Köchel number of Mozart's Sinfonia Concertante for violin, viola and orchestra?
Who is the principal clarinetisrt of the San Francisco Symphony?
My teacher mentioned that theere was a Cleveland International Piano Competition. How can I get information about it?
A recording of Beethoven's Violin Sonata in G major
A book I was reading cited liner notes, but all it gave was the recording number: SM3K 45845. What is the recording?
a score of The Seasons by three different composers
a score of Shubert's D.944 arranged for piano, 4-hands
parts for Beethoven's piano trio WoO 38
parts for Messiaen's Quartet for the End of Time
I'd like the score toMirabai Songs by John Harbison. We own the piano/vocal edition, but I understand Harbison did an arrangment for alto fulte, bass clarinet, percussion, harp, violin, viola, cello and double bass. could you help me find that?
I heard both William Primrose and Lionel Tertis edited versions oof the Brahms viola sonata. Could you help me find them?


24. Where is the Grove? The Music Index? etc..
The Grove call number is ML 100 G886 and is part of the reference collection. The Music Index is ML 118 .M841x and is also part of the reference collection. Both of these are available online as well. If you go to the Music website, on the home page there is a quick link for both Oxford Music Online (which includes New Grove), and the Music Index.


25. How do I use PantherCat (how do I find a Call number, What's a call number?)
The most helpful way to search for items is to use the keyword search, for example: bach and "sonata" and "4 3/4". With this search it would narrow it down to a Bach Sonata that is on a CD. Panther cat will then give you a list of options, click on one of the titles and it will give you the more detailed record. If you scroll down to the bottom of this record, the second to last item is Call Number. *Be careful, because for reference items and for folio items, it will not have (FOL) or (RMU) in the call number* Always make sure to check the location code right above the call number (so you can tell if it is on reserve, in reference, or etc.) as well as the item information below the call number (this lets you know if it is checked out or not). In academic libraries we use the Library of Congress Call numbers. These numbers are a way of organizing and classifying music (as well as other items) in order for users to find it easily.
26. How do I make a recall request?
In order to make a recall request go to the panther catalog. On the top of the page there will be a tab that says: Recall/Request. Enter in your ID number and your last name in order to request the item needed.
27. The call number of the item i'm looking for says "In Process" can I still check it out?
"In Process" call number means that we downloaded a record, but that it hasn't been barcoded. For LP's, in order to find the call number, when looking at a record click on the button that says: Staff view. On the left-hand side look at the field numbered: 35___9. The call number is the letters and the numbers, not including the GM at the end. Ex: ANK3209GM; The call number would be: Z ANK 3209. *All In Process LP's are listed under Z*