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"The State of County Government: Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele and Sheldon Lubar in Conversation" 2014 Friends Program

"The Ixtepeji Scroll: Mapping the Cultural Landscape of a Zapotec Noble Lineage" 2014 Holzheimer Lecture

Karen Kunc: 2013 Ettinger Book Artist Series Lecture

"Access to Justice: How Lawyers Matter in Civil Proceedings for Low-Income Litigants" 2013 Fromkin Lecture

"Farm to Fork: The Good Food Revolution" 2013 Friends Program

"Value of the UWM Libraries: Faculty Perspectives"

"Value of the UWM Libraries: My Library"

“Ni de aquí ni de allá: Forging Identity in Milwaukee’s Latino Immigrant Community" 2012 Fromkin Lecture

“The New Maritime Arctic: Global Connections and Changing Access” 2012 Wilkommen GeoFocus Lecture

Sarah Bryant: 2012 Ettinger Book Artist Series Lecture

"The Voice of Germania: George Brumder's Milwaukee" 2012 Brumder Lecture

"Milwaukee Succeeds: Building a Strong Future for All Our Children" 2012 Friends Program

"Mapping a Life, Mapping a Nation: George Washington and His Vision of America" 2012 Holzheimer Lecture

"The Katyn Forest Massacre: The Crime, the Coverup, the Historical Legacy" Panel Discussion

"To Mitigate the Harshness: Transnational Legal Efforts in the Fight Against Apartheid" 2011 Fromkin Lecture

"Milwaukee's Polonia and the Photographic Memories of Roman Kwasniewski" Panel Discussion

"Milwaukee and UWM Matters: Planning and Designing Our Way Out of the Recession" 2011 Friends Program

"Through Jewish Cuban Eyes: The Jewish Latin American Experience" Ruth Behar

"Riding the Freedom Road: Are We There Yet" Panel Discussion

"Wisconsin's Progressive Tradition and a Century of Reform" 2009 Fromkin Lecture

"Yankee Surveyors in Imperial Waters: The Perry Expedition to Japan" 2009 Holzheimer Lecture

"German Milwaukee: The World of the Brumders" John Gurda

"Fixing Milwaukee" Sheldon Lubar