Fromkin Scholar Examines
Latino Immigrant Identity in Milwaukee

Woodcut by Raoul Deal, 2012The 43rd Annual Morris Fromkin Memorial Lecture will be presented by Raoul Deal, Senior Lecturer, UWM Department of Art & Design, on Thursday, October 11, 2012 at 5 p.m. in the Latino Arts Auditorium of the United Community Center, 1028 S. 9th Street.

The title of his lecture is “Ni de aquí ni de allá: Forging Identity in Milwaukee’s Latino Immigrant Community.”

Deal has been recording interviews with Latino immigrants in Milwaukee throughout 2012. His talk will examine some of the commonalities and differences of experience among the families he has worked with, and frame their stories in a larger historical context that considers key moments for Latino immigrants in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

He will also explore how art has been used to help U.S. immigrant communities address issues of social justice and assimilation as they struggle to survive and prosper far from their countries of origin.

Deal’s research is also being used to inform a series of large-format woodcuts he is creating for an exhibit at the Latino Arts Gallery in Milwaukee in March 2013.

The lecture is free and open to the public. For more information or special needs, please call (414) 229-4345.

Related Exhibit in Daniel M. Soref Learning Commons

"Ni de aquí ni de allá / Neither Here Nor There: Children from Milwaukee's Bruce-Guadalupe School Respond to Issues of Immigration"

In the Summer of 2008, Deal conducted mixed media workshops for children from Bruce-Guadalupe School (grades 4-8) at the Haggerty Museum at Marquette. The workshops were inspired by an exhibit there called "Caras Vemos, Corazones No Sabemos (Faces Seen, Hearts Unknown): The Human Landscape of Mexican Migrations," designed to stimulate discussion about the human consequences associated with migration from Mexico.

Curator of Education Lynne Shumow gave students a guided tour of the work, and was astonished at how engaged they were with the issues that the artists had explored.  Participants, most from families of recent Latino immigrants, told of their own family’s immigration experiences and made mixed media depictions of the events they investigated. The works on display--from September 12 through October 31, 2012 in the Daniel M. Soref Learning Commons (first floor west wing of the Golda Meir Library)--are the products of that experience.

Call for 2013 Fromkin Grant Proposals

The UWM Libraries invite proposals for the 2013 Fromkin Research Grant and Lectureship. The grant encourages and assists UWM scholars in all fields of study to conduct research on individuals, groups, movements, and ideas, in the Americas and elsewhere, which have influenced the quest for social justice and human rights in the United States.

All full-time UWM faculty and academic staff are encouraged to apply, individually or as a group, for this $5,000 award, which is intended to cover costs of research such as support for travel, research assistance, or other appropriate expenses.

Applications must be received by Friday, November 23, 2012. For more information about the grant and application, visit

Image: Raoul Deal, 2012, woodcut.