Exhibit Explores Artists Books as Political and Social Critique

From Fred Hagstrom's When I First Arrived in Bagdad (2011) The exhibition "Illuminating the Issue:  Artists Books as Social/Political Critique" is on view in the 4th Floor Exhibition Gallery of the Golda Meir Library at UW-Milwaukee through March 31, 2012.

The exhibition highlights how artists of the book use their medium as a way to frame and comment on contemporary social and political issues, including contemporary American life, war and its consequences, politics and economics, the environment, LGBT issues, AIDS, violence in our homes and communities, women’s issues, the continuing struggle of African Americans, and issues of race, ethnicity, and identity.

"Illuminating the Issue" includes work by such well-established book artists as Sarah Bryant, Maureen Cummins, Cheri Gaulke, Fred Hagstrom, Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr., Susan King, Beauvais Lyons, Scott McCarney, Clifton Meador, Bonnie O'Connell, John Risseeuw, Clarissa Sligh, Claire Van Vliet, Mark Wagner, Marshal Weber, and Phillip Zimmerman.

Wisconsin artists represented in the show include Brian Borchardt, Stephanie Copoulos-Selle, Lewis Koch, Michael Koppa, Joan Michaels-Paque, and Jeffrey Morin.

UW-Milwaukee graduates and staff in the show are Paul Allen, Caren Heft, Carrie Hoelzer Joubert, Nicholas Lampert, Lindsay Lochman, Greg Martens, Jessica Poor, Petra Press, and Dan Wang.

Gallery hours are Monday - Friday, 8am-5pm, or by appointment by contacting 414.229.4345 or libspecial@uwm.edu .

Image: From Fred Hagstrom’s When I First Arrived in Baghdad (2011).