Course Reserve Materials Deadlines for Spring 2012 Semester

UWM faculty and teaching staff, please mark your calendars:

IMPORTANT: Please contact Reserve Services Staff directly to place any special book orders prior to this deadline.

Please submit your Spring 2012 E-Reserve requests by Monday, January 9, 2012 and your Traditional Reserve materials requests by Monday, January 16, 2012. Requests received after these deadlines will be placed in a queue and addressed on a first-come, first-served basis and therefore your materials may not be processed before the start of the Spring semester.

E-Reserve requests placed from January 9th through February 3rd may require at least a 2-week processing lead time. However, Traditional and E-Reserve requests may be placed any time throughout the semester – and lead times are significantly shorter during non-peak processing times.

Visit our Faculty Instructions at:

Visit our online Reserve Request Form at:

We are more than willing to consult with faculty in person – contact us to make an appointment and we’ll set up a meeting time. Reminder: Providing Reserve Services staff a course syllabus or reading list with complete citations allows us to process your materials in the order that your students need it.


Kathy Bowes, Reserve Services Librarian / phone: 414-229-3698
Sarah Kober, Reserve Services Supervisor / phone: 414-229-4954
Beth Traylor, Media Librarian / phone: 414-229-4673
Rebecca Littman, Music Librarian / phone: 414-229-5529
Traditional Reserve e-mail:
E-Reserve e-mail:
Media Reserve (DVDs, videotapes, CD-ROMs) e-mail:
Audio E-Reserve (Music Digitization) e-mail: