5th Annual Shakespeare Birthday Celebration

Well, it's happened again. This year our dear Bard turns 449. While he may be getting a little long in the beard, Will Shakespeare is as active and relevant today as he was in the days of his youth.

So, come celebrate! Join us for the:

5th Annual William Shakespeare Birthday Celebration
Wednesday, April 24, 4:30 - 6:45 pm
Special Collections
4th Floor, UWM Libraries

Shakespeare scene

This year's theme: 

That's right, unrehearsed! Shakespeare did not provide stage directions for his plays, so a number of contemporary companies have been approaching the production of his works on the hypothesis that Elizabethan actors did not rehearse in the way we think of rehearsing today, but rather used clues embedded in Shakespeare's text to establish movement, responses, mood, and other stage actions.  E.g., "What light through yonder window breaks?" Embedded stage direction:  look across the stage (yonder) toward a real or imagined window when you speak these lines. 

Our presentation and performances will explore this approach.  The afternoon will include:

A presentation by Christopher Elst, actor, fight director, and co-founder of Theatre Red, a company established in Milwaukee to present unrehearsed Shakespearean productions.

*  Short performances of unrehearsed Shakescenes by UWM Theatre students, community actors, and you (yes, you!), coordinated by Chris Elst and actor, director, playwright, and UWM Theatre graduate Grace DeWolff.

*  A hands-on display of original Shakespeare materials from Special Collections.

*  And, as always, Shakespeare-inspired food, drink (sorry, no ale), and a Birthday Cake!!

This year's celebration is specially dedicated to the memory to our dear friend Dr. Robert Turner, Jr. who passed away last fall.  Bob was the long-time director of the Modern Language Association's New Variorum Shakespeare Project which was centered here at the UWM Libraries for several decades.  His work is the reason we have a Shakespeare Collection.  Good work, Bob, and thank you!

For more information, call 414-229-4345 or email maxyela@uwm.edu.

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