Preservation Issues

Part of maintaining the general collection is knowing how to physically handle the materials. Each year the Libraries spend approximately $4000 - $4500 of their budget just on replacement costs alone – this does not include the cost of staff time taken to order, catalog or shelve the items.

Items can be damaged in many ways, intentionally or unintentionally. When items are damaged and have to be pulled from the stacks, this keeps other users from the information that they need. Since the Libraries are committed to making the collection as accessible as possible to patrons, preventative measures for the preservation of the collection need to be followed.

Some tips:

Avoid piling books too high.

Carry only a few books in your arms at any one time.

Removing books from a shelf:

If a book is too tall to stand upright on a shelf, lie it down on its spine.

When marking your place in a book:

Please remove the following before returning your items:

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