The mission of the UWM Libraries is to provide organized and accessible collections of quality research and instructional material, as well as to provide a qualified, skilled, and diverse staff to support the mission of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  The UWM Libraries staff established this policy on user rights and responsibilities to help fulfill this mission, as well as operate according to specific building regulations and relevant UWS Administrative Codes to ensure the safety, security, and comfort of everyone using the building. 

All UWM students, staff, faculty, and researchers have borrowing privileges for resources held by the UWM Libraries with campus ID. Members of the community are welcome to use the UWM Libraries.  Access to resources will not be denied or abridged because of race, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or age.  UWM Libraries requires valid identification for access to rare materials.  Individual service units have established specific policies for the use of their collections and facilities.  Please check at a public service counter for further information.

All users of the UWM Libraries are entitled to:

All users of the UWM Libraries have the obligation to:

Library Computer Workstations

Library Building Use And Regulations

Food & Drink Policy

Code Of Conduct

Library Tours

 We request that all groups, including school groups, schedule their visits in advance.  For general library tours, please contact Ask a Librarian services, at (414) 229-4659.

Lost And Found

Located on the first floor, West Wing, at the Circulation Desk. Personal belongings left unattended for an extended time are collected and placed in the lost and found.  Users are encouraged to use free public lockers located throughout the building to safeguard their possessions while studying in the UWM Libraries.